Debate @Chet Masterson on the Ethics of Getting Banned from a Clown Themed Atmospherics Simulator - the fuck was this ban

Chet Masterson
I got banned today for a short while because someone else outed an antag in ooc, and all I said was "ick ock should be fine" and instead of banning the person who actually ick ocked, the admin banned me for expressing my opinion for saying that ick ock is fine. Obvs it was a joke on my part, and I shouldnt be punished for "revealing a antag in ooc" when I wasnt the one who even revealed them.

This is all.

lol the admin even said "take a break bud". who are these tg admins we have who call you buddy and pal in the bans?

Chet Masterson

pleasure consider the the fact that I did not actually break any of the rules, as I was not the one who outed the antag, but added commentary on the already outting of an antag. It is incorrect that "I do not show any respect or regard to following the rules", because not was I breaking these rules in the moment, I have not rules regarding outing antags in the past.

Chet Masterson
You can survive not playing SS13 for 4 hours.
sure it will be hard, ss13 is my heroin, but this isnt about the time or getting appealed, but about how this a bullshit ban. This is the kinda ban id expect from tg or fulp, not this one.

it will literally be quicker to wait for the ban to expire
its not about getting appealed, but more about calling out this bullshit, as if we just ignore these dumb ass bans, then go into a downwards spiral and become like tg or fulp. I'm not about to let myself by called cringe by a catgirl.


Human behavior is exceptional behavior.
So when is this getting turned into a “Debate @Chet Masterson on the Ethics of Getting Banned from a Clown Themed Atmospherics Simulator” thread?


Sonny Chu on Kiwi Station
Dude you need to chill, I saw you in OOC last night flaming after you died in every round and am not surprised to see this thread today. Just play the game and try not to complain in OOC whenever something bad happens to you, its just part of the game. This is a great way for literally everyone to hate you more than they already do.
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