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okay so you support whtie nationalism them?
no, whites aren't even the best at anything. jews are the most intelligent race and niggers are the strongest race. every other race is like rolling shitty stats in an RPG, they are just inferior and should be exterminated. the future will be endless herds of nigger cattle with jewish men at the reins. all women will also be exterminated and replaced by anime sex robots with artificial wombs.


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I think he was written a Turner Diaries/Sailor Moon fanfic which should cover everything.

" Fighting coons by moonlight,
Crotch-shots in daylight!
Always running from a real fight,
He is the Flip named Boxer Shorts!

He does not have a single friend,
His IQ of one-four-five he will defend!
No thumb dox yet says to depend,
He is the Flip named Boxer Shorts!


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Lol, check this shit out:

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What the fuck is going on in Flip-land? Oh, it gets better:
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Let me get this straight, if a dog runs up to in the street and bites you, the proper response is to catch and eat the dog, raw?
"Most victims are young men or boys who are bitten after taunting dogs."

I hadn't realized that Flips in Flipland were that fucking stupid.


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Western education is sin.
Hispanics will never build a Scandinavian society.
The Portuguese have never built a Scandinavian society either. Also, you know Hispanic includes the actual Spanish, who are primarily white European, right? Avatar related.


This is the Dark Souls of Kiwifarms.
Nah, it's the cookie clicker of Kiwifarms.