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Apr 30, 2018
Since this is September, I bring you the National Deaf Awareness month with this thread! You can see all of the hashtag for it on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook!


What is Deaf Community?
The deaf community comprises those deaf and hard of hearing individuals who share a common language, common experiences and values, and a common way of interacting with each other, and with hearing people.

--Excerption from Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood by Paddy Ladd
Wait what, a Deaf Culture?
Yes, we have a Deaf Culture. The reason it is a culture is because we have a set of social beliefs, behaviors, arts, literary traditions, histories, values, and shared institutions.
“Hearing Impaired—”
Stop right there, you’ll make Deaf people go RRREEEEEEE if you call them anything other than upper-cased “Deaf”​

Differences between deaf and Deaf

Generally, the "small d" deaf do not associate with other members of the deaf community. They may strive to identify themselves with hearing people, regard their hearing loss solely in medical terms. Some may also be progressively losing their hearing and not yet integrated into the culture.

In contrast, "big D" Deaf people identify themselves as culturally deaf and have a strong deaf identity. They're often quite proud to be deaf. It's common that "big D" people attended deaf schools and programs for the deaf. The "small d" deaf tend to have been mainstreamed and may not have attended a school for the deaf.​


“I got ganged up by crazed Deaf people because I called them disabled. What’s the big deal?”

The Deaf community has a very unfavorable view on disability even to the point where “WE ARE DEAF, NOT DISABLED!” become a common motto among this community. Deaf people would prefer that you see them as membership to a linguistic and cultural minority rather than a disabled people.

The ironic thing about this whole issue is that there's 75% of unemployment rate within the Deaf community, it means a majority of the community are on disability benefits... They fight so hard not to be seen as a disabled person for the amount of heavy dependence they are on SSI / SSDI.
Not to be confused with :autism:
Like other -ism buzzwords, we have our own word, “Audism”
Audism, belief that the ability to hear makes one superior to those with hearing loss.​

Speaking of buzzword, Cultural Appropriation from the Deaf Community is a thing too.
Alexander Graham Bell, Deaf’s biggest enemy!
Alexander Graham Bell (AG Bell) is Deaf community’s biggest enemy, not too many people realize this. Many praised him for his invention on the telephones but is unaware of major impact he had on the Deaf community. AG Bell had a mother and wife who, were deaf, and they refused to admit their deafness, which makes this whole thing even more skewered. He strongly believed in oralism (spoken language, no sign language) and that there was a danger with a Deaf-to-Deaf marriage (producing a Deaf offsprings), exposing Deaf children to Deaf adults, sending Deaf people to school for the Deaf, where American Sign Language would be taught and used. He felt there was this pattern that would become a huge burden on the normalized society.

“Those who believe as I do, that the production of a defective race of human beings would be a great calamity to the world, will examine carefully the causes that lead to the intermarriages of the deaf with the object of applying a remedy.” – Alexander Graham Bell​
And so, his ideology spread out enough to have this history known as The Milan Conference of 1880

His ideology is still alive nowadays, because there’s an organization up and running and it’s known as, Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. (Archived)

Source: (Archived)
Cochlear Implant
The majority of Deaf people would silently fucking hate you with for having a cochlear implant.
Crab Theory
The "crab theory" is used in the Deaf community as a metaphor to describe the tendency of some Deaf people to criticize or put down the successes/achievements of other Deaf people. It may take several different forms: malicious and negative gossip, grudges, social rejection, etc., and is directed against Deaf community leaders, successful Deaf business entrepreneurs or educational administrators, deaf individuals who go to college while their deaf peers never get beyond high school, deaf people who "don't act Deaf enough", even ordinary Deaf individuals who do such positive things as buying a new car or marrying a good person.

Yes, the Deaf community can be awful and cruel toward their own.
Deaf Community is a very angry community
Notable Deaf People

Nyle Selfie.jpg

Nyle Dimarco is 29-years old sexually fluid (Archive) Deaf actor, model, and SJW activist who won America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 and Dancing with the Stars. He founded The Nyle DiMarco Foundation (Archive), which the mission is to push lawmakers to make sure that all d/Deaf children get an ASL and English education. While he is off from all his being in the spotlight, he can be seen spending time on tweeting passive-aggressive posts toward others regularly.

As glorious as Nyle may be in the Deaf community’s eyes, there was a controversy even within the Deaf community. The black Deaf community got upset with him for cultural appropriation because he, a white person, uploaded a video containing his sign for “Black Panther” which is read as “BLACK-TIGER.” (Archived) He did not consult with any black Deaf people for a proper sign.

Even Nyle’s presence alone is enough to make AG Bell piss in their pant to the point of where they issued a public letter criticizing him for advocating ASL. It is noted that this letter was archived because the original letter was removed from AG Bell’s website (Archived), most likely due to the Deaf community calling them out numerous times.

Matlin Marlee.jpg

She is an American actress, author, and activist. Deaf community used to hate her for decades (Archived) until she made an appearance on Switched at Birth series.

Matlin Marlee Winner.jpg

What did she do that caused an entire Deaf community to [SCREECHING IN ASL] for decades? Well, it was all started out with her winning an Oscar award for her role in a movie, Children of a Lesser God. Many Deaf people hoped that her presence would make society become more accepting of sign language and their Deaf culture, they expected her to get up on the stage and signed. Due to the criticism Matlin received from many hearing people, assuming she cannot become more successful any further with her just using sign language and for being Deaf. She wanted to break the stereotype by using her voice and spoke on stage to keep hearing people woke.

Unfortunately, even though she is a proud Deaf woman, the Deaf community ignored her Deaf proud and treated her like a traitor. It was severe to the point where she was highlighted as a traitor on Deaf magazine and was shunned by the Deaf community for decades.
(Source, archived)

It was until she began acting on Switched at Birth, the Deaf community finally saw her as an ally and accepted her. She was the person who said, “It’s not a hearing loss, it’s a Deaf gain!” (Archived)

Fun Fact: Donald Trump once allegedly called her “Retarded” (Archived)


Poof be gone 1.png
Poof be gone 2.png
Poof be gone 3.png

Cammi No H8.jpg

Cammi DiMeras is a biracial Deaf transgender woman, and she is very vocal about supporting Donald Trump.

There's a possible delusional with how she sees herself because believes she lives in a very high-class lifestyle. According to her Facebook page, she claimed all of this information.

Cammi Information.png
Cammi Information 2.png

From my finding, she is not part of any of those positions she claimed to be working for, except for being a founder, CEO, and Executive Producer at Divaitude’s News and Production. Therefore, that lack of evidence shows she is living in her own world full of false grandiose.

She can be found fighting (Archived) animalistically with various of people (Archived) in your friendly Facebook neighbor. (Archived) She even collected videos on YouTube (Archived) including a live video where she went through a sad, sad breakup! (Archived)
It is a no surprise with everything she has been doing, she ticked off a crazed deaf security to where he took a video, filmed himself during his job so he can threaten Cammi. (Archived) (I have no idea what he said but it’s really something.)

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Just a minute before I sat down to gather her pictures for this forum, she posted a status about her birth name. I alerted one of my friend about this, and it turns out we can’t find any information regarding her “legally changed” name. Cammi may or may not be still using her birth name.

Chris Haulmark / Haulmark for Kansas / The Deaf Wanderer / DeafBackpacker / SilenceGold / Wendy Hilton


Social Media Accounts


The Deaf Wanderer

Chris Haulmark is a Deaf man running for Kansas’s House of Representatives seating of 15th District, he claimed to be very inclusive and supportive of women’s rights even tho he so-desperately used the excuse of his “MUH OPPRESSED CHILDHOOD! AUDISTS! BPD! CPTSD! WOE IS ME!” for his history of sexual affairs and abuses against several women. As noted, on the divorce case, ex-wife claimed that she walked into him having sex with another woman in front of his two kids. He possibly lied his past job.

Then, this is when those hashtags exploded:
1. #StopChrisHaulmark
2. #ChrisHaulmarkMustWithdraw
3. #ChrisHaulmarkMustResign

Why are they exploding? It was all begun with a person named Chad Ruddle, Jennifer Carlino, and Britney Michele Ryan calling Chris Haulmark out under a news article, and a mysterious person named Wendy Hilton with 8 years worth of background information about some of those people, to deflect other people from talking about Chris Haulmark. Really suspicious, isn't it?

After Chad Ruddle gathered up a couple of connections and shreds of evidence, it turns out this Wendy Hilton is very likely Chris Haulmark's sockpuppet account. To add injury to insult, Wendy Hilton's profile picture can be traced to a French porn star, Lou Charmelle, it was rumored it was Chris Haulmark's favorite porn star. /

Spoiler: Quoted from that link Last night, I completely and utterly destroyed the first Deaf political candidate running for representative of HD15 in Olathe, KS who has been running on a campaign of lies about his history of abusing women in the past as well as slandering and destroying the reputations and careers of other women speaking out against him in the present. He also manipulated the public and the media to believe he's been deliberately oppressed from his rights for equal accessibility in his campaign by sabotaging a local women's caucus who tried to support him. He did this by lying to the local media, lying to and threatening local political organizations, acting in collusion with his campaign manager to make veiled threats to intimidate people and to carry out his orders to file false complaints against people who oppose him, and by weaponizing local deaf community support for him in the local deaf community to attack his victims and targets who have spoken out about him in posts and vlogs.

I did this last night while he used a fake profile with his favorite obscure foreign porn star's photo to attempt more very clearly legally-defined libel and slander against his victims. Apparently he thought nobody else knows how to do a reverse image search or discover that he's been using fake profiles on his personal Facebook group for a very long time. And in the middle of his act of committing slander and libel with this fake profile, he accidentally confessed to some of his crimes and that he plans to ruin more careers of his victims using his political influence the same way he already has and admitted so whilst speaking to me and others under this false identity on a major television network affiliate's Facebook page at the exact same time that we completely busted and exposed him doing it.

I say "we" because I certainly didn't do it alone. I stand beside some very strong and very brave women who wouldn't back down from his threats and attempted intimidation tactics and they decided they aren't going to let him get away with it. Hell, as a deaf person who experiences a lot of the same issues he claimed to be running for office to fight against, I considered supporting him a year ago until he started attacking my friends and then all his skeletons came tumbling out of the closet to tell me all his dirty secrets like they damn well always do. I didn't even have to ask; I mentioned it once and the independently corroborating stories about him came like a deluge without my even trying to take him down. A scumbag like that makes a lot of enemies everywhere he goes and he made a lot of 'em all over Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas... hell, all over the world as a matter of fact; he's a remarkably well-travelled and well-known con man. This isn't surprising to the people who already knew him before he landed in Olathe and know his true history rather than the false one that he tells the public and media now. He's been ostracized from other Deaf communities before for this same behavior conning people wherever he goes. He has since moved here and thinks he deserves to represent us - ALL of us - in Congress and he's fooled an awful lot of people around here. He's more the fool to think he can claim no proof of any of this exists as though there isn't mountains of it and dozens and dozens of people to verify it. He thinks he can fake integrity in our city and get away with it. Not in Kansas City; not in our community. We can do better than him.

He's going to be thinking real hard about what he can do to shut me up for a long time from now. It's going to eat away at him like a cancer. But he's done and there's nothing he can do about it; it just hasn't fully sunk in for him yet. Quite a few of you know me well enough to know why I'm not one to fuck with; some of you ARE a reason why I'm not one to fuck with. But let me set the stage for how this played out. A year ago, I got into his head and set up camp. I didn't do it quietly; he literally invited me in personally hoping he could bullshit me on his own terms. I strung him along and after asking around about me and finding nothing he could use, he forgot I was there. And I sat back and watched him do it while all his queries and investigation immediately were sent my way. I played the long game observing him while he gathered supporters whom he lied to and misled. While he did that, more and more people both locally and around the country whom he conned and lied to found me and asked me to hear their story. And I listened to them. Their stories fit together like pieces of a puzzle revealing the bigger picture - a classic ego-driven narcissist who craves power and control and dominating women and fearing those he can't intimidate.

While he gathered supporters and fed with lies to convince him he's the hero they need, I gathered his victims with compassion and support and helped bring them together. We met under the shroud of dark and stormy skies at clandestine locations (like Starbucks) and shared our experiences and compared evidence that he still doesn't know we have. I watched him literally cover his face and walk away from me at a public cultural event just last weekend; our eyes locked and I saw the fear in them that I might recognize him as he passed by and that I might jump-start the beginning of his end right there in front of everybody. He has every reason to be afraid of me; he doesn't know the extent of it yet, but he knows because I'm not a young deaf woman he's cheated on his wife with and whom he can threaten or intimidate. I'm not a brave and supportive interpreter or a selfless and passionate teacher of deaf kids or a confident and bold military wife whom he thinks he can suppress and slander and intimidate and ruin their careers because they rejected him and wounded his fragile ego. I'm not a smart, experienced, and devoted organizer in our local politics... but believe me, all these women exist and they are in this fight too and I am proud to know them. And I'm not an easily manipulated marginalized voter desperate for ANYONE who looks like me to represent me in public office. He had no idea who he's fucking with; I've called out bigger politicians than him and I've taken down bigger bullies than him and you all know it. He doesn't scare me; he ain't scary like I can be scary.

