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Aug 31, 2019
Combo weapons were a sign of the endtimes for me. Part of the whole "the best part of DR is killing le zombies!!1!!" school of thought that eventually led us to DR4. Spergy to say it but the only one I can enjoy these days is DR1, even with the imbecilic survivor AI.

DR and Assassin's Creed are two series where I was blown away by the first game and desperately wanted a sequel, wishes which turned out to be the biggest monkey paws of all time. Still, I'll always remember that late pre-DR2 period fondly, kicking around in Case Zero hoping the full game was going to be a knockout.
Personally I think combo weapons are not a bad idea in of themselves. The problem is rather then make it a fun hidden thing to find them in the first place, they decided to nonstop cockslap your face with them and reward you with faster leveling for using them, and that shifted the focus of the game. I can 100% see people doing stupid shit like making the Knife Gloves. But once the game shows you up front HEY YOU CAN COMBINE THESE TO MAKE SOMETHING COOL. It keeps doing it OVER AND OVER, and even has combo cards to ruin the fun of figure out what goes together with what.

I think it should have a hidden mechanic that a neat "Huh thats a thing you can make?". Maybe survivors having a smallish chance to have a one of them on them so you can see it in use, and get a idea on how to make them, or hell even have a even smaller chance zombies might drop one on a killing them(after all how many survivors might have died to zombies after thinking they hotshit with a combo weapon) so you can play around with stuff you haven't figured out yet.

Could even open the way for psychopaths being one of the better ways for you to notice a combo with out the game cockslapping you with a combo card after beating one. Like slappy from 2, but remove the game giving you a combo card part for beating him.


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Jan 15, 2019
my issue with combo weapons was always from a design point it invalidates anything that isn't a combo weapon.

in the original Dead Rising everything was viable as a weapon, now obviously a shotgun was going to be better than a stack of dish plates, but they did both work if necessary.

in DR2 there's no reason to ever use a baseball bat or a fireaxe when you can duct tape them into an axe-bat or whatever the fuck.

every "base" item becomes an ingredient instead of an item to be used. while i certainly think building combo weapons and shit is a very obvious and natural idea for a zombie game, the way they went about it was just not good in my opinion.


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Dec 18, 2021
I miss Dead Rising, bros. I just wish we could at least get a great remake of the first one that lets you go outside the mall if you want, has co-op, and small overall improvements that don't really change the game like having dialog play over the in-game characters talk and being able to skip the chat boxes.

I like combo weapons but I like the first game without them the same. If there is a weapon like the mega buster or the mini chainsaw, then they don't matter unless they are at least as powerful.

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Jun 18, 2019
One thing that's dumb about Combo weapons are it makes more sense for you to just grab whatever's nearest when you're surrounded by zombies headed your way, it breaks immersion to imagine the character standing there duct tapping shit together while about to get eaten by zombies.

It would have made more sense if you could only craft them in the safehouse.

The DR4 prototype 'climber' seems like it would have been cool...but no, they wanted to 'play it safe'
Are you talking about the reboot that wanted to turn Dead Rising into a serious, The Last of Us clone?

I don't like that idea, but I admit to being curious what it would have been like.


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Nov 1, 2021
Holy fuck. I didn’t know people still remembers this game. Great game but I didn’t play the others since they weren’t made by the same people.

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Sep 7, 2016
but at least it explains the switch of developers and the fairly long gap of 4 years before 2 came out.
There's an extra wrinkle to that, they handed off Dead Rising to Blue Castle but they did not hand over the inhouse engine used to make Dead Rising, supposedly because there was zero documentation in english. So BC had to write their own engine and create a game that looked, felt and behaved like DR1.

Capcom's attempt to westernize their development inadvertently became very japanese(toss everything, start from scratch, sleep at your desk).


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Sep 26, 2019
So was there ever a reason given on why Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and Case West never got ports outside of XBLA? Even when they were doing rereleases?

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Aug 11, 2019
So was there ever a reason given on why Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and Case West never got ports outside of XBLA? Even when they were doing rereleases?

Its been a while so my knowledge is a bit rusty BUT...from what I recall, apparently it was an ownership thing because apparently the DLC belonged fully to Blue Castle and not Capcom ? Or maybe it was a different team that made both and thus couldnt be put together.

Its something along those lines. It was an ownership and rights issue that Capcom didnt care enough to fix to put the prequel and sequel DLCs in the game...even tho the latter was kind of essential for the greater plot going into DR 3 but whatever.