Dead pool for Fatty - I got sick of waiting for someone else to make this

Haesindang Park
Her body is finally beginning to break down right now. This is the beginning of the end. But... for some reason, assholes seem to last the longest no matter how grave their circumstances, so I’m not going to guess on her death, but I will say we are going to be treated to some hospital mukbangs soon.

(I know that’s a rambling run-on sentence, but I’m too lazy to rewrite it).
They also suffer the longest and the most too. Amberlynn has to sit on a chair in the kitchen to cook because her back hurts. She has to sleep on pillow mountain. Her body temperature is out of whack. Oh dem beetus hands. Karma always finds a way to everybody.
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Bringing attention, just not the kind you desire.
I hate to rattle any sabres here, but I legitimately know of a guy in his late 60’s who has been living over 20 years at over 500lbs. It all depends on her heart genetics. He’s also a type 2 diabetic for past 8 years and still not on insulin. Sometimes it is shocking what a body can live through.

Side note: Amber, get yourself a bidet seat for your toilet so nobody has to wipe your ass anymore. They make them to rinse you front and back and dry.
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[warbles internally]
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I'm thinking October 2021. It'll be the untreated sleep apnea.


Coochie waxer
I'm going to say she will die by the time she is 32. Simply due to her lifetime of obesity wreaking havoc on her body. She is already presenting physical signs of organ failure, (yellowing skin, eyebags, circulatory issues) But keep in mind that Ashley Isaac has been ready to die for nearly a decade now, promising us that each year/month/day will be her last.
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