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Deb's first mug shot

Deb Frisch is a classic. A litigious, alcoholic troll and stalker, she made herself famous more than a decade ago by her complete and baffling inability to STFU, ultimately leading to multiples arrests, convictions and years in jail. Much of her drama is lost in the mists of time, but she was a Very Big Deal on the Internet for a long time and it seems a shame, in the interest of completeness, that she doesn't have a thread here. She may even have a bit of future amusement left in her.

Deborah Ellen Frisch has a Ph.D in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and was an adjunct professor of psychology at the University of Arizona (she was fired by the University of Oregon in 1994). There is some evidence she left strange, angry messages on various blogs before this, but she burst into infamy in July of 2006 in the comments section of Protein Wisdom. She was 45.

Protein Wisdom is a largely moribund libertarian blog run by former academic Jeff Goldstein. It was a big, high-traffic site in 2006 when Deb suddenly appeared.

I'd like to hear more about your "tyke" by the way. Girl? Boy? Toddler? Teen? Are you still married to the woman you ephed to give birth to the tyke?

Tell all, bro!

So if you could just tell me the AGE and SEX of your "tyke" be stoked!


Ooh. Two year old boy. Sounds hot. You live in Colorado, I see. Hope no one Jon-Benets your baby.

Are you still married to the woman you humped to produce the toddler?

I reiterate: If some nutcase kidnapped your child tomorrow and did to her what was done to your fellow Coloradan, Jon-Benet Ramsey, I wouldn't give a damn.

Give your pathetic progeny (I sure hope that mofo got good genes from his mama!) a big fat tongue-filled kiss from me! LOTS AND LOTS OF SALIVA from Auntie MOONBAT, if you don't mind!

Somehow, Jeffy boy, I think you get off on the possibility of Frenching your pathetic progeny, even if it is a boy. You seem like a VERY, VERY sick mofo to me, bro.

A shitstorm ensued. A few days later, in a rare burst of self-awareness, Deb pre-emptively resigned her position at the University of Arizona. She described her own behavior as "in very bad taste ... very, very, very horrible. I don't think professors should do that. I crossed the line. I think what I did was unprofessional and wrong." She has never been employed since.

Still, she continued to haunt that blog and many others under a host of sock accounts, posting angry and obscene messages for months. Then she expanded to attack her former co-workers and other academics. Then firefighters, the police, judges, local town councils, out of state politicians, bartenders, bouncers and any lawyers sucked into her drama.

In addition to comment sections, she harassed by email and phone, she haunted Facebook, Craigslist and a series of Blogspot blogs of her own. She physically stalked and took surreptitious photos of some targets. All of her social media accounts are long gone, and new ones are quashed as soon as they appear. Staying off the Internet is one of the terms of her parole. So is staying sober and out of bars. It's no surprise that parole violation accounts for much of her later legal troubles.

Deb's prose stands out for its schitzy wordplay, obscenity, racial insults, threats and strange lies.

there once was a thomas named _____
a cheat and a fraud and a liar
he duped all the jews
into licking his shoes
the nigger rose higher and hiigher
link archive

"If dem gooks attack Hawaii, I say we should nuke ‘em all! Remember Hiroshima, you slanty-eyed mofos! We will MICROWAVE you mofos if you look at us the wrong way! Bring it on, gooks! Bring it ephing on!"
link archive

June 2007. She harangued a preacher at the U or Oregon (Eugene) campus. She shouted and humped a traffic bollard until Campus Security intervened. Photos.

November 2008. Deb got drunk in a bar. Her friend took the keys away and drove her home. Somehow, Deb thought the correct response was to pepperspray her friend. She was arraigned in January of 2009.

March 2009. Deb is convicted of physical harassment and reckless use of pepper spray. Sentenced to $500 fine, ten days in custody and three years probabation. This is her first custodial sentence. She goes on a posting tear libelling everyone involved in the one-day trial.

January 2010. Questioned by the FBI for threatening a federal judge.

October 2010. A lawblog takes a bemused look at a suit filed by Deb against a federal judge she refers to in the filing as a "frocked cowfucker". Also in October, she is found guilty of probation violation and is sentenced to 90 days in jail, 5 years probation, mandatory psychiatric treatment and she is banned from using the Internet during probation.

February 2015. Arrested on two counts of stalking. Jailed pending the hearing, she is cut loose due to overcrowding after a month and is ultimately given a 105-day suspended sentence.

August 2015. Arrested for probation violation and sentenced to jail until May 2016.

September 2015. Pleads guilty to Reckless Endangerment, Telephonic Harassment, and Improper Use of 911 and is given a four month stint. She is at that point serving five concurrent jail terms.

