Dead video game series/franchises you refuse to let go -

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Twisted Metal. I played Small Brawl with my friend constantly when we were in elementary, and then Black as teenagers. The online beta for the PS3 game was my favorite multi-player experience ever. When the game came out, it was virtually impossible to connect to a game. It was something on Sony's end, not the devs, but Sony never bothered to completely fix it. The single-player was decent, but it was obvious that most of the devs' effort went into the online portion. Maybe there will be a remaster of TM2 or TMB one day, but I highly doubt there will ever be a totally new game.
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Empire Earth needs to make a comeback.

It'd be interesting to see a new Empire Earth with a competent team and a good budget.

If Age of Empires can make a comeback, why not Empire Earth?

Hell, bring back Age of Mythology while we're at it!


Series I miss having new games are Danganronpa and Nonary Games. Used to also play a series called Trauma Team ages ago.

What I miss most though that I wish wasnt dead is Silent Hill! Hate that we never got PT.
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I only played the first Killzone but enjoyed it.

It was hyped as a "Halo killer" but given the PS2 didn't natively support online play without an adapter I don't think that was ever going to happen.

Still my friend and I played hours of multiplayer.
Wow, you actually had the game, I played hours of the demo disc.


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Megaman Battle Network series. It's got some derivatives floating around on Steam these days, but boy do I like some BN3. There's a pretty dedicated group to PvP online, too. Wish I'd taken some time to get into that.