Debate schizoposter Ashley Hutsell Jankowski on the ethics of being 40 and fat on the Internet - Last time I log on here

Karl der Grosse

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Feb 13, 2017
To give Ashley credit, sometimes she gets something right:

Ashley and witchcraft.png

This is a very true and very accurate depiction of both modern white girl/soyboy witchcraft and what Are Elites get up to in their spare time.
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Jan 3, 2017
Ashley has time and time again proven herself to be utterly without self control, and I doubt she would have deleted a five year old account with 140k karma without being forced to. Probably Tommy leaned over her shoulder while she was making yet another gibbering insane BPD post about Karl's ear and realized he married a mentally disturbed woman. Congrats on your impending marriage counseling, Ashley!

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Aug 9, 2020
Reading this schizo's posts is tiring. This must be the only thing actually happening in her life if she is taking the time to do this for a year. How embarrassing [slide whistle]