November 2016. Arrested in California on a drunk and disorderly charge. Held pending extradition to Colorado on an open warrant for Felony Stalking and Threatening.

Released in May of 2018.

Arrest Record:
2006--Stalking, Harassment
2009--Physical Harassment
2010--Probation Violation
2011--Criminal Impersonation, Physical Harassment
2015--Initiating A False Report, Stalking, Probation Violation (2x), Menacing, Improper Use Of 911
2016--Felony Stalking/Threatening, Intimidation, Contempt Of Court
2017--Bail Violation, Bribery, Intimidation
2018--Probation Revocation, Retaliation Against Witness (2x), Violation Of A Restraining Bond, Felony Stalking/Threatening
2019--Bribery, Parole Violation

The latest:
December 19th, 2019 - Deborah Ellen Frisch was taken into custody this afternoon, by the San Diego Police Department, at her apartment. She is currently housed in the San Diego County Jail, and will be returned to Weld County, Colorado for sentencing on her violations of the terms of her felony parole. She faces 6 to 24 years in prison for those violations, and may face additional felony charges for her actions while she was out on parole.

There will be no delay for extradition, as she signed an extradition waiver as a condition of her parole. Nor will there be a trial prior to her sentencing, as she's already been convicted of the crimes for which she faces sentencing. With any luck at all, the justice system will review her recidivism, and decide she needs to be incarcerated for a good, long, time. link archive [I fixed a couple of typos in the statement]

Due in court the end of this month:

Her antics were extensively documented online from the beginning, largely through Blogspot blogs. Don't Hire Deb was the first. The Deborah Frisch Timeline is the best comprehensive list, which frequently links to screenshots at Teh Internets Are Forever, Debbie. used to be Deb's own site, South(west) Paw until her ISP learned about pending legal action, at which point the URL was poached by Frisch watchers. Some snapshots of her original site are available from the Wayback Machine.

Note: in August of 2016, Deb posted to her blog "all y'all need to stop with the TEH thing IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's an icky word. I don't like teh. I like the. It is hereby demanded and deemed that no participant in this conversation may use the word TEH." This is why so many of these blogs have word-filtered "the" to "teh" throughout.

See also:

This YouTube channel has a number of videos of Deb appearing in various public meetings, unfortunately with too many try-hard edits and commentary.

Deborah Ellen Frisch PO Box 626, Cardiff California, 92007 (2016, though she's in the slammer as of this 2020 OP)

Her parents, Allen Frisch and Carol Susan Frisch (319 Punta Baja Dr, Solana Beach, CA, 92075-1720), bail her out and turn up to her hearings to argue for lighter sentences. Her father in particular is an enabler. For many years, they allowed Deb to live in a house they owned at 86574 N Modesto Dr, Eugene, OR 97402, but they sold it during one of her periods inside. 541-686-8227 was the number to that house.

A small sample of her dead social media accounts:
Facebook: "Deborah Frisch"
Twitter: @Scaramouche2017


Looking rough, girl.

Thanks to @BScCollateral for bringing Deb up in a thread and making it all come tumbling back.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2020: Deb gets another custodial sentence.
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No idea. I'm hoping to get more information after the trial, though I don't suppose she's important enough for there to be a transcript.

I thought about schizocow. I'm not sure what her deal is, honestly, but that weird wordplay does sound schitzy. She's had at least one mandatory psych hold (and the facility she was in ended up getting a restraining order afterward. She went after them HARD).

Also, she's a Jewish lesbian, but there didn't seem to be a natural place to say that.


I owe God five skulls.
I was surprised nobody had started a thread on Deb until now. She is most definitely a Schizocow, and should have been institutionalized years ago. Instead, she's caused all sorts of anguish with her stalking antics, and the law eventually had to step in when she started committing felonies.
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No idea. I'm hoping to get more information after the trial, though I don't suppose she's important enough for there to be a transcript.

I thought about schizocow. I'm not sure what her deal is, honestly, but that weird wordplay does sound schitzy. She's had at least one mandatory psych hold (and the facility she was in ended up getting a restraining order afterward. She went after them HARD).

Also, she's a Jewish lesbian, but there didn't seem to be a natural place to say that.
Found videos of her...
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Deb's latest hearing was moved from January 8th to January 21 (yesterday). Apparently, all that happened yesterday was that the hearing was moved to February 6th. Overloaded court docket, maybe.

I checked a few minutes ago and is down. It was working as recently as yesterday.


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She has an Ivy League PhD. That's no easy task, something snapped in her mind for sure.

Granted it's the same school that gave Cenk a degree for denying a genocide, UoP thread when?

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