Debate Dream stans on if Dream is actually fat

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Jun 6, 2019
I’m not some huge Dream cocksucker or anything but I am just genuinely curious (and somewhat baffled) as to why you all are so invested in him?
I’m not a stan but I’m aware of his existence - I’ve only read a bit of the thread and can see you all attempted to dox him and everyone around him - clearly very determined.

The only question I have is why?

Did a mid youtuber cheating at a block game really trigger y’all? Do you guys have some fat boy gamer fetish? Or am I just unaware of some actually problematic things he’s done? Fascinating tbh
We laugh at him and his antics, we don't care that he cheated on the block game, we just went apeshit on the funny because he admitted to cheating when everyone forgot about it.


May 4, 2021
That is none of your business, all you get to know is I am an adult. I'm not stupid, I see that this forum is full of doxxing info and people's personal details being spread
So you are a child and stupid as well. Yes, this is a rival to Facebook. Social networking for the exceptional. You too can have a thread, just tell us about your fetishes and weird interests.

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Jul 6, 2020
I have a confession to make you guys, Dream raped me behind a Wendy’s in Miami Beach. He brought a tub of guacamole with him and forced me to eat his sick ‘dream burger,’ and just kept saying, “nobody will ever believe you, my stans will defend me until the day I die.” That really is him in the leaked picture, I’ll never forget the cold, dead look in his eyes as it happened. This is not a joke, and I’m crying while writing this (in my bathtub) because the experience is so traumatic to relive.

This happened a long time ago and I hope you guys can understand why I’ve chosen to stay silent until now. While I can forgive my own rape (I’m a huge fan), Dream has gone too far this time by daring to respond to a black lesbian on twitter. I will not stand for racism or homophobia, and a white man like Dream should know his place when communicating with minorities who face struggles he will never understand. This is my truth, and I just hope you fellow fans will believe it even though it may be difficult to accept.

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Jan 6, 2020
For example, people are making a big deal out of his music video for Mask.
Saying the animation is bad (it was made by young animators in only a month, I think it looks pretty good all things considered!)

Trying to say that he is encouraging people to throw away his meds (this is false. The normal pills are a metaphor for neurotypical society that tries to force everyone to fit the mold and act "normal." Dream is saying to resist this, he's not trying to make people throw meds away, it's been misinterpreted. A better metaphor maybe could have been used instead of pills but it's obvious what Dream is trying to say.

Also, now people are blaming Dream because a small minority of his fans may have said something racist and now they're calling Dream anti-Black? How can Dream control all his millions of fans? It just makes no sense. In the leaked DM of Dream that they're using to drag him, he literally says he is against racism!

People are just trying to start "scandals" out of nothing against Dream.
Holy fuck already at -805 reaction score, I was only at -500 when I pissed off the metokur stans on this site and that took a few days to get that score when I joined.

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Jan 16, 2021
Let's get it to -1000 boys!