But I'm not his worst nightmare, oh no, my friends. I'm a guy standing beside strong and very brave women whom he fears more than ANYTHING. That fear has warped him his entire life and his arrogance to think he could control them has ruined him. And now he's done; his political aspirations end right here. We'll find someone else to represent us and champion our rights with more integrity than him. This ain't Crab Theory, motherfucker; he's the bad guy in this story and #timesup for him. The end.


By the way, I also may have publicly exposed his preference for non-consensual backdoor action in his porn choices and his past relationships. It's been a fun evening; read all about it here in the comments and feel free to ask questions, share, or show your support in shutting him down.

P.S. Even while typing this, I've been sent more evidence of his use of fake profiles (no bullshit; I'll drop it in the comments). This dude is garbage and today is Trash Day. BE sure and read the comments in KCTV5 News Kansas City's Facebook post about him in which you can observe him literally committing crimes and threats against his victims using a fake profile named "Wendy Hilton"; that's Chris Haulmark.
Spoiler: Screenshots

Ever since after this incident, it begun to cause a domino effect within the Deaf community, multiple women and folks came out with their trauma and stories with Chris Haulmark.
Spoiler: Jennifer Carlino Jennifer used to have Chris Haulmark as her ex-roommate, she explains about the emotional, mental and financial abuse she had to go through with him

Spoiler: Quoted from the post - Domestic Violence - *Trigger Warnings*

Introduction of my two vlogs:
1) Speaking Out, Part One
2) Speaking Out: Emotional & Mental Abuse, Part Two

In these vlogs, I decided to speak out about domestic violence that I have experienced and gone through so much from him when we were roommates from April 2017 to January 2018.

For District 15 of Johnson County in Kansas, “He” has decided to run his campaign since April 2018. He is NOT who you think he is. He has a history of mistreatment, abuse, and domestic violence toward deaf and hard-of-hearing people, especially deaf women.

He is very able-bodied, healthy, and intelligent enough to work, and quite charming and charismatic enough for a facade to put on.

He’s been putting on a facade the whole time, but he is a very dishonest, deceitful, and manipulative fraud who has been living off taxpayers' money, YOUR money, and has cheated people out of money.

In his view as a BPD person, he is seeing me as the bad guy or villain. I have done nothing but offered help and service for him.

Given his background and history, his lack of character and integrity shows a lot who he truly is and how he’s mistreated us as person(s) and WOMEN.

For the DeafBlind and people who don't know sign language, the transcript for the vlogs is included in the comment section.

The pictures, screenshots, and scanned documents from the vlogs are also added in it after the transcript.

Please feel free to share your thoughts or stories/experiences/testimonies about him in the comment section. Also, please PM me if you would like to talk to me.

This post is SHAREABLE. Silence may be golden, but not always. Keeping quiet is doing more HARM than good to the deaf community, especially women. It applies to the hearing community as well. Spread awareness, and together we can break the silence to end domestic violence. #TogetherWeCanBreaktheSilencetoEndDomesticViolence

I will delete any comments that indicate name-calling, bullying, personal attacks, and negative behavior that would minimize and marginalize or dismiss domestic violence survivors. I will also block trolls.

I want this place to foster awareness, growth, confidence, and freedom of speaking out and to support domestic violence survivors.

Thank you for listening to (and watching) my story.

Chad Ruddle Britney Michele Ryan Michael Bullocks Jelena Cabarcas Cater Pamela Torres Pamela Siebert Betty Jo Burris Tonia Jimmerson Marc Langerman Micki Renee Donna Fine Robert Alfred Hawkins

Spoiler: Transcript [Visual Description: Jennifer Carlino, a Caucasian woman with dark brown curly hair in her 30s, is wearing light blue denim blouse with round silver earrings and a silver necklace with an oblong turquoise pendant.]

The background of the Part One vlog is a kitchen with a metallic silver refrigerator and some maple brown cabinets. At 8:04 in the 1st vlog, Jennifer moves to a different background - the right side is the off-white wall, and the left side is dark vaulted ceiling and a brown/white stair railing. ]

Hello there!

TRIGGER WARNING: Domestic Violence - Emotional and Mental Abuse; Got Conned and Swindled

Another WARNING: To let you know, this vlog is probably very long. I don’t know exactly how long it will be, but please hear me out. This is very important for you all to know.

Before I’m going to start sharing this with you all, I claim that this is my vlog, not others’.

In this vlog, I am refraining from saying the name of the person, people’s names, and names of SPECIFIC locations. I am just going to refer to the person by using a third person singular masculine pronoun - “He” throughout this vlog.

I will also share facts with you. Facts such as screenshots of text messages, Google Shared Documents, and pictures. FACTS, not opinions. When I show you facts, I did cover up his name, names of people, and names of locations on purpose. I’m not going to explain WHY I did that.

Ironically enough, I recall him threatening to exploit and expose me in his “future book” which he plans to write and publish it to the public. He would dare to use my name in his book. So, I am saying that I cannot use his name, BUT he can use my name??? *PUZZLED* Quite contradictory, isn’t it?

[See the screenshot of his text message: “Future Book”]

Again, I genuinely emphasize that this is my story. My story.

As a domestic violence survivor, I truly want my story to be heard. To both communities - deaf and hearing. Especially to domestic violence survivors.

The main POINT of this vlog is to share my story as a domestic violence survivor with you so that you all have a right to know who he truly is and that I strongly recommend you all to do research first on his background and history.

Always do research first. Not just because he’s “deaf.”

It’s ALL because of his LACK of character and integrity and his horrible mistreatment, domestic violence, and abuse toward people, especially deaf women.

I have written down so many thoughts, my feelings/emotions, and story parts in my journal. Writing has most definitely helped me go through this process.

This is an extremely emotional process to me. I’m very traumatized… still to this day. When I hear his name or see him, I get triggered. I just have to keep reframing my thinking into being more positive and moving forward.

What he had done to me for 9 months was emotional and mental abuse, and he took advantage of my money. However, our involvement was kind of short, but so much damage was done to me.

I still tried to understand what really happened after 9 months and spent a considerable amount of time on the Internet as well as talking to many people, including his former roommate, former friends, and ex-girlfriends.

I’ve kept everything quiet and all to myself. But, at the same time, it has been eating me up so badly.

Why speaking out now? Why didn’t I do that much earlier? It hit me when I realized that I found out he lied to me and misused me the whole time… that was around mid-April 2018.

If I didn't find out that he never lied, this vlog probably wouldn’t have existed.

I learned of his real motives. Once his true colors were exposed, he has been damaging us deaf women and the deaf community.

I discovered I am not alone in this situation.

Keeping quiet is doing more harm than good to the deaf community, especially women. It applies to the hearing community as well. Silence is not always golden.

My name is Jennifer Carlino. I’ve been living in this town for 7 years. I am well-known in the deaf community here and from a college in Rochester, NY during my time. I am also very sociable and interact well with the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

I'm a very strong, intelligent, and independent woman with so much passion for life.

However, when you get to hear more from me in this vlog… probably at the end of this story, you might probably think I’m very weak and vulnerable and not smart after all. Or, some of you might even think I’m jealous or somewhat scorned in this way. Really, I’m not.

That’s what it happens to us domestic violence victims/survivors. Please listen to our stories and try to show your empathy instead of judging us.

You see what’s behind me? The kitchen. My kitchen. This is my house. Perhaps it looks pretty familiar to you? I strongly suggest you all to look at the person’s previous vlogs.

“He” was my roommate. We lived together at my house from April 1st, 2017 to January 31st, 2018.

We first got to know each other via Facebook when we talked about traveling experiences and advice. He was very well known for his vlogs based on his travels for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community for two years.

Not only did he talk about his travels, but also he talked about issues related to sign language (SEE vs. ASL), the language acquisition bill (LEAD-K), deaf people’s poor writing skills because of ASL as their native language, mainstream schools being better than deaf schools, and several others which he deleted some of them later on.

Those issues he talked about really pissed off the majority of the Deaf community.

He came off as egotistical and arrogant because I thought it was pretty much his opinion, so I didn't take that too personally.

I'm the type of person who doesn't make quick judgments and would rather take time to get to know people on a deeper level.

I got to know him more and more over time. Of course, he became very charming and charismatic and enthralled me with his stories and traveling experiences. I became good friends with him, and he made me feel good around him in the beginning.

He highly valued me all the times. However, while we were living together as roommates, I started ignoring several red flags, thinking that it was nothing and that would just pass, and I'd give him time and lots of chances because he went through so much stress when he was starting out as a candidate, and there were other issues involved as well.

Nevertheless, I was so excited for him to run for office. I believed so much in him. I wanted the very first DEAF “person” to make history. I was exactly like so many other deaf people who had high hopes for him to succeed. I was ALL in it for him.

So, yeah, I gave him the benefit of the doubt.
The reason I decided to move to a different location is, the refrigerator behind me was pretty distracting and reflective. It was not friendly on the eyes, especially for the DeafBlind. I hope this background is better.

Anyway, first, see the diagram of Domestic Violence and what its types (for me, Emotional and Mental Abuse, and he took advantage of my money) look like. There are many more other examples of abusive behaviors that are not there in this diagram.

[See the “wheel” diagram of Abuse - Source: ]

Next, this same chart with red circles and green rectangles which I added shows what he has done to me when we lived together as roommates.

Conned and Swindled
Now, let's start with money abuse.

First of all, here is the background information about him, so you’ll understand how this led to him taking advantage of my money.

After he went through unfortunate events (his father’s death and his divorce) in his life, he told me that he CHOSE to quit his job in 2010. Chose to quit. He did not get fired or laid off. Chose to QUIT his job.

I found his SSDI papers in the recycle bin (MY recycle bin) which he threw into. I salvaged it for his sake because those were confidential papers. So, after I took those out of the bin, I just left those on the shelf in my garage. I was going to give those back to him, but I was very busy at the time. I totally forgot all about it until I finally started to clean my garage this past June.

I claim that I am not responsible for his carelessness. He THREW his papers into MY recycle bin. That was his responsibility, not mine. Not my problem.

[See scanned SSDI paper]

According to this SSDI paper, his last job was in 2008 (even though he told me he’s stopped working since 2010) until he got a part-time job from March 2017 to mid-July 2017.

From what he told me, 2010 to 2018 - that’s a total of 8 years of not working. He's been on SSDI ever since. He is VERY ABLE-BODIED, healthy (no health issues), and intelligent enough to work.

According to his text message, he claims that he receives $2,500 in SSDI per month.

[See screenshot of text message: $2,500]

He also told me face-to-face that he has spent his SSDI money on his travels. I was very disturbed by what he said to me.

I was like, I have a full-time job. I went to college and then graduate school to earn degrees. I’ve been working so hard. I have a car. I have a house. I spent my OWN money on my travels in Europe and Southeast Asia. I do have health issues - Crohn's Disease. Having a chronic illness has been very difficult for me, but for him, he’s fine and healthy. His mind works well.

Maybe I should go on SSDI, shouldn’t I? It’s too easy for me to do that, right??

No. I have so much pride for myself not to take advantage of the system. I have nothing against deaf people using SSDI, but what it really got me angry is his lies. He’s been taking advantage of the SSDI system and spent it on his travels. He was able to afford renting a car for $800 per month while he had a part-time job. I gave him plenty of chances to extend rent payments. But no, he didn’t pay me. And he’s lied to people when he said he paid it ALL. That’s what truly pisses me off.

Now, we should have a right to know that he’s been in it for a FREE ride since 2010. Still to this day.

He told me that he moved here in 2015 or late 2014 (month?) from Texas so that he'd be near his kids after his ex got remarried.

BUT, he didn't stay there long. He decided to start traveling. He's used his ex-wife's mailing address so that he'd continue to collect SSDI checks. I found that weird. You can find the list of his former addresses, including his ex-wife’s online.

What’s really disturbing is, upon traveling, he left his two kids behind when they were very young. He said in one of his vlogs that he got their "approvals” for ONLY himself just to accomplish his dream. He only came back to America for their birthdays and then left to travel again.

After having traveled for two years (2015 to 2017), he decided to stop traveling and moved back here in late February 2017. He stated to me that his kids wanted him to come back in their lives.

Again, get the picture. After his divorce in 2010, he chose to move to Texas from his home state, Arkansas. He visited his kids every few months, not every weekend or very often. Every FEW months. Then, his ex-wife got remarried and moved here with their kids. So, he decided to follow them and move up here in late 2014 (month?), but he didn’t stay there long. He got their “approvals” for leaving to travel. He’s traveled for two years (2015-2017). And, they wanted him back in their lives. Why didn’t he do that much earlier? Now, all of a sudden, he's back in their lives? He chose to make decisions for himself, not for his kids.

Before we officially became roommates, we met up in person [around March 2017] and talked about living together as roommates. At the meeting, the original rent was $450 with all utilities included, and plus household-related privileges.

