Debate questions - Godzilla of Tech Feminism battles actually Competent Incumbent


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Well fuck. I legit thought it was this week for some reason. Where's the debate, John?
To be fair, Lynch didn't show either. Just Voehl did.

However, if you're a real challenger, not just running a fake scampaign like John, you'd show up for something like this just for an opportunity to accuse the incumbent of running away from debate.

Of course, this is assuming you aren't a freakish gigantic ogre of a tranny whose every public appearance would just lose you any public support you had.

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I hope he sells his Porsche for a chance to be on the ballot and the debate.

Question for both: What's your stance on Gamergate?
Brianna goes nuclear. Lynch looks at him in disbelief and simply say "I support independent unbiased journalism". Brianna's head explode.

I'm pretty sure he has no idea what the fuck a gamergate is.