Debate user BoxerShorts47 on "strawmans" and logical fallacies, definitions of ephebophilia, how to MAGA, religion, Sailor Moon and more -

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Troon Draugur

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@BoxerShorts47, did you refuse to take tests in school unless the teacher gave you a sticker you liked?
He probably insisted that all his answers were marked correct because "100 years ago, this was known to obviously be true, feminism has changed what the correct answers are".

Hang on, a thought occurs, apropos of BoxO'Sharts love of all things historically assumed to be correct...
@BoxerShorts47 , how do you feel about Flat Earth?

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Welcome back, @BoxerShorts47. I was looking forward to conversing with you.
Can you confirm or deny the rumors that:
1. You enjoy getting anally plowed by black men?
2. The 47 in your name stands for the amount of black men serviced by you every week?
3. You only express white nationalist views due to being insecure and secretly hating yourself for being a slut for BBC?
EDIT: Also, you rated my post on your profile "dumb". I am extremely offended by your actions and demand a public apology.


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okay so you support whtie nationalism them?
See, that's a total non-sequitur. I really don't know how you equate understanding the concept of genocides being a general thing human beings tend to do throughout history to assuming someone that states that is a white nationalist. You may as well have said "Okay so you like Taco Bell then?" for as coherent as that was.

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"Three Black Men in Boxershorts" (2020) - Written, directed, produced by and starring @BoxerShorts47 with a camera operator credit for his tripod.
As if he would have the foresight to get a tripod. This sped would be the guy who props his camera up on a pile of books and have everything happening just out of frame.

And then probably blame it on the Jews.


equality for all, KiwiFarms is no place for hate
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