Day 94 - A failure

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I knew. I just fucking knew she wouldn’t be able to finish it. She literally has like a phobia of completing anything. As soon as she makes progress on anything, no matter what, she bugs the fuck out and drops it. Whoever gets mad at this is dumb as fuck because it was so painfully predictable. If you ever wager a bet amber will succeed you’re a sucker. Goddamn I love our gorl so much. Never change Amberlynn.


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Holy shit. All she had to do was film a day's worth of meals (yes, 6 meals in one day seems reasonable for her) and finish out the 100 days with mukbangs. 😂 😂 😂

Maybe she's upset about finding out Becky's family was going to let Ann go speak for them on Charlie Gold's channel?
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Even after all the shelf-ass-patters told her they'd prefer she upload 3 minutes of nothing instead of "give up" this profiteering 100 Days?

Good riddance.

(Which means she's POSSIBLY going to film something quick and stupid NOW that all the Ambabies are crying for her to not fail this stupid thing thanking them, making it the 94th day, and the nightmare will continue. Because TrollLynn is TrollLynn.)

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Good point. She's got 36 minutes before she's actually failed.
Ehhh I dont think so, she knows the blow back would be harsh, we all knew this was coming AL cannot be accountable. She cannot succeed because if she does people will expect things from her, this keeps things nice and care-free for our gorl


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You see amber? This is why no one likes you. You can’t accomplish the most basic task or goal you set for yourself. You’re not trolling us. Every single time she thinks she is it shows how pathetic, small and dim her world is. Because if she delivered we’d talk less and she can’t have that. The haters give her life because if we all shut up, she’d have to sit knowing that she’s still a pathetic child no one wants. It’s pretty bad when even your drug addled parents give up on you for being irredeemable. But play stupid games win stupid prizes. Enjoy your sixth fast food run poultry arms, you earned it.