Upon arriving here from his travels, he basically had NOTHING, except some SSDI money. He claimed to me that he had to start all over again from scratch.

Like I mentioned before (related to the SSDI paper), he got hired to work for a company in March 2017 (worked part time so that he could continue to get his SSDI), so he was building up his finances.

He was renting a car on a monthly basis (it was the average cost of $800 - I saw it with my eyes on a couple of his receipts). So, that’s what he had spent SSDI money on renting a car, plus he had a part-time job...

He negotiated with me if he could pay $400 in rent instead of $450 because he was "wanting to build up his finances first" so that he'd make it up by paying me back with full rent and plus, with IOU's of each remaining $50 from monthly rent once he'd have settled comfortably.

Sadly, I had a soft heart, so I was willing to compromise with that.

Before you say something like “Hey, why shouldn’t you have had a written lease agreement?”...

I did think of a written lease agreement. I did bring it up at our meeting. However, he didn't want it, but I was dumb enough to believe him that he's "a man of his word" and that he always paid for everything with his money on time. Boy, sure was I so gullible enough to believe him!

He bragged a lot about how he helped people when they needed money or were in debt. He stated to me that, one time, he loaned $25,000 to a person whose business was in trouble. Then, the person paid him back $25k. I was like, wow, I thought he was very genuinely helpful.

He verbally gave me his word that he would pay me and surely meet my household expectations.

I was completely so clueless and naive, and I trusted him, so we became roommates on the first day of April.

Later on… around three months ago, I confirmed with that person (that $25,000 business one) who's actually my friend, and that person was shocked to hear about that. That person said that he entirely made up this story.said that it's not true and that the business was fine. Wow. Just wow. He totally lied about that.

Now, I will talk further about rent. Again, the original rent was $450 with all utilities and household privileges such as kitchen appliances, storage, washer/dryer, towels, blankets, and etc.

April, May, June, and July 2017
He paid $400 for April, May, June, and July; however, $200 (which is a total from $50 subtracted from each $450 as the original price of rent) was still owed.

May 2017
In May 2017, he was in a "financial situation" and desperately needed money right away. He asked me if I could loan him at least $1,000 as part of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) fee so that he could officially register as a candidate. If interested in running for office, you’d have to apply for FEC and also have to pay for it. It’s similar to paying for an application fee.

So, I did loan him $1,100.00.

[See screenshots of text messages between me and him]

[See the written agreement based on the FEC fee]

Looking back to this simple written agreement, I SO wish I had done that with rent, too.

July 2017
In mid-July 2017, he got terminated from his job. Therefore, he got himself into a financial situation. Hence, he said he could not afford to rent a car as well as paying rent.

August 2017
Since he lost his job in mid-July 2017, I had a soft heart and was being very understanding and empathic.


He was so frustrated with everything going on, and I kept encouraging him to not give up.

He could have given up just like that himself, but I was persistent to help him face obstacles and just ride through the rough waves.

I recall him being very frustrated and telling me a few times that, if he gives up, he would fly to Vietnam (because it’s very cheap there), hide there like a hermit crab, and keep a low profile until he’d receive enough SSDI money. Then, he might come back here in town. I told him it’s just too easy to give up like that. I refused to let him give up. It was very mentally and emotionally exhausting, but I endured through that by being positive and providing lots of support for him.

[See the screenshot example of FB message between us]

August, September, and October 2017
He had no job. He had no car. He had nothing. Again. He was in desperate need of money, even though he’s been collecting SSDI money. Of course, I was being very empathic. No $450 was collected in August, September, and October. That means a total of $1,350 with ALL utilities included.

I pretty much supported BOTH of us financially for three months (plus his kids whenever they stayed over at my house and used up my electricity, water, and internet). So yeah, I was a breadwinner as I financially took care of him and his kids under my roof.

When he didn’t have a car yet, I willingly let him use my car for whenever he needed to go to important events and even take his kids to places.

I even encouraged him to go to Wichita for some deaf awareness day to expand his networking. I let him borrow my car so that he'd drive for a total of 6 hours between here and Wichita.

November 2017
After three months of not paying me, I was fed up with his lack of financial responsibilities as well as not maintaining household responsibilities. I did confront him about that.

[See my written notes to him] and see the dates on the “Computer Information pages” that I took pictures of those notes on November 5, 2017 before I handed it to him.

After my confrontation with him, he FINALLY managed to pay me $400 in rent in November, December, and lastly, January.

But still, $50 was omitted BY HIM. That means a total of $150 that he owed me.

From April 2017 to January 2018

How much did he owe me? $2,800. The breakdown of this total is $1,100 (FEC fee) + $1,350 ($450 each from Aug. to Oct. 2017) + $350 ($50 each from Apr. 2017 to Jan. 2018). $2,800.

[See my written note: Owed $$]

He KNEW that he owed me $2,800. I did confront him about that, and he has acknowledged that.

Every time.

January 2018
That was when I finally started to see that he was taking financial advantage of me. I confronted him with my handwritten notes regarding financial expectations, household expectations, AND household privileges.

[See my written notes to him] and see the dates on the “Computer Information pages” that I took pictures of those notes on January 27, 2018 before I handed it to him.

[See pictures of his room and guest bathroom]

Yes, these pictures are of his bedroom, guest bathroom, and the damaged wall in his bedroom. I told him a long time ago no open drinks/food were allowed in rooms because it would lead to bug/mouse infestations. I did have issues with mice and insects before we were roommates, so I didn’t want that to repeat anymore. However, he ignored my household expectations.

I finally stood my ground.

A few days later, on January 31st, 2018, I was extremely sick with Crohn’s Disease and had to have an EGD and colonoscopy surgery.

That same day, I came home to find out that he moved out, leaving the bedroom and guest bathroom absolutely filthy and gross. He broke my airbed mattress. He bought a new one for himself. I ended up having no airbed mattress of that size anymore.

I was severely sick with a horrible flare up from Crohn's Disease. It took me two days to clean both of the rooms.

[See After & Before picture of the bathtub.]

I fully understand that there was ONLY one written agreement between us, that is, it was based on the FEC registration fee. Nothing else, even rent. It's my naivety that I let him dupe me into this financial mess. I own up to it. Big time.

MacBook Laptop

At first, I was interested in looking for a new MacBook laptop.

He constantly pressured me into giving away my old Apple laptop for the person who's responsible for adding captions in his vlogs. Not him, the OTHER person. [Added: He never gave the person CREDIT for adding captions in his vlogs.]

With his IT experience, I entrusted him for getting me a better, newer laptop. I gave $300 to him, so he'd purchase a refurbished Apple laptop from some shady computer store that was selling used and refurbished computers.

Now it doesn't even start at all, and I wasted $300. I asked him if I could get my old laptop back, but he said he'd rather fix the refurbished one.

[See screenshots of text messages between us]

But, it still didn’t work. It’s useless. I never got my old laptop back. I blew $300 for this.
After I cut off contact with him for almost two months (mid-Feb to early April 2018), I did then decide to contact him in early April for only one reason - to get my money back. No answer. He avoided me.

On May 30th, 2018, I finally confronted him in person at a public event.

He finally paid me back $1,100, which was the FEC fee. It took him ONE year to pay me back. Why? Because I mentioned a magic word that probably scared him.

Originally, he owed me $2,800. Now that I got $1,100 back, he still owes me $1,700 in rent.

Interestingly enough, get this… if he's receiving $2,500 in SSDI per month, then why did he borrow money from me? He said he had NO child support to pay for, meaning that he didn’t have to worry about it. Pretty lucky for him, huh? Why wasn't he able to pay rent? Why did it take him a year to pay me back with $1,100 now that he's paid it off just a recent ago? He's not working, and he's been collecting donation money from people.

Please go ahead and demand him to show proof of his monthly bank statements. You’d see $400 as ATM withdrawals on each monthly bank statement of April 2017 to July 2017 and from November 2017 to January 2018.

Show me proof of $400 as ATM withdrawals on each monthly bank statement of August, September, and October 2017. He can hide his account number while he can show us the money activity (deposits, withdrawals, money spent, and etc.) Were those $400 as ATM withdrawals SUPPOSED to be there on August, September, and October 2017? Hmm? Yes or no?

I *tru biz* got conned and swindled by HIM.

Emotional and Mental Abuse

Before I will talk further about it, this is relevant to it...

I am not going to say anything about child support for his kids, custody, and etc. His divorce court records are online. You’d need to research for it yourself. Once you find it, read the files CAREFULLY. There are some shocking allegations in it, especially abuse.

What's really puzzling to me is, he told me ALL the times that he filed a divorce against his ex-wife because she cheated on him, but the court records state that his ex-wife filed it against him.

I have heard domestic violence stories from his victims. I talked to them. We shared stories together. Our stories are quite similar and corroborate each other.

I’m not sharing their stories with you. I will let them speak out if they are ready to come forward. It’s THEIR stories, not mine. They were victims. They ARE survivors.

I WAS one of his victims, too. I AM a survivor, too. It’s been very difficult for me to speak out… until now.

I am ready.

April 2017 - June 2017

In April-June of 2017, I was there for him all the times. I supported him all the way.

He constantly wanted me to accompany him to public and political events because he said I'd make him look good because of my spotless reputation. He kept asking me to join him along because my presence would glorify him for the sake of publicity.

He totally drained me and sucked the spirit out of me when he talked about problems, issues, situations, and etc.

I encouraged him not to give up when he was facing obstacles. Whenever we’d had conversations together, he took so much control of it. Sometimes I felt so meaningless and small. Sometimes when I tried to speak up or say something, he cut me off and took over conversations. There were some times when I got belittled by him for whenever I tried giving him advice or suggestions. Every time he became discouraged, I reframed his thinking again and again. It was mentally exhausting.

Almost every time I came home from work, I stayed up until 11 pm, midnight, or even 1 in the morning. I still felt so tired in the mornings. However, that didn't matter to me because I wanted to help him so much with his goal. He has even asked me for advice on convincing the deaf and hard-of-hearing community to believe him and win their support.

In the beginning of his “goal,” he thought he could easily get at least $100,000-$500,000 in donations from the deaf community alone right away. But it didn't happen. It was harder than he thought because many people in the deaf community didn't like him or weren't at least too fond of him because of his earlier vlogs during his travels, way before he started running for office. I told him that was because they looked down on him based on his arrogant attitude/approach and insensitive viewpoints among them way back then. So, he’s changed and shifted his attitude and approach to fit the community’s wants and needs.

I heartily suggested and encouraged him to take Deafhood workshops because it would definitely help decolonize him and change his attitude/approach towards the use and benefits of American Sign Language (ASL), the LEAD-K bill, and Deaf Culture. At first, he was very hesistant and not confident/sure about taking it. I kept persisting that he should take it. So, he sure did take it last February (2018), and he claims that he's "decolonized."

Now I don't know about that because, in the beginning of his goal, he desperately wanted to win deaf and hard-of-hearing people's support for his benefit as much as he could, and now he's been succeeding to have received plenty of support and donations from them. To me, that's complete manipulation.

I think I created a monster. A bigger monster.

June 2017

In June 2017, my parents came to visit me and stayed at my house for two weeks.

My mother liked him at first, but my dad didn't. He had bad vibes about him the first time he met him, but my dad kept quiet until much later.

Again, my mom really liked him. My mom donated $150.00 to him. She wanted him to succeed because she believed that many barriers against the deaf would be taken down if he won.

Every time my parents cooked, we included him for dinner. They even invited him to join us when we went out to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant. They paid for his food.

He did not help at all. He was very lazy. Not even once. I politely asked him if he could try to chip in for helping clean around after dinner. He bluntly said, "I don't owe them anything." I was appalled by what he said. Typically, after dinner, he zoomed to his room most of the times.

He may not have to owe them, but I felt he had no decency or courtesy to just help or return in favor. Nothing for my parents or even for me.

One time, the recycling bin was so full, and my dad was like, “He,” may you please take this out. “He” looked as if he didn't want to, but went ahead and did it. His behavior was very peculiar.

One time, he said to my mom directly, "I make more money than she [Jennifer] does." That was when he was working for the company. He laughed it off as though he was joking, but at the same time, he was putting me down.

When he first moved in my house, I had no idea that he had guns. 3 guns. I had absolutely no idea at all.

He put his own guns in my own house without asking me for permission first. He asked me for permission AFTER he moved in my house.

I'm not saying that I'm completely against guns. I kept my cool when he showed me his guns. Deep down inside, I felt uneasy being around him when he was showing off his Glock gun or whatever it was.

He convinced me into believing him that the guns and bullets were separated in different places.

One time, I happened to walk into the kitchen. I caught him showing his gun and explaining it to a person on a video chat via his laptop. I was so uneasy and nervous. He defensively stated that he wanted to show the person he actually had a gun. I was like, don’t do that in front of me again, it’s definitely not cool. The vibes I received were not safe. I walked away from him and kept myself cool from freaking out.

