Debate schizoposter Ashley Hutsell Jankowski on the ethics of being 40 and fat on the Internet - Last time I log on here


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I feel kind of sorry for Karl here, knowing this grotesque behemoth of mental illness schlicks to him.
It’s like when you’re playing Left 4 Dead and that 5-note musical cue plays and you know that somewhere on the Farms, this bloated, stinking, pulsating mass of rotting flesh has registered an account and is slowly stumbling toward you with a full notepad of furious, simmering-hot word vomit to spew at you.


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I like that they set her score to -69,420,000 (noice) to send her a message about how welcome she was, and her response was to gain another 173 negrates. This on a site that is 90% people who hate Kiwifarms. She joined a community that were on her side in her decade-long retarded internet stalking crusade yet still managed to turn them all against her in less than a month. This is (at least) the second time this has happened to her, but I'm sure that it's everyone else that is wrong, Ash. Real sure.

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This on a site that is 90% people who hate Kiwifarms.
that guy deleted his account in a weird autistic tiff, so it's mostly just a cool kids club now with a few folks banned from here that don't feel like socking when they want to bitch about particular aspects of the farms or laugh at shit. It's slow, but it's pretty relaxed - so I wouldn't say that the site was particularly in her ideological orbit.

What is true is that the place has a much higher tolerance for spastics, because spastics are fun
I joined feb 10th and have 130 posts, so I think she really likes it there


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Ash once again fighting the Fash one internet sticker at a time. Did you know that was how the allies defeated the Nazis? Churchill and Roosevelt mobilised millions of fat, worthless shut-in internet Communists to sit at home doing nothing except dislike Hitler's Instagram posts over and over until he killed himself out of shame.