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soft kitty

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I only said that there was nothing wrong with wanting to create meaningful gender equality and that I was center left. And he then attacked me savagely with bulletpoints.
That's because you're unworthy of my time you fucking insane person. Read a fucking book.

That's perfectly reasonable and I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment.

@soft kitty why do you hate someone simply for their gender?
All women are subhuman scum, this is a known fact, and it has been demonstrated throughout all of human history.
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soft kitty

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This thread went from @soft kitty pretending to be a mod (why anyone would do this is beyond me) to sperging about feminism.
Because it's fun. This is how I have fun, what about this don't you people understand? This is what this forum is about. Having fun. Now go have some fun. @soft kitty a lolcow now? I wasn't expecting this.
he's been a retard since he joined.
Fuck you. You can keep rating me 'mad at the internet' all you want, @Son of Nothing. That doesn't make it true.


Alhamdullila he shall be boiled.
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And you can keep telling yourself I'm mad. Keep it up. I'm through taking shit from you. I've tried to be nice, I've apologized, and you weren't having it. I'm done.
I honestly think you are a reasonable, intelligent person, full of integrity and good humour that has just a rought side. Like a diamond in the rough.