The point of this is, he never asked me for permission first. Looking back to this, I wish I had kicked him out immediately when I first found out he brought guns into my house without my knowledge.

One time, when we were involved in a situation in which I needed my dad’s immediate attention, he forcefully grabbed my phone out of my hand when I was texting my dad as I was desperately asking for his help. Naturally, I was very pissed off. He looked extremely mad and was fueled with rage.

I told him not to do that and touch me like that again. The way he looked was quite filled with incredulous rage which was beyond describable. He left me alone. That was only one time he almost touched me physically. I cannot imagine what would have happened if he became filled with rage in a much worse way again.

November 2017

In November 2017, my parents came again and stayed here for two weeks. Tension between him and my parents seemingly grew more and more, despite the fact that he ate dinner with us every time they cooked. At that time, I could not understand why and figure it out because I was blind to it the whole time.

I've tried so hard to make peace for all of us. He did not make it easy on me. I strongly believed that my parents were looking out for me and my health being.

I've expressed my frustrations to my parents regarding his financial situations, his inability in making rent payments inconsistently, and his lack of responsibilities, which led them into thinking and observing that he was taking advantage of me. They saw through him. Very clearly.

January 2018

Here came last January. I got very sick. I have Crohn's Disease. It got exacerbated to a flare-up.

Then, I got in a car accident.

I could not be able to work for a week due to health issues.

I was so desperate that I did ask my parents to come and provide support and lots of TLC.

I told him that they were coming over. He was not too happy about it. He did not consider about me and my illness.

My parents took care of my house while I was sick and trying so hard to recover from my illness and the car accident. It took 3 months for me to finally get back on my feet.

I tried explaining to him about what Crohn's Disease really was and what the symptoms looked like. He seemed to shut me out because he got grossed out and didn't take that into deep consideration. He was seemingly not empathetic. He did not bother to be there for me during my illness as well as trying to understand how much I have gone through. In the beginning, I was there for him a lot, and now, he was not there for me. He was pretty much a recluse in his room during my illness.

He spent most of his time staying in his room and going out for his vlogs. Yes, I understand that he needed to work on his goal, but I could not be there to provide support for him when I was sick.

One time, he said to me, "I wish you could get more involved in the national deaf community." I thought in the back of my mind, "Uhm, hello, I'm too sick to do anything at this moment! I work full time and am also involved in an organization. I'll be going to the (related) conference in July 2018.”

[See screenshot of the text message]

Still, those were not even "enough" to him.

I introduced him to almost everything here when he first moved here. I had good networking, and he had nothing. Now, he’s expanded his networking, of course.

He said that I was "a woman of many resources" and wanted me to get him included in the deaf community here so that it would boost his “goal.”

Seriously, at the time, when I was dealing with my illness, I was done with giving so much to him. So done with it.

My parents already knew who he was, so they didn't appreciate that he was lying to me, not paying FULL payments, and not even willing to help around.

They are in their 70s and had to take care of my house while I was slowly recuperating from my illness. Bless their hearts.

In other words, he was being a parasite. My parents are very warm and always offer food and hospitality to my friends, peers, and former roommates. Since he came into my life, this was the very first time in my life I ever experienced seeing my parents acting coldly towards this person - “He” because they SAW through him and shut him out.

He knew and started to realize what was going on (guess from previous experiences and the way my parents were acting around him), so he started triangulating me against my parents and even some friends, so he could isolate me. Triangulation means it is a manipulation tactic where this person “A” will get the person “B” to turn against another person “C” or two “D” and have “B” under “A”’s control.

He called the cops on my mom for "harassment.” My mom texted him to let him know that he needed to pick up his mail at my house after he moved out. She also told him not to not involve me anymore because I was quite sick and needed physical, emotional, and psychological rest from him. She strongly emphasized to him that he should not involve me and stay away from me from there on.

He ignored my mom's message and continued to involve me. I was pretty clueless at the time. My mom was bold enough to write names such as 'liar' and 'thief' on his mail before he came to pick it up at my house.

When he arrived at my house, my mom delivered mail under the semi-closed garage door, and he picked it up.

Then, he got back into his car. I later found out that he and his interpreter (yes, INTERPRETER, not a friend to me) came to my house. After he got back into the car, he and the interpreter stayed idle on my driveway for a while. This interpreter did join him to come over at my house without my knowledge and permission. That’s against the Code of Ethics [Conduct] in the interpreting field. I never gave the interpreter permission to come over to my house. He “brought” his “friend” who was ALSO an interpreter. Bringing an interpreter to my property without knowledge and permission is a big no-no. Completely against the Code of Conduct.

My mom saw them sitting idle in the car on my driveway and told them to leave the property, but as soon as they drove off the driveway, they then parked off street next to my lawn, and just stayed there.

He started filming my mom with his phone as she was telling them to leave the property. Yes, that got her pissed off, and she felt antagonized by them. My mom did flip her finger off at him. She was very strong and bold to have told him off. That led him to call the cops on her because of “harassment.” He accused her of opening his mail, which she never did. Really? It was so awful and stressful to me. [Not there in this vlog - Disclaimer: I was not there to see the incident.]

I prefer my house being very clean, especially for when people come over. That is just who I am.

He KNEW and ACKNOWLEDGED about that before we officially became roommates. He gave me his word that he would meet the household expectations and clean the guest bathroom every week or at least every other week.

When I first noticed that he was not keeping up with his responsibilities, especially for the bathroom, and gave him friendly reminders, he kept getting upset and/or avoiding me every time I asked him to clean the bathroom which he had been using.

One time, I had had enough of his excuses. I had to take over and clean the bathroom for two hours because I had to scrub black scum off the bathtub, and it took me a long time to get it off.

Like I said, there was no written lease/agreement, but he verbally gave me HIS WORD.

He kept coming up with excuses. He kept saying that he's not good at cleaning. Another time, as I finally confronted him about something, he broke down in tears (because he got busted) and confessed that he intentionally did that to avoid cleaning and to get me busy cleaning up after him so that he'd focus on himself and his goal. I was so appalled at what he said - he did that on purpose! But I forgave him because he cried, and I thought he was being genuine.

Looking back to that episode, his act was fake because, after that, things remained the same. No change. No improvement.

He called me controlling and demanding because of my cleaning responsibilities and expectations. I was like, you haven't been paying me full rent, so you have to live it up to your responsibilities.

He kept mirroring his issue onto me that I reminded him of his mom. He cut off contact with his mother for 4 years or so because he claimed that she had NPD. I was like, really, you haven’t been meeting the expectations and living up to your responsibilities, and you have also not paid rent in full… Now, you’re calling me controlling and demanding??

One time, he blamed me for not reminding him to clean the bathroom in advance. He was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde every day when living with him.

BPD/NPD - Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Before I met him, I never really knew what BPD meant. NPD - a little bit. I didn’t know much about what the psychological tactics of blame-shifting, projection, intimidation, and etc. in BPD and NPD looked like. I had no idea. Gaslighting - a little bit. While we were roommates, he “educated” me about those because he’s learned everything from his therapists and therapy books.

He continuously told me that I had a bit of each personality disorder - BPD and NPD, even though he claimed that "he's not a therapist." He said to me, “Oh, I’m not a therapist, but I think you do have a bit of each.” [Not mentioned in this vlog - He then suggested that I seek help. I was confused.]

He has no degree in psychology. No college degree at all. He dropped out of high school, and he only has a GED. He did go to college, but never finished his study.

He stated that he went to a psychologist and was officially diagnosed with BPD. Twice evaluated and diagnosed. So, I guess he thought that made him an expert to diagnose me that I do have BPD and NPD. This caused tremendous emotional stress and confusion on me.

I frequently texted and FaceTimed my mom and talked with a few close and trustworthy friends to ask if I had these personality disorders. I even unknowingly apologized to people if I did or said something wrong or hurtful to them.

Whatever he kept projecting psychological, gaslighting, and intimidation tactics on me the whole time, I felt so guilty, confused, and conflicted. I kept thinking that something was wrong with me. I thought I was crazy. I kept apologizing to him after whatever I did to trigger him into splitting. I cried almost every day and night.

Now I realize that all those were emotional, mental, and financial abuse. He was trying to destroy my self-esteem, isolate me from my family, and recreate a woman who worshipped him.

While I was living with him, whatever issues he had with his ex-wife, there were several times I witnessed him being in splitting episodes. Splitting means that, when he gets mad, he becomes irrational and overly emotional, and he fails to think straight and act logically [similar to Hulk’s actions]. He called her degrading names behind her back. He called her a psycho and a b-word. He claimed that she had both BPD and NPD, which I highly doubt it. Now, in my turn, he claimed that I did have those (BPD and NPD). He even claimed that many Americans had that and that it was part of the American culture.

He told me face-to-face that he got arrested due to “domestic battery” one time and got a mugshot in his home state. The charges were then dropped due to miscommunications between police and him and the lack of an interpreter being present. I confirmed that with his ex-girlfriend and male friend, and they said he did get arrested due to domestic battery on his ex-wife. But I really don’t know how the charges just got dropped. Because of no interpreter? No. There’s MUCH more to that. That explains why he got a restraining order from his divorce court records. The restraining order was there because of his abuse on his ex-wife.

Looking back to this, I believe that he lied about why the charges got dropped because he’s lied to me so many times, and I’ve been seeing him repeat his patterns. I’m probably his most recent victim, and he’s still been repeating his patterns to this day. So, why should I believe him and his made-up stories from now on?

[Not mentioned in this vlog - Disclaimer: His arrest record and mugshot are not there. It’s highly suspected that he might have paid to get it expunged.]

When I saw one of his vlogs regarding heroism, I got triggered. He said he wanted to be the hero for the Arkansas community, but he couldn’t. He moved to Texas, and he wanted to be the hero for the Texas community, but he couldn’t.

He moved here in Kansas, and now he wants to be the hero for the Kansas community.

You know what’s funny? He exactly said the same thing to me - “I want to be your hero.” Yes, he said that to me.

[See screenshot of text message]

He said those things to his ex-girlfriend (#1) as well.

[See screenshot of Shared Google Document]

I did talk to some people, especially his former roommate and ex-girlfriends. Indeed, he has definitely been repeating his patterns.

I talked to his former roommate who was taken advantage of by him. He told his former roommate he was officially diagnosed with NPD. I was like, but he told me he was diagnosed with BPD. Quite contradictory.

I talked to a woman (#2) who was in a relationship with him. Bless her heart. She's gone through so much abuse from him. He lived at her place, and he never paid back $600 to her.

He called the cops on her, and vice versa. He admitted to me face-to-face that he did threaten to hurt one of her kids and put her ex-girlfriend (#2) in a very serious situation. I also have a screenshot of his Google Shared document which he shared with me.

[See the screenshot of his Shared Google document]

He plans to write a book. He's threatened to exploit me. He said it will involve me. I said NO. I am NOT giving him permission to do so. I do not want to be known by his description. He said kicking him out of the house would hurt him, his “goal,” and his children.

He then blamed me for wasting $400 worth of business cards (with my mailing address on it) and for having to change everything from re-applications to websites and many other things if I'd evict him.

[See the screenshot of text messages between us]

I was like, whoa, you have refused to carry out your part of the agreement (rent, expectations, and responsibilities). He has hardly done that, and now he’s blaming me?? That's another tactic to mess around with my mind. To me, it was blackmail.

Then, after he decided to move out [after I gave him my written notes in which I stood my ground], he claimed that he will still include me in his book. I still said no. I told him I would feel so exploited.

He shrugged it off. "Free speech," he said in person, "Have you noticed that many famous politicians wrote books about their lives and people who were involved in it?" That's one of the intimidation tactics he's used on me.

Now that I've seen his mask coming off more and more, I could not be friends with him anymore.

My parents and a few very close and trustworthy friends helped me get out of the "cognitive fog." I didn't know what to think anymore since I got manipulated, gaslighted, and triangulated as well as getting lied to and being an object of projection. Now that my family and friends have been helping me a lot, I finally got to see through him clearly.

I thought I knew him well, but I don't know who he really is anymore. I do not support him anymore for making his “goal” come true, especially after how he has misused and taken advantage of me for his benefit.

Again, I kept everything quiet for a long while, but it was still eating me up inside so badly. I was so scared and afraid of him and that he might wage a smear campaign against me. He is very capable of doing it.

He has threatened me into silence if I ever said something. He even confessed to me that he is very capable of taking revenge on people if he didn’t get what he wanted or if they’d ever confront or cross him and that he would become made and get to retaliate on people. He told me he is capable of doing it. He did claim that it was because of his BPD and that he has taken revenge on people before. In addition to that, he would do much worse things to me if he could or wanted to. I felt quite uncomfortable and was not in a safe space when he told me that.

His interpreter (aka his “friend”) has threatened me into silence, too, if I'd ever talk to anyone about him. He has also threatened my female friend into silence if she ever said something about him. This interpreter has threatened my deaf male friend into silence as well. What’s up with his threats?? Are they hiding something behind those threats?

How could “He” let his interpreter do that to the community by threatening us into silence? Why would an interpreter threat us for?

