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There's a reboot of Death Wish coming out with Bruce Willis and Eli Roth. Its trailer just came out a few hours ago:

There's some people salty for obvious reasons (the fact that its a reboot of a cult classic action flick and Eli Roth/Bruce Willis are involved), but the most amusing reactions are coming from people writing thinkpieces over it because its a film about a white guy :augleft:shooting guns:deagle: in Chicago:








(profile has your typical "PUNCH NAZIS!!" spiel, it counts)






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I have to say, I was a huge fan of the original movie. Charles Bronson, may he rest in peace, was the fucking man. With that said, this remake is totally unnecessary and will definitely be awful.
Of fucking course people would be butthurt about a white dude shooting up criminals in Chicago.

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I saw this years ago, but don't really remember it. However, didn't the first movie have an extremely graphic rape scene of a sort I doubt you could make in 2017? Also, IIRC the men who raped Kersey's wife and daughter were also never caught in the movie. He was just killing randoms.

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For real though, Bruce Willis is a fucking awful choice for Paul Kersey. He doesn't have that "ordinary person" look to him anymore which removes a lot from Kersey's character. Also, him cracking jokes? Are you kidding me?
Meh. Who else could play an alpha male vigilante killer dispensing street justice? Male Hollywood actors are all pretty boys and cucks these days. I think Josh Brolin would have been good though.

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I'm so fucking pumped for this movie, and knowing that it's creating massive amounts of salt already is fucking great I'll try and cap some shit from twitter because lol it just keeps pouring

you have sjws whining its racist and film snobs whining its bruce willis and music snobs whining about the choice of music for the trailer or that its not exactly like the original


The trailer looks an older punisher to me. I don't get why everyone is calling it racist when in the trailer itself race isn't an issue and the black woman was thanking Bruce Willis for saving her child. It looks like a run of the mill vigilant movie, so what's the harm?
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