Debate the ethics of staff impersonation with user @MrJokerRager -

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Hi @MrJokerRager since you're banned from Deep Thoughts I thought I'd tag you in here and we can have a nice conversation for all to see. How are you doing?

Background information:

Stop bothering me on my personal profile, go look for attention somewhere else.

You bother mine first and now acting like the victim.

I'm getting really fed up with your exceptional newfaggery. Follow the site rules and leave me alone.

Lurk more.

Well you gonna probably get fed up more.

Go take a hike buddy somewhere else.

This is the last time I'm going to warn you.

Here is my response, FUCK YOU.

I'm sure that won't backfire.

You are a moderator aren't you.

I tried to warn you.

And you ignored my previous contributions to that giant thread if you search my name and decided to throw in a harsh punishment. That is too much. I am okay with a temporary ban that but is too much.

I thought you guys have a moderator tag like HK-47 or Secret Asshole has.

That is too harsh, too harsh when the election is 4 days away.

The next time you bother me, I am banning you permanently. This is your last warning. You do not want to go down this path.

Last. Chance.

Okay I am sorry, I will stay out of your way and obey the rules. I realize what situation that I am in.

Apology accepted. Thank you.

I just want to say two things,

Is there a way to appeal my threadban or make it up?


your image background is pretty hot and hotter than my pfps lol.

And also thank you for accepting my apology.

I am not lifting your temporary ban. Let it serve as a reminder to follow the rules.

Just chill out for a bit. I did stupid stuff when I first came here to, just be polite and crack jokes. This forum is about having fun and the expense of retards, not 'owning' your political opponents.

If you want to stick to politics, that's just fine, but we have a certain standard of post quality we like to uphold here. Friendly teasing and joking around is fine, being mean and vicious for no real reason is not.

The rules are posted at the bottom of the forum, there's no excuse for not following them.

This election had me tensed out and another poster was mostly correct that I probably should have chilled and was acting unusual.

I usually been posting a lot of statistics and charts and I believe it was 2020suicide who said that those numbers can drive people nuts as I have posted a lot of numbers.

If you don't mind me also asking, when does the ban expire as I didn't see a expiration date.

I just want to add that thanks for your generosity, advice and having empathy I guess we can call it. And thanks for not completely BTFOing me out of this forum as other than this, its 4chan as reddit is too pozzed for my tastes.

Alright, I think I've taken you for a Ride long enough. Confession time: I am not a moderator or admin. I'm telling you this because I don't want to get in trouble for impersonating a staff member when I add Ride to the conversation.

The first clue should've been the fact that I am not tagged as one. Anyone you see not tagged as one, isn't one, obviously, and we have an entire subforum for dealing with these kinds of issues called "Talk to Staff".

Regardless, it doesn't matter, everything I said still stands, and I apologize for deceiving you, I just want to you to leave me alone and follow the rules. He's all yours, @Ride.

You're welcome. I have BTFO'd you. Have a nice day!
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All statements made by this account are fiction.
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Good. Maybe now you understand the culture of the forums.
Remember when you chimped out in supporters the other day? That was really funny.
oh no, words. I might have to read something.

I guess that's too much to ask from an illiterate libtard.

who can only be bothered to read my post when I break them down

like this

Now apologize for acting like a faggot or forever be known as the worst poster on the forum.
So let me see if I understand this correctly. You do nothing wrong, yet manage to get 2 of your privs yanked; which to this day still haven't been reinstated.

And I delete a cringey profile post 3 times; apparently quite an egregious offense, only for nobody to care enough to take them away, even after restoring them twice.

Hmm. Really makes you think.
Yeah, that's what I typically do when I have more to add. And it's not hamfisted. It's highly relevant to my opinion of you as a poster.

Take my bet nigger, I dare you.

Or are you too much of a bitch? If you're so sure Trump will lose, put your money where your mouth is, faggot.
Of course you don't care you already have a bet with him, but I want to get in on that action. Stop ruining my fun.
I'm not butthurt, I'm having fun. This is all very amusing to me.
Yes exceptional individual, you're in a bet with @Son of Nothing already, but if you had bothered to scroll down you'd know I challenged you to another bet on a Trump victory, not whatever fucking color Ohio ends up being.
I do when they shill for a senile child sniffer.
I didn't chimp out at anyone. I decided to have a little fun with @Arm Pit Cream because he got mad when I called him a bad poster. I don't know why either of you think this is worth getting mad over.