Interpreters DO not make threats to deaf people, even hearing people. Still, interpreters do not do this kind of thing. Again, that’s completely against the Code of Ethics [Conduct], period.

[See the screenshots of text messages between me and the interpreter]

There's so much more I can share, but I'm so sure this is long enough for you to obtain some knowledge about who he truly is. Some people told me to let it go and let karma take care of them.

It's really scary seeing so many people, deaf and hearing, admiring and worshipping him and willing to support for him just because he's deaf, and he’d be the first deaf “person” to make history? Ok… Trust me, he's VERY able-bodied, healthy, AND smart enough to work, and quite charming and charismatic enough for a facade to put on.

He is a very dishonest, deceitful, and manipulative fraud who has been living off taxpayers' money, YOUR money, MY money, and has cheated people out of money.

To him, he has been playing the deaf card among the hearing community and has been in it for the free ride (no job) the whole time. He's been abusing and mistreating people, yet he constantly says he is representing himself to you all as "We the People” in an “equal” approach. He is a walking contradiction.

I cannot sit back and watch him get away with it. He has made victims out of innocent people who only wanted to help him, and he will continue this if not stopped.

This is the time to take action and speak up against his history with mistreatment, domestic violence, and abuse, and his time should be up now.

He's done enough emotional and mental damage to me. That day he moved out, I felt as though all the weight has lifted off my shoulders. I just felt so liberated and free that I was able to move on afterwards.

Again, this is my true story as a domestic violence survivor.

I am closing this chapter and will not ever go back to it again. Today, I am going to open the door to the future by moving on for the better and focusing on my overall well being as well as being surrounded with positive, good people. GOOD people.

Please feel free to share your thoughts or stories/experiences/testimonies about him in the comment section after this vlog. I know it is VERY tough and difficult to come forward and speak out. I GET IT. I know many people out there are NOT alone; I am not alone. This way, the more stories come in, the more powerful our stories will corroborate and defeat him to the point of showing who he truly is. He has NO remorse. His lack of character and integrity is most definitely not what/who we want him to run for office and to represent us at all. \

[Not mentioned in this vlog - we want someone who completely respects all kinds of communities to represent us, not someone who gets a thrill of oppressing, manipulating, and abusing others.]

For those who have been constantly there for me the whole time, thank you so much, and I truly, genuinely appreciate you all for your endless support and love.

Thank you for your time listening to [and watching] my story.

[See the screenshot of his text message]
Spoiler: Screenshots

To my finding, my friend and I discovered a restraining order case, it was between Jennifer Carlino vs. Chris Haulmark, it was halted by termination by this early September of 2018. It is for an unknown reason. Some people my friend chatted with theorized this case may be halted because Chris Haulmark, like any other politician would do, gave her a silent money to shut her up, or some say Jennifer has other motives hence the timing of her vlog.
ENTER: Case No. 18SC00245


Spoiler: Candy Villesca Candy is an ex-girlfriend of Chris Haulmark, she came out to let the world know how she endured some terrible things.

Spoiler: Transcript My name is Candy.

I have been keeping this as a secret to myself. I did not want to get in trouble for telling my story in 2011-2013 when I used to be a roommate with Chris Haulmark. I got tired of his lie, I got tired of his manipulation, and I got tired of believing him that I have the problem, that I have a mental problem, all of that thing made me get concerned about myself. I went to a mental hospital to find out that out because of him, and it turned out there is nothing wrong with me.
Then, that's when I realized I was brainwashed with society and belief and things like that out in him in the real world when I was only 22 years old. Now I am 30 years old. When I am 30, I got messaged by him privately on Facebook to see how I'm doing. I gave him a chance to see if he changed since 2013. No, I got several people who were hurt by him in any way such as verbal abuse, financial abuse, and etc. They contacted me repeatedly, finally, I decided to share a very little bit of this and that. We all agreed to share all of our stories on Facebook NOW. I have all facts and a few pieces of evidence on him. I admit it, and I have few people you can contact us. I don't need to tell more about it. All I need to do is show you screenshot and share it. I don't know how my story will affect you, I do not wish to bash on him. I simply want to share my story to help people realize why he should not become a role model if he displays all of that habits. That is it. I shared my story. From 2011-2013. Bye.
Spoiler: Candy's comment, with a little bit of her story He kicked me out of the house in front of my three years old daughter cuz I shared my abortion story to his ex wife. Reported on him

I was aggressive passive toward to CH over how I wants to vents my feeling toward him and how he acts toward me was so degrading until he finally decided it’s ok to slap me to back off

Threaten me that he will take me to court because I wanted to leave him.
When I left him, he successfully sued me for finically abuse even I gave him $700 for breaking lease. The court dismissed after I shared my story about CH treats me.

Im saying,
Even I support the idea of first Deaf but I don’t think CH should be the one getting it even we spoke this year. Give to someone who don’t sue or complaining toward organizations who tried get him in to give speech or meeting with important people. Send out the information to those groups/debates to get what we need for access! Not bring them down cuz they didn’t provides interpreter or captions.
It seems like Candy is not willing to reveal her pictures and proof.

Spoiler: Tonia Jimmerson Tonia met Chris Haulmark at January 2013 and dated him until November 2015.

Spoiler: Transcript Hello all,
I wish I wasn’t here, but here I am. I am here to support two women who recently came out about domestic abuse from one person who is also my ex.

The three of us all have something in common. We were all domestic violence victims. Yet, we are all now survivors. Because we survived. And we moved forward in spite of our trauma.

What does “Survivor” mean? Well, you know the movie “Finding Dory?” Remember when they were swimming in the dark water and the light was glowing, but behind the light was a mean fish with sharp teeth? That. Or else a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You know how sheep are cute and soft but the big bad wolf lurks beneath. That is what abusers are like.

They charm you and sweep you off your feet. You get locked in. You can’t get out. By the time they are done with you at the end of the relationship, you are broken and in a heap on the floor. The victims themselves have to put their pieces back together.

*sews leg back on*
*sews arm back on*
*sews heart back together*

The heart takes forever to love, trust, heal again.

That is why we are called survivors.

I met “him” in January 2013 via FB while he was living in Flagstaff, Arizona. I was with him from that time until November 2015.

We broke up and then 2 years later, I found out he was living with this woman. When I found out about this, I wanted to warn her, but I knew that if I did, I would be considered nothing more than a “crazy ex”.

I felt very confused about whether or not to make this vlog. It is not in my nature to pull people down. More than anything, I want to see people succeed. When “he”told me that he would be starting a new career path, I was skeptical at first, but after seeing his first few vlogs and knowing how knowledgeable he was about the subject, I became supportive. During the time that we dated in the past, I felt that he was struggling with his life purpose, and I was happy to see that he was taking steps to try to make something of himself. I supported him approximately a little bit more than a year after our relationship ended.

Yet after knowing what happened with the one woman THIS YEAR, I can no longer support him.

He and I dated for 3 years. During this time, I experienced financial abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, put my children in danger, gaslighting, etc, etc. I learned SO MUCH MORE about mental illnesses and abusive tactics than I EVER WANTED TO LEARN. He could be very kind and charming and supportive. But he could also be very mean and demeaning and to the point where I began to walk on eggshells around him. He was in my mind, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Some of you may ask me - why did I support him after all the lies, the verbal abuse, the manipulation, even what happened with my children, etc, etc.

I consider myself a spiritual person, and I really wanted to believe that he had changed after 2 years, as he told me. But after hearing the woman’s story and realizing some of the lies he told me within the last year, and one of them being an untruth about myself as a person, I have decided to speak up. However, I would also like to incorporate lessons learned as well.

Why did I fall for him? As a young child, I was not exposed to ASL until I was 19 years old. I was not exposed to the deaf culture until I entered NTID. At that time, I did not feel I fit into the deaf community. I was not deaf enough. But I was not hearing enough to fit into the hearing community either. After the dissolution of my marriage, I began dating him only a mere two months later.

Lesson number one. Take your time when dating. Do not jump into another relationship straighaway. Dating is like trying on a pair of shoes. You don’t normally automatically buy the first pair you try on. No you try on different shoes until you find the pair you like. Dating is the same way.

Lesson number two. ALL PARENTS OF DEAF CHILDREN MUST LEARN SIGN LANGUAGE. At the time I met him, I was desperately wanting to be seen and heard. He filled this for me by making me feel special, and like I was his ultimate woman. The one and only. Forever and a Day. And I loved this. But I realized later that it is up to ME to make myself seen and heard and to make myself feel loved. No one else’s job but myself.

At the time I was dating him, I could not believe that a person would lie so much, would manipulate so much, would make me question myself so much. I couldn’t understand what was going on. But me with my codependent nature, I tried to help him so much. I tried to change him into what I thought he should be.

Another lesson learned. When you meet someone, accept who they are at that moment. IT is not up to you or anyone else to change another person. Only yourself. IF you are desperate enough to put up with this, the problem lies within you. Run. Run far far away. Only surround yourself with people who lift you up, support you in everything, and make you feel GOOD about yourself.

Now I’m not saying that it was all me. He was verbally and emotionally abusive. I didn’t know how to listen to my intuition. And because of this, he ended up hurting my children. My oldest is almost 15 now, and they are STILL in therapy because of what they witnessed while I was with him. This alone makes me sad. I never should have done this. He never should have done this either. He threatened to leave me and my children abandoned at a campground in Glacier National Park in Montana. I tried valiantly to rescue my SUV from him and was almost run over in the process. He then threatened to burn down the tent that my youngest daughter was sleeping in, all while the other 4 kids were watching. My other two and his two.

But I could not leave him there, we still had to drive back to TX where I live. We stopped at my parents’ home and they tried to help me get a rental car so that he could go back home with his kids. But that week was the July 4th week and all rental vehicles were $1000 or more. We could not afford this. So we dropped off his kids at their home and made our way to TX.

I stopped in Waco and got gas. I noticed my key missing. I asked him, but he denied it, so I took his iPhone and he ended up calling the police on me. The police came, heard all our stories (including my kids) and sent us on our way, but said ‘He” would not be joining us, that he had to find his own way home.

After this incident, we both went to therapy. He was diagnosed with his diagnosis and I was diagnosed as codependent. After this, I simply tried to work on myself and let him work on himself as well. I researched sooo much about codependency and his diagnosis, that now I feel like an expert but I know I am not. I understand why he did the things he did. But do I feel that he is changed, especially after what happened VERY RECENTLY in 2018? No.

In 2014, I became pregnant with his child. This was a shock for me because my other 3 children were created with the aid of fertility drugs. However, I was happy because I loved being pregnant. One day, when I was about 8 weeks pregnant, we were arguing in bed. He got up, walked around the bed, to my bedside table where I had a glass of water. He then poured the water all over my face. I asked him why he did that. He said, “Because it was better than hurting you physically.” Oh my.

He also did threaten me several times with his gun. “I wish I could go get my gun and actually use it.” While we were arguing. I knew he never would, but I feared making him so upset that he actually would one day use it. I feared for my safety as well as that of my kids.

The next day, I started bleeding, and went to the ER where it was discovered I was having a miscarriage. I believe that the stress of the relationship caused me to miscarry.

(*show proof of hospital paperwork here*)

Why am I bringing this up? Because it has come to recent light that he has been not truthful to other people about what happened. He has been telling people that “I had an abortion because I thought I was too old to have a baby.” Like what?? Granted, I was over 40 when this happened, but many women go on successfully to have babies after 40, and it is not me to have an abortion. I would NEVER. My mom is a strong advocate for pro-life, and while I do not practice religion, I would not have an abortion. I could not do that to the child or to my mother. I fully support a woman’s right to choose, but it is just not who I am. There is nothing wrong with telling the truth. That I simply lost the baby. However, telling people that I had an abortion puts the blame on me and makes me look bad, while telling people that I lost the baby gains sympathy for me. He didn’t want that. I just found this out last week, and my support for him is now non existent.

He also told me that he was a millionaire when we first met and that he would help people financially sometimes. At the time, I was like “oh cool”, but I did not want to pry. It’s not my nature. It’s my nature to believe that people are telling the truth. I found out the truth nearly a year later, when he moved in with me but would not pay rent. I could not figure out why, I knew something was up. It was at that time that I found out he was actually on SSDI. He had no savings. No 401K. No retirement. Nothing. I asked why he lied to me? “Because if I told you the truth, you never would have dated me.”

(*show proof here*)

Well, I guess now we will never know. And now because of these lies, I can never trust you again.

He informed me that the woman OFFERED him money, but she has proof other wise, that he ASKED her for it.

(*show proof here*)

There are many more things that I could tell you about him and all the other lies he told and everything else that happened, but I don’t want this vlog to be too long. My point is that I believe the women. Why? Because their story is my story. I have spent the last 3 years in counseling, and I have become a stronger and better person. I am not there 100% yet, but I know how to spot people now. I am using what I have learned to educate women everywhere, especially DEAF women. I will always stand by Deaf women. No one deserves anything other than the best. I have known one woman since 2016 and I can see for myself that she is a kind, sweet soul, who absolutely did NOT deserve what happened to her.
I met the other woman back in 2012 and know that she did not deserve any abuse as well. No one ever does.

