Dramacow Dayton HyperNova / Earl Shultz / Cade Dorian Paradoxa / Earl David Shultz / th3bl8ckm8sQu3r8d3 - Autist Psycho Tranny Who Screams at and Beats Family on YouTube; Steals Money from them for Queer Boutique; Believes that he's Engaged to Christina Ricci

When will Earl finally get kicked out?

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Self-hating troon

What are the chances that 100% of the clothes he's hoarded to sell are all in his size only? I don't see him being the kind of person who would buy something that he couldn't actually wear.
What kills me is how easy it is to sell clothing online nowadays. He could easily make some money with an eBay store, but nooooo, he has this boomer idea stuck in his head that people still shop at physical 'boutiques' (not to mention second-hand ones).
imagine if earlp actually was able to follow through and open up their boutique, imagine the first customer walking in unaware to the horrors that await them, they are first greeted by a thick coat of dead skin blanketing the floor and then they look up and there it is, tranny earlp, wearing crazy makeup and 3-4 different layers of non matching clothing, shedding his reptilian skin adding to the pile amassed EVERYWHERE. :pickle: :medallion: :pickle:


I like free shit as much as anyone else, but having to interact with this clown as he blathers on for 20 mins about his 'abusive alcoholic skinhead' brother and 'transphobic' parents who 'starve' this grown ass man while inhaling the cloud of dead skin flakes he contantly emits is far...far to great a cost than his entire inventory of aliexpress shit is worth.

Piss Mane


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He really sounds a lot like Tom Green in Freddy Got Fingered when he argues with his parents, not the topic or anything like the actual cadence of his voice, and it's really entertaining me imagining that it's actually Tom Green doing an IRL trolling bit


Why doesn't dayton just get a job at goodwill or something? Dayton could probably afford a class B motorhome within a month or two. The time at the job would mean not having to be around family and if dayton stealth camped costs would be very low. (Also if Dayton reads this I have a message please epilate and or shave. and If your going to go for the crossdressing to lazy or scared to take hrt look shaving properly and a rogain might help. (or you know check for mental problems first) and then do something permanent like hrt.) Also does Dayton have some sort of mental problem? I feel like clonazepam might be beneficial, or propanolol. Not a psychiatrist though, but anxiety disorders can cause unusual behavior and sometimes delusional beliefs, plus clonazepam would probably help cut down on drinking. Alcohol is a shitty anti-anxiety drug for regular use.

Underestimated Nutria

Why doesn't dayton just get a job at goodwill or something?
Because his older brother, who is twice his size, beats him as his parents do nothing and pay him less than minimum wage to be a slave while his transphobic skin BLEEDS.

Alcohol is a shitty anti-anxiety drug for regular use.
So is clonazepam.

Let me state the obvious: he's schizophrenic. I used to find schizophrenia quite interesting (how can a brain disorder make you think the neighbors are puffing gas under your door?) but after a while the sheer SAMENESS of them all becomes monotonous. Szasz is great reading and I daresay should be mandatory for psychiatrists but if you want to argue schizophrenics are basically eccentrics you need to explain how come they all go wrong in exactly the same way.


Why do people like Earl call anyone right-of-center things like "ultrarightwing?" ROTC are definitely conservative, but to call a small YouTube channel with mostly boomer-tier takes "ultrarightwing" is a stretch.
He uses buzzwords like that as if real life is Twitter. But he fails tor realise that unlike on Twitter, people just don't care, or atleast don't pretend to care.