Dead pool for Fatty - I got sick of waiting for someone else to make this


crack whore
True & Honest Fan
I thought we already had a thread on this, it may have been for when she hit 600 though.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, my bet is on autumn of next year.
the fat pool has an amazon e gift card for the winner, and I said if she dies before admitting 600 that whoever guessed the week she died would get the gift card. It isn't for serious speculation about her death though, just sort of a contingency plan so I can make good on my giftcard promise (unlike big AL).

Most super fats have several chronic illnesses that do them in eventually, but amberlynn's teeth situation is concerning. So is the appearance of a random skin infection. I really think she has at least a year and a half left, what it will take is her getting comfortable with getting infections and taking antibiotics, it will become a new normal for her, and then one time she will wait too long to get to the doctor.

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