Debate Dream stans on if Dream is actually fat -

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Cat Stew

they're cooking me alive
At least we have one stan thats posting. *sigh*
For example, people are making a big deal out of his music video for Mask.
Saying the animation is bad (it was made by young animators in only a month, I think it looks pretty good all things considered!)

Trying to say that he is encouraging people to throw away his meds (this is false. The normal pills are a metaphor for neurotypical society that tries to force everyone to fit the mold and act "normal." Dream is saying to resist this, he's not trying to make people throw meds away, it's been misinterpreted. A better metaphor maybe could have been used instead of pills but it's obvious what Dream is trying to say.

Also, now people are blaming Dream because a small minority of his fans may have said something racist and now they're calling Dream anti-Black? How can Dream control all his millions of fans? It just makes no sense. In the leaked DM of Dream that they're using to drag him, he literally says he is against racism!

People are just trying to start "scandals" out of nothing against Dream.
Dream only hired minors for cheap labor and ordered a short deadline for even cheaper labor. You get what you pay for. Don't pretend that the animation is good.

Dream claimed that as a child he did throw away his meds. That is not a metaphor.

Nobody here cares if Dream is anti-black, you aren't on twitter anymore.

Some kiwi's found his real pic and shared it for the laughs. It was twitter that caused drama over his shitty music vid.

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Got here late but GG lads that was a fun read