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If we wanted to use the whole "how a fight would actually play out" shtick, Shadow wouldn't have lost any of his fights on Death Battle since he could have just teleported his opponents into space or something and called it a day.

They basically do that here, except the two fight anyways. It amounts to "Oh there's no contest because Shadow could end the fight in a second any time but also they have a serious fight somehow anyways in our death scenarios."
Here's my view of it: Is it kind of dumb to have the fight amount to "use this move, boom you win?" Yeah. But, here's the thing...from the OP:

]The fight at the end of the episode is not what determines the victor in battle. It is nothing more than a fun little dramatization showcasing most if not all of the research displayed beforehand of the combatants in action. The winners are determined before the battle through quasi-scientific analysis of their abilities, and the character with the objectively better abilities will win.
That fight animation is entertainment first and foremost. And it's kind of hard to make a "win in just one move" scenario entertaining, especially if it can be used at will at any moment in a sense of "I'm done here. Let's finish this."

In essence, you've found that Death Battle has fallen into the same pitfall that pops up into much of fiction: character has ability that can end anything, why don't they use it all the time?
This is why the best Death Battles are the one's where comatants are equally matched and in-character: That analysis actually makes the match-up interesting because the little details are the things that help decide.

When it's a wash because one character has the bigger TNT feat, it completely sucks out anything that was cool about the character to begin with.
I get that too. But at the same time, part of me feels that the TNT and math and numbers is the only thing keeping analysis from turning into straight fanboy wanking, along with keeping Death Battle from being just another show where people look at the idea of "Who'd win in a fight?".

As for "When it's a wash because one character has the bigger TNT feat, it completely sucks out anything that was cool about the character to begin with.", I'm pretty sure the vs crowd is the only group of people looking at the numbers and the TNT. And even then, I think the folks at Death Battle are the only ones who actually give a shit about them.
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did these retards not notice the whole "CLOTHING IS EVIL" thing Kill La Kill had going on? Or that early on Ryuko actually had issues using her powers because it required less clothing and she was something of a prude?
It's funny that Shadow vs Ryuko was billed as a "battle of the edgelords" because it...kind of isn't. Shadow gets over his edge and gets some development in later games (at least I think he does), and Ryuko seemed to be more of the straight man in the world of Honnouji Academy, at least before Ragyo came along.

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Dear lord, this is the third time they've used Shadow. I know they used repeat fighters very early on, but it was way more rare. Maybe they could have used another Trigger anime girl instead? Nope, gotta use Shadow cause they look similar and meme shit.

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