This is his pattern. He goes for dark haired, dark eyed women. Who have soft hearts. And helping hands. And who have something to offer him. In my case, It was a re-introduction into the Austin community. For one woman, it was an introduction into the his current community. For the other woman, it was an introduction into another community.

He is very good at identifying a person’s weakness and using that weakness to make them fall for him. Once he knows the woman or person has fallen for him or supports him, that is when the manipulation begins.

If you support a man who lies to get what he wants, go ahead and support them.

If you support a man who financially, emotionally, and mentally abuses women, go ahead and support them.

If you support a man who has no regard for children, go ahead and support them.

If you support a man who manipulates people to get what he wants, go ahead and support them.

Go ahead and support them. You will be what is called an ENABLER. You will be enabling ALL ABUSERS WORLDWIDE and supporting their abusive actions towards people.

Go ahead and support them. . You will be showing the Deaf community what you stand for.


Don’t support them. .

*Showing video of what a we want in a friend, a person to look up to.*

We need to protect our own kind. We need to stand together united and protect Deaf women. And children. And our Deaf community. And humanity.

Thank you.
Spoiler: Pictures
Spoiler: Michael Bullocks
Spoiler: Screencapture
After those victims came out with their stories, somebody wrote an article telling Chris Haulmark to own up for his action. (Archive)

Chris Haulmark had made no comment for weeks, then comes out with an apology text post and ASL vlog. Many called him out for his bullshit.
Spoiler: Screencapture

It is suspected that text post was written by his campaign manager, Mitch Bartlett, in an attempt of doing a damage control.

He claims to be so inclusive even challenged everyone to caption their videos and criticized Democratic party for claiming to be inclusive when they are not bothered to hire an ASL interpreter to every event nor make their online video context accessible. Yet, he posted this vlog without captioning for people who do not know ASL. Do you see the hypocrisy here?


Spoiler: Transcript <<<<<<Transcript>>>>>>>

Hello everyone, I’m Chris Haulmark. As you can see I live in my apartment. This is my living room, my kitchen, my HQ, and bedroom. I’m on my couch. I made this important vlog for the Deaf community because many are upset, angry, hurt and confused. Wondering what happened. Of course, this isn’t easy to talk about this for me about what happened. I remember a year ago, all my skeletons came out of the closet, now it’s happening. I am not going to hide them anymore. I am not going to ignore. Some of those women came out with stories about how I treated them during relationship. That’s unfortunately that you’re finding out about this way about me when they came out. Don’t stop them, it’s their rights and they made this decision to do this. I honor them to come out with their perspective. In a way, I learned more from them about myself that I didn’t realize, like that’s how they saw me and any other issues. It wasn’t a great thing, not a good thing. It’s awful, indeed. My whole life offered to them. My childhood wasn’t great, no. I grew up with AGBELL philosophy which affected how I grew up I went to public school and learned SEE. My family taught me how I should be accommodating to the hearing society. When I got involved with the Deaf community 19 years old by marrying with a Deaf woman who graduated from school for the Deaf. I wasn’t sure how to cope with this, my family wasn’t reliable to help me get through thing. My father died, I lost my very core and I went to therapy and found out about my personal issues. I divorced. Moved other place, interacted with Deaf people, I was a single man who didn’t know how to date, my relationships weren’t awful. I really loved being around other Deaf people who can sign, but I couldn’t fit in with the Deaf community. All I had to deal was awfulness, went through therapy for a year, trying to break down the denial that my family was awful. Learning how to Deaf life should be this way. I felt ashamed, guilty, bad inside. The recover begun when I went out traveling. I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Attachment issue was really bad when my dad died, it triggered attachment issue and it messed up with my life, and I had no other form of support than therapy. I was in deep denial. I decided to try therapy to distract me from my toxic performance and understanding my childhood trigger. Traveling time, I met so many new people but in the next morning I woke up to see them gone, they never said goodbye and they made me realize that I shouldn’t let attachment get the best of me. So, I eventually got used to this, softened down the intensity. It takes process. At the same time, I have to be aware that my family put a very negative influence with my mindset to be accommodating with the hearing people, as you can see my old vlogs, you can see those were my old perspective and thinking, when I went traveling, I begun to acknowledge they have so many language barrier that is like and unlike America’s Deaf experience. I stood back and observed, taking notes of what I saw, and wow, they were very friendly, saw maps, and signs, could able to interact with everyone who doesn’t sign. I appreciated all Deaf people who challenged me via vlogs that helped seeds to grow in my mind. That’s when I finally got my own thinking away from family’s influence. Yes, I moved in with a woman, who is a teacher at a school. Maybe I misled her, caused her to want to start romantic advance with me. She wanted to start a romantic relationship with me, I do not do that. She fell in love with me. She continued on me, wanting us to get married, have a kid, and all of that before she gets too old. She wanted to start a family, and I cannot blame her for what she want, but I couldn’t give her any of that because I am too busy with candidate. I am already happy with two of my kids. When I moved out, I was surprised this has escalated into a huge mess because, yes indeed, I did owe her money and I paid her before July 1st, and now it was June 11, and everything went out of control. That was when I found out my opponent in politic, John Toplikar, have been working with her parent. Since her parents are strongly Republican conservative. I realized, they decided to try to stop me from winning the election. Because they are angered at me for not giving them the relationship and I ignored them until they contacted with all of my former friends and exes. They all stirred the pot together to add up the situation which this is what you all are seeing happening right there now. That is one of my skeletons coming out of the closet, but I must inform you that this is not my skeleton anymore, it is the one that somebody put it there and it is not mine. This is where I deny, but these other skeletons, that is mine and I accept that, indeed. All of my current friends who were together already knew about this and they’ve been supportive, and let my exes know that I’ve contacted them to check in with them to make sure everything is ok, I apologized to them all as well, however there is one person who I haven’t apologized directly. One of my exes prefer that I don’t contact her directly, so I used my friend to pass the message on for me. That is fine with me. My friend informed her that I, Chris Haulmark, is running for a political office, that’s fine with me, it is up to my friend. I support that. I assumed everything were going by fine, but then they all came out with their stories about me, I say, give them the space, allow them to share what they want to show, that is up to them. They have every rights to share how they suffered, and at the same time, I am still learning from their new perspective. It got me to realize, “Wow, this is wrong. I did that.” And reflected on my action, so I can unpack more and more of myself, my male privilege, unpacking from this and there, to improve on myself to become a better person. I am going back to work even harder to change the District 15th of Kansas, because those people really deserved this change, and I will let you know that they do not deserve someone of representative who vote against the people, against them. I am really sorry that all of you had to see the mess, I have to inform you that this is not their fault, it is mine. All of it, is my fault. Please do not defend for me to those women, thank you. By the way, I watched each vlogs, ok, I want to add one more last statement for all of you to understand more clearly, borderline personality disorder does NOT make me a victim, it is not for anyone to pity me, none of that. I want to inform you that this is my journey, just letting you know there are those people aware that I was diagnosed with BPD. Today, that diagnosis has been changed to CPTSD, it means Complex PTSD, this is different than what I got from eight years ago. Therefore you can see that I am a different person now than it was, because I’ve learned how I can deal better with my own CPTSD issues. Thank you for watching.

So I've seen Chris Haulmark's vlog from this morning. As you might imagine, I have a response... and it's a long one, so if reading the truth isn't your thing, just move along.

Haulmark is putting all his chips into publicly labeling Jennifer Carlino as "a woman scorned" to discredit her... and if that sounds suspiciously like a certain public hearing about a certain Supreme Court nominee and his accusers, it's probably not a coincidence. Haulmark doesn't say her name in his vlog, but mentions she's a teacher to help connect the dots of her identity for his followers. That's so fucking sleazy to me and pisses me off, ESPECIALLY since she still has to deal with being threatened at work and her career being in jeopardy because Haulmark disciple, Peggy Mnich, filed a false complaint at Jennifer's workplace at Chris Haulmark's request. There's proof (I have it) that Haulmark used a fake profile to slander Jennifer on a network news FB page and to goad his followers to file a false complaint against her. That was a pre-planned performance by Chris Haulmark and Peggy Mnich acted out in a public forum designed to slander Haulmark's detractors - specifically for Jennifer, Britney Michele Ryan, and I _ who were engaging with them at the time and busted Chris Haulmark's fake profile immediately and interrupted their script by pointing out that they just broke the law specifically known as the Hatch Act (which prohibits federal employees from supporting and endorsing a political candidate outside of an official party endorsement. Peggy Mnich is a federal employee for the EPA whose interpreter at work is none other than Mitch Bartlett - Chris Haulmark's campaign manager) and we caught it all in screencaps. I've shared these screencaps here before and share them again.

Haulmark continues his shameful theater when he referenced Jennifer Carlino's work as a teacher in his vlog SPECIFICALLY to identify her as a target to his followers. This is despicable! HE CLAIMS A WOMAN IS OBSESSED WITH *HIM*, BUT HE USES A FAKE PROFILE TO HARASS AND THREATEN HER? Jennifer has said several times that Haulmark told HER "I love you" repeatedly to manipulate her and his other exes like Tonia Jimmerson confirm this is a strategy Haulmark has used often for YEARS to get what he wants from them - money, access to their deaf communities, etc. As Tonia and Jennifer can confirm, several Haulmark's victims throughout the years just got together compared notes to figure out how much money he owes all of them in personal debts or child support. I've seen it; it will astound you - THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars combined that he owes them. And that certainly discredits his bullshit claim that he sincerely sought amends from ANY of them AND of his slander of Jennifer completely. Clearly, he's lying his ass off and he's angry that she rejected HIM just like he's done with other exes in his past - also just like he did to Nicki Kimberlin slandering her when she rejected him too when he shamefully took credit for her leaving the same school where Jennifer works too and claiming he got her fired and would do the same to Jennifer. He continues to target Jennifer to his followers to continue harassing her and trying to get her fired. Why? Because she's his latest victim, the only one he's currently trying to punish for speaking out about him, and because she is the person who organized his exes that he abused to speak out against him. This is inexcusable. He admitted he intends to abuse his power once in office and we have the proof of that too.

Haulmark claims in his vlog that this is all just political tactics by his opponent, John Toplikar, to marginalize and discredit these brave women's efforts to speak out against him - just another lie by Haulmark. WE CAN'T LET CHRIS HAULMARK CONTINUE THREATENING WOMEN LIKE THIS WHILE HE ATTEMPTS TO GAIN POWER IN PUBLIC OFFICE SO THAT HE CAN HURT THEM MORE.

I'm disgusted by how Chris Haulmark "applauds" his exes whom he has abused so deeply and say he "honors" them for speaking out, but not a single mention of WHY or specifically what he did to them - BECAUSE HE IS AN ABUSIVE, PATHOLOGICAL LYING MONSTER WHO TERRORIZES WOMEN AND CHILDREN. NOT *WAS*; HE IS *STILL* THE SAME MAN. But no mention of that, right? Just "skeletons in my closet, nothing to see here, it's in the past, I'm a better man now". BULLSHIT!

And omg muh childhood - "I HAD TO USE SEE, Y'ALL!! I WAS FORCED TO SIGN THE WHOLE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IN A GRAMMATICALLY-CORRECT MANNER!!!! THE ABUSE! THE SHAME! WOE IS ME!!! PITY MEEEE!!" (scoffs) This is his excuse for being a fucking monster as an adult NOW?! CHRIS HAULMARK ABUSED ONE OF HIS EXES' CHILDREN FOR NOT SIGNING WELL ENOUGH FOR HIS SATISFACTION AND THREATENED TO BURN ALIVE THAT SAME CHILD'S SISTER SLEEPING IN A TENT! Does that sound like someone who claims to have learned from his own childhood? You'd think if anyone would be patient with a child with communication issues stemming from someone pressuring them to communicate the adult's way, according to his bullshit story, it would be him. But no, apparently his childhood taught him how to do so much worse to hurt other children. But he's not going to mention that either because he's a piece of shit.

And then finally "P.S. I have PTSD, but not the normal PTSD like you losers. THE EXTRA PTSD, the special kind. But hey, I've really taken a look at myself and realize I have to be a better man. So there we go. Boop. Just happened. Flipped that switch. All is forgiven. Past is past. Better man, that's me. I feel like a hero right now. Good for me." What a narcissistic scumbag he is. He doesn't have the balls to admit EXACTLY what he has done and continues to do in detail because he knows if he does, nobody will believe he's a better man NOW.

Chris Haulmark continues to lie and marginalize the abuse he has caused his whole life and continues to do behind the scenes. No apologies, no remorse, just a performance. Disgusting. He can never represent us. CHRIS HAULMARK MUST BE STOPPED.

