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Weird, I came to say the opposite. Right from the jump she calls out the Charlie Gorilla. She also namedrops Amy's Life Journey and Cherry Berry. She's been sassy AF in her livestreams and it's just been pretty fun, I dunno
Yeah, it was pretty lame when she didn't get involved with the death fat drama a couple months ago. Cuntylynn is my favorite though so I guess I'm biased.

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Not a diet but a lifestyle change - except that nothing about her lifestyle & eating has changed other than pandemic restrictions which weren't her choice.

She was overdue for a "new thing". Of course rather than mention what it is, she teases it. Hungry for that coin, ain't she?

Deprivation - all the death fats who want to be skinny legends without putting in the work always use that word. It's full of negative connotations & sets them up for failure.

Advice? Easy - seek advice from people who have successfully lost weight & kept it off. And d NOT "listen to yourself" & that applies to anyone that heavy, It's listening to themselves that got them into the super morbidly obese club in the first place.

She constantly over complicates things. Eat less - much less. If she thinks she's hungry, slug back a hefty amount of water - which she should be doing anyway.

She mentions at least 4 freaking times throughout the video that she lost 72 lbs and acting like how she actually lost 300 and it's just annoying

Last video she was crying about how she feared she might not be able to lose as much as she wish but now she is fucking excited to lose all that weight

And lol, she's not working out because "that's only 2% of losing weight". At your size, sure, gorl, but it sure as shit doesn't hurt trying