Dead pool for Fatty - I got sick of waiting for someone else to make this


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I want to say late 2020, but my gut feel-eehns tell me that's unrealistic - as many people in this thread have noted, she is relatively young and death fats hang on for fucking ever, so I'm guessing the hambeast will croak before mid 2024.

The belly button infection, the rotting teeth, the way she seems to have no real grasp on the reality of her health just says a lot to me. And considering her past record, I just don't find it likely for her ever change her ways. She's dying and she seems to just laugh it off; it's pretty disturbing. I don't genuinely hope that Amber dies, I just find her to be totally clueless and stupid and she will probably never take the advice a weight loss doctor will offer her. But what do I know, I'm just a haydurr. I just imagine her not being able to fit in any shower or tub, so she's forced to bathe in a giant metal tub outside like the hog she is.

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Put me down for late March/early April 2020. After making a New Years' Resolution to diet and exercise, she caves after two weeks and binges her way into a stroke. She survives, but loses some cognitive functions and can only vocalize demands for food to Becky. Becky, being the passive thumb that she is, enables her and sneaks fast food in until Amber's body finally gives up.

Christmas 2021. (Edit: or soon thereafter)
There's just no way she'll make it through 2 holiday seasons -
Gorl always goes hog wild, and it's around her birthday. Lots of excuses to binge and eat sweets.

Her weight gain has been going up exponentially since Christmas 2017, and her mobility is going down even faster. Now her lack of hygeine is starting to take its toll, plus her teeth...
Add in holiday nibbles and treats, gorl will be on cloud 9 and not giving a flying fawk about her health.

It'd be pretty poetic if she ate so much she threw up in her sleep and choked on it.

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Question: Didn't we have a death pool awhile back before this thread, or was that for her admitting to reaching 600 pounds? Only asking if those guesses should be considered null.

Just to make sure I'm contributing though, I'll go with April 2020. If I have to be even more specific, it'll be any day in the range of the 21st - 25th, but very likely an odd numbered day. Death is discovered no later than noon, but we don't find out until three days later minimum.
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I've been waiting for this thread for a while.
I'm gonna say August 2020. The heat is rough on fat people and I think it's the thing that's finally gonna push her organs too far. I'm gonna say it's the kidneys that do her in rather than the heart though.
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I'm with Spergwell. I think she's just going to linger on and on. I'm going to guess 2035, if Amber is still alive...
Maybe we should do a countdown to feeder porn for when her channel dies. I think she'll go the way of Hungry Fat Chick, who is in her late 40's and weighs well over a 100lbs less. She might lose another 89, but I don't think she'll ever get anywhere near her goal weight or her "lowest weight" of 331.

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Kentucky is usually hot as hell in the summer. I'm surprised she hasn't died of heat stroke yet. I put my bets on somewhere during summer 2020.

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Summer of 2021, from any of the following:

-sepsis brought on by an untreated diabetic infection, exasperated by her horrendous hygiene.
-massive stroke. Eric just happens to be filming at the time. Her last words: "I'm having a situation right now..." It's the first time in recorded history she's used that word in its correct fucking context.
-She chokes on a massive bite of a dry potato. Becky's futile attempt at the Heimlich is unsuccessful because her arms can't reach where they need to reach.
-a little sniffle and cough that turns into full-blown pneumonia, because she's 700 lbs and her body's immune response is completely shot
-Twinkie leaves a little piece of Kibble on the floor. On purpose.

perhaps the day she is large enough to blot out the sun the end times will occur and she will take all of us with her to hell.

On a serious note, she'll probably have a heart attack in a year or so.

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