#StopChrisHaulmark #ChrisHaulmarkMustWithdraw #enough #metoo #timesup #deaf "
Chad Ruddle, Jennifer Carlino, Britney Michele Ryan, and Nicki Kimberlin banded together to have a press meeting with The Kansas City Star, the media news, to discuss Chris Haulmark's negative behavior.
Source: /

The local news finally released the information about Chris Haulmark, and many people pulled support away from his campaign. Including Sharice Davis, whom Chris Haulmark switched from 3rd district to 15th district to give her a chance, expressed deep disappointment by withdrawing endorsement for him. / Archive

After emotional abuse allegations, Dems pull support from deaf Kansas House candidate
October 02, 2018 03:25 PM
Updated 2 hours 26 minutes ago

Three women are accusing a Democratic candidate for the Kansas House of emotional abuse, with one woman alleging the candidate once threatened to burn down a tent with her young child sleeping inside.

Democrats have pulled their support for Chris Haulmark because of the allegations. Haulmark, who is seeking to be the first deaf person elected as a state legislator, is running for a seat traditionally held by Republicans in Olathe.

Haulmark has posted responses to social media acknowledging mistakes in prior relationships, and has said he has gone to therapy. But, in a response to The Star on Tuesday, he denied many of the accusations and blamed organized opposition to his campaign for some of the complaints.

Both the state party and the Kansas House Democrats said in a joint statement to The Star that the allegations are “deeply troubling.”

“This pattern of behavior disqualifies Haulmark from being a standard bearer for the Democratic Party,” the statement said.

The Democrats added that voters in House district 15 “should take these reports into consideration when voting this November.”

If Haulmark wins, he would be the first deaf legislator — at the state or national level — in U.S. history, according to the National Association of the Deaf.

Even if he wished to be removed, under state law Haulmark must remain on the ballot, where he is challenging Republican John Toplikar.

After weeks of allegations circulating on Facebook, often through sign language videos, Haulmark appeared to vaguely respond to the concerns in a social media post Friday.

Haulmark said he is “far from perfect.”

And he admits in the post that “I haven’t always been the best boyfriend, husband, co-worker, or friend. Some of the voices that are now public helped me realize this. In turn, I chose to go to therapy for many years and work on those things to make me a better friend, boyfriend, co-worker, and possibly future husband.”

“I’ve made mistakes, I’ve said things I regret, I’ve done some things that I am not proud of... Some might say that would disqualify me from running for office. I say it makes me a better representative to those in my district.”

The Star contacted three of the woman alleging abuse and received their permission to share their stories. The women had earlier posted videos to Facebook in sign language. Other women also have publicly shared complaints and concerns.

In a statement to The Star on Tuesday, Haulmark challenged many of the allegations.

One woman, Tonia Jimmerson, detailed the alleged abuse in a lengthy video posted to Facebook. She said she dated Haulmark for three years, from 2013 to 2015.

“During this time, I experienced financial abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse,” Jimmerson said in sign language on the video, which included a written transcript.

On one occasion, Jimmerson remembers Haulmark threatening to leave her and her children “abandoned at a campground in Glacier National Park in Montana.”

“I tried valiantly to rescue my SUV from him and was almost run over in the process,” Jimmerson said. “He then threatened to burn down the tent that my youngest daughter was sleeping in, all while the other four kids were watching.”

Haulmark said he recalled an argument with Jimmerson where he said “I will just throw the tent into the fire then,” although he contends it was not a threat made at any children or a threat to harm anyone.

“This was simply an exaggerated comment to end an argument,” Haulmark said.

Jimmerson also alleged Haulmark threatened her with a gun at a different time.

“While we were arguing, I knew he never would, but I feared making him so upset that he actually one day would use it,” Jimmerson said. “I feared for my safety as well as that of my kids.”

Haulmark responded, “I am not aware of any situation where I threatened anyone with a gun.”

On Tuesday, Haulmark also pointed out that Jimmerson had endorsed him for Congress in September 2017. She responded Tuesday that she has changed her mind and no longer endorses him for public office.

Another woman, Candy Villesca, said she was roommates with Haulmark in 2011 and 2013. She said she was emotionally and mentally abused by him. She said he was manipulative, and even convinced her that she had mental problems. She went to a mental hospital and was told there was nothing wrong with her.

“At that point I realized that he had brainwashed me to think that all of our situations were my fault,” Villesca said in a sign language video that was translated for The Star.

“Chris should not be in the kind of role he’s running for, with those type of habits of hurting women.”

Another accusation pertains to a financial transaction in 2017. Haulmark had a $1,100 loan from his ex-roommate Jennifer Carlino in Olathe to pay for his congressional campaign candidate filing fee.

He did not pay her back and she sued him in June 2018 in small claims court in Johnson County. He repaid her through mediation and the case was dismissed on Aug. 27.

In an interview with The Star, through a translator, Carlino said Haulmark was a tenant and roommate in her home from April 2017 through January 2018. She said he borrowed the money from her in May 2017 and she finally had to sue him in June 2018 to get paid back.

She said Haulmark was also controlling and manipulative while he lived in her home and he finally moved out Jan. 31, 2018.

“He has threatened me into silence if I ever said something,” Carlino said in a sign language video posted on Facebook that included a written transcript. “He even confessed to me that he is very capable of taking revenge on people if he didn’t get what he wanted.”

Haulmark responded that Carlino had given him until July 1 to pay her back and that he sent a certified check with full payment, which she received June 13, one day after she had filed her small claims complaint. He said he was “dumbfounded” by the allegation of financial abuse, and noted that Carlino had offered to let him stay longer in the house, but he chose to move out.

When they denounced Haulmark, the Democrats said they will not be investing any resources in the race.

Haulmark said the Democrats had not reached out to him or his campaign before their decision, which he said was “reached prematurely and without merit.”

“Given the political climate, it’s understandable that entities like them want to distance themselves from a ‘scandal,’ however, it’s still disappointing,” he said. “After talking with several constituents in the district, we feel that I am still the stronger and better candidate to represent them. Their support has been very uplifting.”

In his remarks to The Star, Haulmark did briefly detail that he was arrested in 2010.

“I believe the allegation was assault,” Haulmark said. “I didn’t assault anyone. There were no Sign Language interpreters present during the arrest or the police station. I was told the accusations were false and then dropped by the prosecution.”

After The Star first posted this story online Tuesday, Haulmark responded on Facebook and told his supporters he was earlier diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

“Given the Republican opponent I am facing and how I feel he would be a detriment to our district, I am staying the course and fighting for your vote,” Haulmark said.

He has been endorsed by MainPAC, the political arm of the MainStream Coalition, and the progressive group Run For Something.

Haulmark accused his critics of orchestrating their opposition with the Republicans, but those who shared information with The Star denied they were cooperating or working in conjunction with the Republicans.

Haulmark, who had earlier abandoned a run for the 3rd congressional district U.S. House seat, ran unopposed in the August Democratic primary. He endorsed Democrat Sharice Davids in her run for Congress when he left the race. His endorsement of Davids was the first announced by her campaign, according to a March statement.

“Chris is such a passionate and effective activist for his community,” Davids said in the March statement. “I am honored that he would trust me to represent his voice in Congress and I am so proud to have his endorsement.”

The Davids campaign said Tuesday she no longer supports Haulmark’s campaign.

“We are deeply disappointed to learn of disturbing allegations regarding Chris Haulmark,” Davids spokeswoman Allison Teixeira Sulier said in an email. “We support the victims in coming forward and believe they should be heard. This behavior has no place in our society and our elected officials and candidates must be held accountable for their actions.”


Democrat Chris Haulmark is running against Republican John Toplikar for the Kansas House District 15 seat, which covers part of Olathe.
Special thank you to A Psycho Cat and 6 anonymous d/Deaf/HoH people, some are victims, some are lurkers just like me, for the heavy contribution to this thread.

Personal Deaf Lolcows

His name is Ricky Taylor but he typically goes by Ridor (his spergy blog) or Ridor9th (protected twitter but I can see his tweets) and his backup Facebook account for when he gets banned on his main one is Krona Duncan.

He's a notorious shit stirrer and does all sorts of "callout" videos where he spews shit about people he doesn't like and airs out all of their dirty laundry. For some reason he's obsessed with outing people as he thinks closeted gays are the scourge of earth. He will go on social media accounts of the people he's trying to out and spam LESBIAN in their comments along with making videos about them. For years, he's been tolerated but he recently outed Nyle DiMarco who is like Jesus incarnate right now for the Deaf community due to his appearance on America's Next Top Model and winning.

Some of the bigger names in the community banded together to start a new hashtag - #BLOCKRickyTaylor and threatened to defriend mutuals. It was a hot mess as some of the people were messaging friends who hadn't defriended Ricky to demand that they do it right NOW or lose them as a friend. Some of the people that he had personally victimized started coming forward and dropping truthbombs.

Here's a blog post
about it that talks about the hashtag and the outing of Nyle with the posts and all. He went back to delete the posts when the hashtag started to take off.

He's a SJW too but a really fucked up one who just uses it to justify attacking people. Someone more successful than him and actually liked? WHITE PRIVILEGE DEAF FAMILY PRIVILEGE GALLAUDET PRIVILEGE WAHH WAHH WAHH.

When he's not crying about other people, he's sperging about Green Lantern or college sports. Half of his posts are him posting scans and explaining how it's relevant to his current dramafest or just to sperg about how it's the best. It's the college sports where he gets borderline stalkerish. The idiot you see posting in comments about how they won't support that team? That's him. He worships Israel and has a massive hateboner for Muslims and refugees.

Ricky thinks everybody is out to get him which I guess was true for a bit but it's hilarious to see him yell at them for supposedly trying to spy on him like when he did a massive twitter cull. He googles himself all the time and makes a vlog when he finds a new hit. I cannot wait for the day he discovers this post. The vlog is going to be amazing and I'll actually watch the entire thing.

I'm not even close to done listing all of his shit or even get into the group that he's an admin of on Facebook - Deaf Thought Police. The name says it all. More than enough material in there to get a there on the farms too but it's got the same problem as Ricky since it's almost all personal vlogs.

I'll just leave his photo here for now. Enjoy! More to come later including screenshots if there's interest.

P.S. Hi Ricky! Have fun culling your Twitter followers again to try find me!

So there's this deaf lolcow that I've had the unfortunate pleasure of interacting with him in real life and is autism personified aka extremely creepy to women online.


Facebook (do a search for Jake Nelson Go posts to see his idiocy in public groups as he's locked down his profile recently), Twitter (TW: extreme Emma Watson stalking), whiny blog about how much Gallaudet sucks, former pet lolcow of alldeaf - alldeaf Q &A (banned now, read the thread to find out what went down), LinkedIn because why not

Education history as it's relevant for this lolcow
Elementary school - Hawthorne/Chavez Cesar Elementary School (mainstreamed, I think)
Middle/high school - California School for the Deaf, Fremont (CSDF)*
2004-2006: California State University, Northridge (CSUN)
2006-2011 - Gallaudet University, graduated with a BA in Communications*
recently-current? - Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), graduate student in an IT program
* Jake hates CSDF and Gallaudet because the students "bullied" him (aka hated him)
Jake is 30 years old and is deaf, autistic, ADHD, and has CHARGE syndrome which he tries to cover up while screaming from the rooftops that he has autism & ADHD. Currently a graduate student at RIT in IT despite not having any experience in IT or taken any classes and of course, is doing like shit and crying about how mean the RIT professors are while constantly using his autism/ADHD as a shield.

To read what he thinks of himself in his own words, here's an introduction post on his autism blog and a singles post in an interracial dating group on Facebook.

He used to use CHARGE syndrome to hide behind but that backfired big time when he tried to pick a fight with the SBG president at Gallaudet who had enough of his shit and told him to get lost. The school newspaper wrote about the whole thing and went into detail of what CHARGE syndrome entailed. They did not hold back because everybody hated him at Gallaudet other than the asspatters which is how the entire school found out that he most likely has a micropenis and is infertile as the G in CHARGE stands for genital defects. So yeah, he wasn't too pleased about that.

Grew up in sped programs but claims that he's "Highly Intelligent" and has a 127 IQ. Pissed off everybody he grew up with to the point where almost nobody that he went to school with in middle/high school will interact with him so he cries all the time about how California School for the Deaf, Fremont is awful and has awful people. That bled over to Gallaudet too as the same people who wouldn't give him the time of the day back then warned others of his behavior. He managed to find a few asspatters who put up with him but has chased off a decent number of them so they only interact with him when absolutely necessary so he doesn't have a meltdown about them cutting off ties with him.

Has an obsession with the Ivies and now claims that he went to Brown from 2004-2006 when he was actually at CSUN and only took some extension classes at Brown. This is thanks to his parents who have pretty much disowned him by fucking off to Asia and leaving him in the states to flounder around on his own as he's a disappointment to the family name. They might be bankrolling his idiocy though as they're fairly well-off and Jake hasn't posted stuff about being poor.

