Death of the Garden -

Orion Balls

This is Candy Cane calling Rusty Nails...
I'll pour some cold brewed Mason jar coffee out for the garden. Is it okay if I pour it out on the garden?
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The Un-Clit

After the Dimensional Merge, pussy eats YOU!
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Ain't gonna lie, that was a fun little forum.

It felt like old-school b/ or even the long departed and sadly missed Sam DeathWalker's Everquest Sullon Zek (PvP server) forum which was full of non-stop shitposting 24/7 or else raiding (jihad!) and hijacking other EZboard forums because they had THE shittiest website code ever seen even at the end of the web 1.0 era. The simplest script would overflow the works and let invaders take over and utterly fuck up a forum until EZboard corp. could overwrite the broken sitecode.

Good times, good times.