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DC Universe Online is an MMORPG based on DC comics. This is a free to play game for PC, PS4, and XBox One.

Did you all know that Chris has played this before?

The Story:

In the future where the heroes and villains have killed each other, ending with lex Luther killing Superman, he then sees Brainiac's fleet come and he realizes his mistake. He then travels to the past with a canister of Thousands of Exobytes (Microscopic robots made by future brainiac that have downloaded powers from the earth' future's heroes and villains and can upload that information into another host and give them the superpowers that it downloaded) Luthor tells the present day Justice League (Heroes) and the Secret Society of Supervillains (Villains) of the future and he released the Exobytes into the earth's atmosphere where they will find the nearest human being to upload the superpower information into. Those humans are The Players of the game who the exobytes will turn into powerful metahuman (super powered people are called this in the D.C. Comics)

Opening cinematic:

brainiac discovers this when he arrives to earth and sends his harvester ships to hunt them, but one (That's you) was able to escape and awaken his/her powers and destroy the ship.

There are two sides for you to take. Hero or villain

If you choose hero, you will work with the Justice League in their watchtower in space and your safe houses will be police stations. You'll be working with selfless saviors like Superman, warriors of truth like Wonder Woman, and guardians of justice like Batman.

If you choose villain, you'll be working with the Secret Society of Supervillains in the Hall of Doom and your safe houses will be night clubs. You'll be working with criminal masterminds like Lex Luther, cruel tyrants like Circe, and chaos obsessed Madmen like The Joker.

Power origin:
When your making your character, you'll be asked how you got your power in the superpower triangle.

Tech: your powers come from your technology, like jet packs to fly, flamethrowers to spread fire, and advanced gadgets, like batman, robin, Nightwing, Cyborg, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, The Joker, Harley Quinn, deathstroke, bane, catwoman.
Batman and Joker are your tech mentors.

Meta: your powers come from your genetic makeup. Your either were born with them, acquired it through chemicals and DNA splicing, like Superman, supergirl, the flash,Black Canary, Firestorm, lex Luthor, gorilla grodd, and poison ivy,
Superman and Lex Luthor are your Meta Mentors
Magic: you acquired your powers through Magical Means. Like a spell caster on you or coming into contact with an enchanted or cursed artifact. Like Wonder Woman, Doctor fate, zatanna, John Constantine, Captain Marval, raven, Circe, Cheetah, brother Blood, Black Adam
Wonder Woman and Circe are your Magic Mentors

Powers are what you'll be using to take down enemies. There are four power roles that are essential to you and your groups survival in alerts and raids.

Damage (DPS): Players with DPS have a lot of attack power and are responsible for doing lots of damage on enemies and taking them down as fast as possible. All powers have DPS Role
Tank: Tanks have lots of defense and health and are responsible for drawing enemy attention away from you allies.
Healer: healers have more health and restoration and are responsible for keeping their teammates alive.
Controller: controllers have more power and vitalization and are responsible for keeping their teammates supplied with power that's needed for them to use their roles and hurl debuffs at enemies.

List of powers:
Fire (Tank) (Like Fire and Heat Wave)
Ice (Tank) (Like Ice and Mr. Freeze)
Earth (Tank) (Like Geo-Force and Terra)
Atomic (Tank) (Like Firestorm)
Rage (Red lantern corp power) (Tank) (like Atrocitus and Bleez)
Gadgets (Control) (Like Batman and Catwoman)
Mental (Control) (Like Martian Manhunter and Gorilla Grodd)
Light (Lantern corps Power) (Control) (Like Green Lantern and Sinestro)
Quantum (Control) (Like Captain Atom and Major Force)
Munitions (Using military weapons and military tech) (Control) (like Sgt. Rock)
Sorcery (Heal) (Like Doctor Fate and Circe)
Plant (Heal) (Like Swamp thing and poison ivy)
Electricity (Heal) (Like Static and Livewire)
Celestial (Heal) (Like the specter)
Water (Heal) (like aquaman and ocean master)

Movement powers:
Acrobatics (Like batman and catwoman)
Flying (Like Superman and Wonder Woman)
Super speed (like the flash)
skimming (like mister miracle)

Brawling (attacking with your fists or power gloves)
Hand blast (Shooting lasers and beams from you hands)
Martial arts (Attacking with acrobatic movements and claws and knives)
One-handed (weapons that can be held with one hand like swords, knives, crowbars, and pipes,
Two-handed (weapons that must be held with both hands like greatswords, hammers, clubs, and axes)
Bow (shoot arrows at your enemies)
Staff (a long pole to attack with)
Dual pistols (dual gund to shoot at enemies)
Rifle (A gun to shoot bullets, grenades, of fire at enemies.
Shield (bash or throw a shield at enemies)

The game imo is actually really great, good story and player interaction, and they sell really good DLCs. You should check this out. You find this game on steam, PS4 store, and Xbox one store.
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I tried this game but couldn't really get into it. It just felt like it focused too much on the big DC characters and not enough on shaping your own character.

