Debate schizoposter Ashley Hutsell Jankowski on the ethics of being 40 and fat on the Internet -


Osama bin Ladkin
You've done a great job making yourself look normal and well adjusted compared to MPC, Ash.

How does your husband feel that people are talking about his pedo uncle (?) and pegging lifestyle again in TYOOL 2020? That shit was safely sequestered on dead gay SASS spinoffs until you dredged it up again. Assuming your career goals aren't a total lie, how do you think your behavior would look on a background check for jobs in social work?

Brion's doxxed to shit already with the ED article, so you're accomplishing nothing in the fight against racism online.


Oh, Saturday night's alright for fighting
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I'll just leave one last completely retarded political take Ashley put up on reddit:

2020-03-09 12.20.31 b1dc4e622fa4.jpg

Yeah, Bernie's really raking in those non-White votes, Ashley. As for being outrageously popular with young voters, Lmao, I think all of 10 percent of voters under 25 actually came out in that Bernie stronghold of California. :smug:


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I think I've made sure the nazi never talks again and you all have profound mental problems so bye. I hope not of you kill Zoe Quinn (go back a few pages to see the batshit conversation I had about her with a guy stalking her)
Zoe Quinn and I are in love and going to get married any day now so it really goes to show just how dumb you are if you think I'm a stalker.


Oh, Saturday night's alright for fighting
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I think Ashley has a hell of a lot of inner anger without any healthy outlet. So yeah, when she comes here to get dunked on over and over and over, for hours, she builds up a huge amount of seething resentment. When Tommy gets home from work it's time to go to Pound Town on Tommy's rosy rectum.

Tommy's the kind of guy who'd marry Ashley in the first place, so he lets her. She fantasizes about doing her enemies up the butt and Tommy lies back and thinks about how his life came to this point. I've joked before about Tommy going out to get her some Krispy Kremes and fleeing to Alaska to work the fishing boats with a fake name, but Tommy doesn't have that kind of gumption. He seems to be a simpleton who'll do whatever his wife wants. She's the alpha in that sad excuse for a marriage.

I think Ashley probably shows the cats more affection and consideration than Tommy.


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Found this on reddit:

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Lol, calling someone on the phone to call them a nazi is the closest thing to real-world political action Ashley's fat ass has ever done. Peak Karen behavior, too. Did you demand to speak to the manager after they laughed at you?
Fatash is such an obvious schizo even government employees can't refrain from laughing at her and then hanging up.