Thanks to his autism, he has a creepy fixation on women especially ones who go to the Ivies and has stalked a decent number of women. Read his alldeaf Q&A to see how he feels about women, it's worth it for the twist ending that leads to him getting banned from the forums at the end. I don't really like writing this section much because loveshy lolcows gives me the creeps but trust me, it's bad. I'd suggest doing a search on alldeaf for 'matajan' to find much more content about his interactions with women and crying how girls that fulfill his unreasonably high standards don't want him. His twitter is filled with celebrity stalking and general creepiness.

I could go on forever about Jake but writing up all of this made me feel ill so I'm going to take a break and do more if there's interest. There's possibly enough for a thread but it'd be hard to get current content as he's been keeping his Facebook posts private and I have zero desire to send him a friend request to get access. A braver soul is welcome to try with their sock.

The Daily Moth
The Daily Moth (Archived) is a Deaf ASL-based news because there are Deaf people out there who couldn’t read written English to save their life. Thank goodness for news in ASL!

Islamic Content
If you want a completely insane video from a member of the Deaf community, look no further than infamous DJ Deaf Joey, who starts the video innocently enough signing about his great grandmother's death, which turns full on serial killer as he signs that he has acquired the corpse and then proceeds to not only film her desiccated body...but also decides to give it a vigorous tongue bath. Then upload it to Youtube.

That being said, you shouldn't watch this.

For some reason, people commented defending or endorsing this.

View attachment 531985

View attachment 531989

View attachment 531992

News Thread about the Deaf Community Threads
Want to make a thread related to the Deaf Community?

The place to start is probably with the faculty at Gallaudet University, who are fucking insane. That place is ground zero for the deaf equivalent of Salafists. I've previously mentioned their awful complaint against UCB that denied the world access to 20,000 hours of educational video for free. The two crazed assholes responsible for that mess are Stacy Nowak and Glenn Lockhart, though I am sure there are plenty of other faculty, administrators, and students there who are just as terrible. I would likewise assume that authors published by Gallaudet University Press are exceptional.

Names of other people/orgs to look into for anybody willing to expend the energy starting a deaf thread (I'm not ready for the burden):
- Kathleen M. Wood (formerly? of Gallaudet)
- Ruthie Jordan/Audism Free America
- Jeff DuPree
- Tom Humphries
- Nancy Rourke (artist)
- Nyle DiMarco

You may also want to look for people critical of any of the following sensible deaf-related entities: The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Oberkotter Foundation, Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech, Memphis Oral School for the Deaf, and Cleary School for the Deaf.

My personal favorite:



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Jun 28, 2018
I have a friend who is is sort of on the outskirts of the deaf community and they are such a white knight when it comes to deafness. It's hilarious.

I always act the part with them just to witness their exceptionalness.

An example is when I brought gene hacking with fertilized eggs and the societal implications with the deaf community since parents would rather have a non deaf child than a deaf one. Suffice to say, they lost their mind.

Edit: Here's a comment from the reddit thread


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LD 3187

The thread has potential but there are several things that need to be fixed before this can be approved:
  • You archived most things but there are still a few links missing.
  • No need to link deaf lolcow threads unless they are active in the community somehow and if you decide to do so, provide examples.
  • On a similar note, showing that people want the thread to be made, ironically doesn't help the OP at all. It's clutter and add no informational or comedic value to the topic.
  • Give good examples of notable people in the community, highlight why they are odd or interesting.
  • The thing you posted under the spoiler? After expanding and formatting it better, that could be the meat of the thread.

Here is an example of a good community watch OP if you want:

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Nov 25, 2017
Yes, the Deaf community are generally very zealously righteous people. I studied sign language for about two semesters and I was very baffled by a story we were required to study regarding a famous university for the deaf called Galluadet. About in the mid late 80's, there was a general uproar by the students to have the university's current president fired and replaced with a deaf president instead. The campaign was called the "Deaf President Now" protests. They also demanded that they hire more deaf professors as well. There wasn't any precedent for this--people just decided to start protesting one day, despite the poor president at the time just another in a long chain of presidents of the university who weren't deaf.

According to just the Wikipedia page, which is consistent with what I recall from studying, the demands were:
1) Zinser's resignation and the selection of a deaf person as president;

2) the immediate resignation of Jane Bassett Spilman, chair of the Board of Trustees (who, it was alleged, announced the board's choice with the comment that "the deaf are not yet ready to function in the hearing world");

3) the reconstitution of the Board of Trustees with a 51% majority of deaf members (at the time, it was composed of 17 hearing members and 4 Deaf members)

4) there would be no reprisals against any students or staff members involved in the protest.
Worth noting is point 1, which I was driving home as completely unprecedented, point 2 being based around an unproven accusation, point 3 which is also pointless (and difficult because, as I'm sure you noticed right now, it's very difficult to find a trustee member who is also conveniently deaf--even just 4 is an incredible misrepresentation of the general population), and point 4 being a blatant covering the students' own behinds for dropping classes for an ultimately pointless protest.

Needless to say, the students won. Needless to say, the president was fired due to no fault of his own. It's very reminiscent of the kind of mindless protests we have today.

Anyway, furthering what was given in the OP, yes the Deaf community treat you as a traitor for getting a cochlear implant. Cochlear implants are not effective if you've been born deaf since you have no idea how to interpret sound, but they're absolutely desirable if you became deaf due to some sort of accident or genetic condition later in life. Those in the Deaf community will do what I can only describe as brainwashing to convince you that cochlear implants are betraying your fellow members of the Deaf community. It's anecdotal, but from my experience, those that can afford it will absolutely go through with getting these implants, despite what they say.
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Nov 25, 2017
If you want a completely insane video from a member of the Deaf community, look no further than infamous DJ Deaf Joey, who starts the video innocently enough signing about his great grandmother's death, which turns full on serial killer as he signs that he has acquired the corpse and then proceeds to not only film her desiccated body...but also decides to give it a vigorous tongue bath. Then upload it to Youtube.

That being said, you shouldn't watch this.

For some reason, people commented defending or endorsing this.



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The thread has potential but there are several things that need to be fixed before this can be approved:
  • You archived most things but there are still a few links missing.
  • No need to link deaf lolcow threads unless they are active in the community somehow and if you decide to do so, provide examples.
  • On a similar note, showing that people want the thread to be made, ironically doesn't help the OP at all. It's clutter and add no informational or comedic value to the topic.
  • Give good examples of notable people in the community, highlight why they are odd or interesting.
  • The thing you posted under the spoiler? After expanding and formatting it better, that could be the meat of the thread.

Here is an example of a good community watch OP if you want:

Hello, thank you so much for your feedback! Yes, I've tried to archive all of those links, unfortunately, those links without archives are not able to be archived due to connection error or page formatting got messed up to an unreadable point. Do you have any other suggestion for what I can do about those issues?

Ok, I will go ahead and remove that part about people wanting this thread made. For the Deaf lolcow threads, I will think on this a bit more. I'll chat a bit with my other Deaf friend about this and finding good examples of notable people in the community.

Can you please elaborate on what could be improved for the thing under the spoiler?

Thank you again!

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Nov 25, 2017
Another source of entertainment is the sign language interpreter at concerts.
This is also a genre of videos/creators on youtube.

Pretty hilarious
Yeah, these interpreters need to exaggerate their movements so that deaf viewers can see them signing from far away.

Before you ask, no, there is absolutely no point for a person who is deaf to listen to a concert unless they're just with somebody else who can.


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Jun 28, 2018
Yeah, these interpreters need to exaggerate their movements so that deaf viewers can see them signing from far away.

Before you ask, no, there is absolutely no point for a person who is deaf to listen to a concert unless they're just with somebody else who can.

While there is no reason for deaf people to go to concerts, ASL music videos are popular in the deaf community to the point of causing controversy.

Also, more on the gene editing controversy: (((deaf community)))
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Ok, I've updated on this post just a little bit. I removed lolcow thread and screenshots of other kiwifarmers requesting for a thread on Deaf community. I can't seem to erase that box of attached files and when I try to go on for more options, it lead me to a website error page. Bug, maybe?

Later, in as tomorrow, I will add notable people and some of other member's contributions. Especially that grandma video, I fucking forgot about that and I'm horrified once again.

Thank you!
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Apr 8, 2018
I look forward to this thread. I'm hearing but have a few connections to the Deaf community. I'm on board with most of the community's endeavors but there are definitely a few lolcows in there. The hard part is getting good info without outing oneself since it's the kind of thing where everyone seems to know each other.

Before you ask, no, there is absolutely no point for a person who is deaf to listen to a concert unless they're just with somebody else who can.
Not all deaf people are so deaf that they can hear zero noise, and even people who hear zero noise can still feel loud sounds and enjoy the vibrations. Concerts are pretty cool because even profoundly deaf people can enjoy the level of noise. A lot of deaf people do enjoy music and some even compose it, like Beethoven, who composed by listening through vibrations in his floor.

Dragon Face
Apr 30, 2018
I look forward to this thread. I'm hearing but have a few connections to the Deaf community. I'm on board with most of the community's endeavors but there are definitely a few lolcows in there. The hard part is getting good info without outing oneself since it's the kind of thing where everyone seems to know each other.

Thank you! I'm open to any suggestions. This list is what I have brainstormed so far.

Maybe your friend can check my list out and help extend them together? You're welcome to private message me and it'll be safe between all of us and we can figure this out together. I 100% understand your friend concern, because the Deaf community being small, and it's very easy to get yourself out there since we're full of the gossip mill. It can become messy. Fast and nasty.

They're welcome to express anything that concerned regarding their privacy. I can try come up with a solution to make sure they won't get outed.
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Not all deaf people are so deaf that they can hear zero noise, and even people who hear zero noise can still feel loud sounds and enjoy the vibrations. Concerts are pretty cool because even profoundly deaf people can enjoy the level of noise. A lot of deaf people do enjoy music and some even compose it, like Beethoven, who composed by listening through vibrations in his floor.
I suppose I didn't consider that, but you're right.

But still, that's why interpreters use exaggerated movements. I can't help but feel that a lot of the songs sort of get lost in translation, though.

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Apr 8, 2018
I suppose I didn't consider that, but you're right.

But still, that's why interpreters use exaggerated movements. I can't help but feel that a lot of the songs sort of get lost in translation, though.
my housemate is deaf and loves music. She has an implant but cant seperate background and foreground noise still, so a concert still wouldnt be something she could experience fully. But she loves music, the vibrations and the lyrics. She likes to be near the speakers to get the most intense vibrations. I think she saw Lorde recently and there was an interpreter there- my m8 was so happy she wrote a post about how important and enjoyable it is to deaf people to have that kind of experience.

Exaggerated movements and expressions are really important in signing in general, to get the emotion of the song across we would use our tone of voice but obviously you cant do that in sign, so you do that instead. Honestly its really interesting and im looking forward to learning more signs myself (use basic ones for work too as i work with learning disabled kids). Having that ability to communicate and be understood by others is really uplifting for people who use signs, makes them feel included :)


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Oh hey, I ‘m completely deaf in my left ear thanks to numerous infections and surgeries since I was born up until I was fifteen and everything got goofed. My right ear is fine though.

I took a semester of ASL in college because, hey, I’m deaf and it would be smart to learn this. In which I happened upon a club of Deaf folks, which I gave a one day try and booked it after that since it was actually just full of a group of exclusive Deaf friends who only wanted True and Honest Deaf people part of it. They mostly went on about how they weren’t “disabled” and “hearing impaired “ much like OP mentioned.

Despite that, I’d very much like to learn and better ASL. :oops:

Apr 8, 2018
another thing that might or might not count in here: interpreters who are not great at ASL trying to use ASL to score some kind of youtube views. seen a few of those where even i, someone who doesn't know much ASL, can tell that they're bad at it. interpreters seem to fucking love stealing the spotlight and that's a big lolcow trait so if any of them are famous for that it might be worth doing

I haven't seen a video of Russel Greer signing but given his face paralysis he must be really bad at it. If there's footage of him signing that seems like a possible thing to mention in here

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Aug 25, 2017
Just chiming in with my experience. An ex-girlfriend had a long term ex that was deaf. She had learned signing and became pretty active in the deaf community while they were together. When we first started dating they'd been broken up for at least 5 years or so, but she still had deaf friends she had made while they were together. She'd occasionally sign cutesy stuff like "you're cute" to me, but it didn't take long to get weird. I thought her knowing how to sign was neat and told her as much. She wanted me to learn it, not so that we could have a special language and sign each other sappy "I love yous" or something, but because it was important to learn and I owed it to deaf people. I didn't know know any deaf people, we didn't know any as a couple. We were just hanging out one night and she decided to only communicate through sign. I quickly grew frustrated and told her I was going to leave if she wouldn't talk to me. It resulted in an argument. We broke up for entirely unrelated reasons not much later, but it always chapped her ass that I didn't care about deaf people.

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Apr 30, 2018
I notice that only deaf people seem to be so vocally (heh) exclusionary - at least, I only seem to hear about them. Blind people seem a lot more chill. Any ideas why?
It may be Deaf bluntness being part of this. Unlike hearing people, we pretty much speak up on our mind even if it's socially inappropriate. If you're Deaf and you meet up with a Deaf person after years, they will tell you that you've gotten fatter.