Debate user BoxerShorts47 on "strawmans" and logical fallacies, definitions of ephebophilia, how to MAGA, religion, Sailor Moon and more -

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Stop ignoring my points. You're being a coward, a cuck. Will you admit we have serious problems with diversity and the solution is not more diversity and anti-white policies?
I admit that we have a serious problem with diversity. There has been way too much telling the severely retarded they're special and their opinions are worth consideration. Because society has been encouraging this we had you shitting up threads unsupervised by a wrangler until the mods did what your parents should have done and contained you.
Despite that, Marjan still has points. Can Boxy win anything?
The undying contempt of anyone he interacts with.
BoxerShorts47, why do you insist upon receiving positive stickers?
C'mon @Stardust I thought you'd already figured out you're dealing with a man that loves to be pozzed.
>kicked my ass?
@SIGSEGV Gaped your ass, turned to the camera, winked and then spat in your face. The fact you're still posting here tells me on some level you enjoyed it.
@BoxerShorts47 whats your favorite train
It's the Pinoy Man Train


Ģιίττεર ƣƲεεɴ
"Three Black Men in Boxershorts" (2020) - Written, directed, produced by and starring BoxerShorts47 with a camera operator credit for his tripod.
Impossible. Writing, directing, and producing are jobs.

BoxerShorts47 what is the average amount of "debates" you're engaged in usually?
One, and it goes like this...

Momma Boxy: "Instead of chicken tendies, I bought you chicken nuggies."

Boxy: "No, servant woman. I wanted chicken TENDIES!"

Momma Boxy: "I pay the bills, I decide the groceries."

Boxy: "F-f-fuck you, mommy!"

Momma Boxy: "You can clean your room yourself, then."

Boxy: "It's an ethnostate, mom! ETH-NO-STAAAATE!!!"
*furiously types about women needing to know their place, as he eats a partially stale, 3-day old, half-eaten chicken tendy from his floor*

Duke Nukem

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I prefer well balanced proportions.

cartoon horses
Fair point, at least anime girls are *technically* human. Unless they're underage, and then you're just probably a borderline pedophile. But hey I don't give a shit as long as you stay the hell away from other living things in the real world.