Debate the ethics of staff impersonation with user @MrJokerRager -

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Your an ignorant idiot.
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I AM HAVING FUN. is that a new concept to you?
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soft kitty

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Coffee Kittie wants you to be nice

Purge him and all the Jannies!
We only need people removing real spam.

Wow soft kitty you've become a dumbo jumbo and I regret saying I would have sex with this thread.
Are you guys fucking exceptional? Do you see what I did to @MrJokerRager?

Stop it. Now. Do NOT mess with supporters. I'm only gonna say this once.

soft kitty

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Made him look very reasonable in this entire debacle? Yeah I did.
You are the worst one of all. All of your posts in this thread are making the same, stupid, unfunny joke over and over again.

Eat shit and die you masterclass turbosped.

Lol calm down
Shut the fuck up. You are not in control here. Show some respect now, or leave.