It does look like they added a bunch of new powers, are those all in the base game or do you need the DLC?


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It does look like they added a bunch of new powers, are those all in the base game or do you need the DLC?
All the new stuff is for paying subscribers I think, I tried it out for a while on xbox but it's just another grindy mmorg.
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There are currently two events goin on in the game that will both end at the end of the month.

The Starro Event:
Starro has returned to earth and is taking control of earths heroes and villains. Heroes and villains will work together to take down starro and the heroes and villains it's controlling.

Spring seasonal event:

Poison ivy is out of arkham and is invading gotham with her plant monsters. Villains will be helping her while heroes will be working with Swamp Thing and Star Labs Hazmat to beat back ivy and her monsters.


hey guys. so i haven't been playing this game since i got bored and have not logged back into it for two years and decided to check it out again. the game had alot of updates.

the game is now on nintendo switch.

some cool DLCs were added since then. ones related to Titans, Aquaman, Starro, etc.

also, they announced a DLC based on the Dark Nights story. its that comic where batman and the justice league fight evil versions of batman from the dark multiverse. the batman who laughs, devastator, merciless, drowned, dawnbreaker, murder machine, and red death.

the game seems to be still popular today.
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hey guys. so i haven't been playing this game since i got bored and have not logged back into it for two years and decided to check it out again. the game had alot of updates.

the game is now on nintendo switch.

some cool DLCs were added since then. ones related to Titans, Aquaman, Starro, etc.

also, they announced a DLC based on the Dark Nights story. its that comic where batman and the justice league fight evil versions of batman from the dark multiverse. the batman who laughs, devastator, merciless, drowned, dawnbreaker, murder machine, and red death.

the game seems to be still popular today.
DCUO is one of only three mmo's that I've been able to enjoy at all. There were the same monotonous fetch 12 goblin hats you can find in any MMO, but the combat was much more intuitive than most, and the instanced missions were genuinely fun.

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I liked that the fire powerset was for tanking of all things. It really activated my almonds. I don't think I ever hit level cap but I got real close.


I gave it a try a few years back and I got tangled up with "You need X DLC to continue" and it just being a general pain with a keyboard and mouse setup. I'm a huge sucker for DC, though, so it was entertaining for quite a while.
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hey guys. the update has come. the next episode Metal: Part 1 is here. its based on the Dark Knights: Metal story.

heroes and villains will be working together to fight the Dark Knights. a group of evil versions of batman from several universes of the dark multiverse have come to our earth to drag it into the dark multiverse.

so far, only three of the members are shown in the episode. and each of the members represent bruce wayne/batman's fears.

The Batman Who Laughs

from earth -22, joker drugged batman and began killing all those close to him infront of him. this pushed him off the edge and kill joker, but then breathed in a toxic chemical from him and became The Batman Who laughs. he has his flesh eating robins as his minions.

he represents batman's fear of the Joker, and his own madness.


The Merciless

From Earth -12, batman and wonder woman fought ares due to a helmet he wore that amplified his powers. after a 2 year long mission to slay ares and destroy his helm, wonder woman seemingly perished during this, forcing batman to fight and kill ares. he then takes his helmet and puts it on, causing its influence to corrupt his mind, and making become The Merciless. Wonder woman, who survived, attempted to take the helmet off batman, he killed her instead of giving up its power. he then went on a killing spree of wiping out all the dc villains. he even killed any superheroes who tried to stop him. he even wiped out themyscira and the greek gods. he also kept the amazons from crossing the river styx by taking their ferryman coins and forging them into a giant drachma (much like Batman's giant penny trophy in the batcave), making their souls bound to his will.

he represents batman's fear of breaking his own rules and letting revenge take control.


and The Red Death

from earth -52, batman had several robins who died throughout his life, so he confronted flash in central city and knocked him out. he then chained him and attached the cosmic treadmil to the batmobile and drove into the speed force. cauysing the two to fuse together into one being, with batman taking control and gaining flash's powers and having a corrupt connection to speed force, becoming The Red Death. he emit bats from his speed force and can make a speed force storm to age those caught in it.

he represents batman's fear of losing his allies, especially those who are robin, and not being fast enough to save them.


the other members who have not appeared are The Devastator, The Dawnbreaker, The Drowned, and The Murder Machine. they'll probably be added in part 2.


hey guys. Dark Knights Metal part 2 is going on now.

the earth is being pulled into the dark multiverse. the heroes and villains are taken to thanagar to stop the the metal army. they also must go into batman's mind and free him from barbatos' grip on him.

we now fight two more members of the dark knights. now a reminder. these batmen were all like the batman we know and love who were great heroes, but something horrible and traumatic happened while they were a caped crusader and that caused them to snap and become something more horrifying. they believe they have become better heroes, but in truth, they have become real monsters.

