Debate the Ethics of Vic Mignogna - TARD FIGHT

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I am beginning to suspect more and more that Lemoine is just LemWaluigi

Never meant to be a part of things, brought in only for the joke of it, and sticking around because he's so god damned memeable.

And they both have 0% chance of being playable in Super Smash Bros.


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TBF, Casey at least made a feeble attempt to stop MoRon from tweeting. Can't say the same for LemWAAAAUUGHHH and his cabal of superlolyers.
I wouldn't be surprised if Toye's twitter follower purges were at the behest of the Lemon. He's incapable of keeping his mouth shut, so the next best solution is to keep him contained.
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We have to consider that he was socialised in the 80s and 90s, the age of free love and party drugs. hooking up with sluts wasnt looked down on in that periode.
Don't forget, the guy's Italian, well his background is, they're very sociable like that.

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I guess this is the right thread for stupid pontificating.

Is anyone else inspired by twitter law? Ty Beard’s savaging of them and how they’re “stealing from themselves” every time they shart out a dozen tweets really spoke to me.

When I start to get involved talking about shit I know nothing about, I now ask myself “am I lawtwitter in this scenario?”