The Dawnbreaker

from Earth -32, bruce wayne witnessed his parents killed by joe chill and grieved them. but a green lantern power ring flew by and chose him to be a green lantern. bruce then hunted down chill and commanded the ring to kill him, it refused, but bruce's willpower and anguish overloaded the ring and was reprogrammed to carry out the task. bruce then tried to use the ring to bring his parents back to life, all he got was zombie versions of them.

after that, bruce began using the ring to hunting down criminals in gotham and killing them with lethal force and nothing was done to help all the sorrow, anger and emptiness in him,. and he even killed jim gordon for questioning his methods. after that, the green lantern corps showed up to arrest bruce, but bruce easily wiped them all out by unleashing his nightmare constructs that reflect the void in him.

after that, bruce created a costume after the bats in the cave under his manor and entered the green lantern power battery and made a new oath. becoming The Dawnbreaker.

With darkness black, I choke the light!
No brightest day escapes my sight!
I turn the dawn to midnight!
Beware my power… Dawnbreaker’s might!

The Dawnbreaker represents batman's fears of giving in to absolute power and the darkness within himself.

the next dark knights member is The Drowned


from Earth -11, where gender roles are swapped, Bryce Wayne, who is the Batwoman of that wold, was in love with Sylvester Kyle, the Catman of that world. but when sylvester was killed by rogue metahumans. heartbroken and vengeful, batwoman lost trust in all metahumans and for the next 18 months, she began hunting down and killing every metahuman she knows. later on, The Atlanteans lead by their queen, Aquawoman, and hoped to make peace terms with the surface world. batowman didn't buy any of what they said and attacked them. she killed aquawoman by impaling her with her trident and took it as a trophy.

the atlanteans were outraged and flooded gotham city and completely submerged it in water in retaliation for their queen's death. bnatwoman decided to surgically alter her psyiology and genetics. giving her powers like the atlanteans and aquawoman, and givign her the ability to command sea creatures and atlanteans into monsters called Dead Waters, becoming The Drowned. she conquered atlantis and later submerged her whole world in water.

The Drowned represents Batman's fears of losing Catwoman, giving in to his paranoid side, and losing his ability to trust.

so far, the only members that have not appeared are the devastator and the muder machine.


This was pretty enjoyable back on PC when it was new. Vanilla game has some fun areas between Gotham and Metropolis, and superspeed was fun to run up skyscrapers with. Powersets were okay, I think I played a plant/shapeshifting villain and comfortably hit cap. Only enemy group that was cheesy were enemy Lanterns dropping giant anvils on you. I only quit because Sony(the publisher at the time) got hacked and the game went down for something like 3 weeks and I was advised to edit my payment info; deleted it and never went back.

I give it a thumbs up, it's better than Champions Online and real CoH is dead.
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guys. theres an event going on right now that comes every January. its the anniversary event with the Anti-Monitor.

heroes and villains are called to metropolis where they must come together to fight the Anti-Monitor, one of DC's most omnipotent and deadly villains.

The Anti-Monitor. He made his debut in the famous DC story, Crisis on Infinite Earths. he is one of the Deadliest omnipotent beings in the DC franchise. you thought brainiac or darkseid was bad? you thought Galactus and Thanos from Marvel were bad? those villains have destroyed entire planets. but The Anti-Monitor has destroyed ENTIRE UINIVERSES! in the crisis on infinite earths story, it took multiple justice leagues from multiple universes to come together to defeat him.


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I'm on yet another hiatus from this one but I've played since the PS3 beta.
A lot has changed since then but I feel like one thing they got right was to break up the old standard of the "holy Trinity" of parties, referring to the dps, tank, and healer by adding a "controller" role which is basically a healer but for the party's MP and giving that role additional utilities by making them the primary debuffer of the party too.

It's a satisfying way to play for the right person. I take great pride in ensuring the healer and tank have enough gas to keep the party alive.