Debate user BoxerShorts47 on "strawmans" and logical fallacies, definitions of ephebophilia, how to MAGA, religion, Sailor Moon and more -

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Zeke Von Genbu

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I'm seeing a lot of debating and not a lot of outright mockery.
Part of the fun of having him respond to debate posts is he typically will reveal some other insane nonsense just to quintuple down on the same shit he has said the last 200 something pages in a marginally new way. He typically is just a broken record if you keep laughing at him directly because he uses the same defense of "dumb libtard 2010 arguments fallacy" or whatever then blocks you. As much as I like winning the debate by trying to get blocked, I want this pedo sea urchin to say some more crazy shit to mix it up once every 20 or so pages.

Troon Draugur

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Ohh, Boxy, you've been so active this last day or two; has your fat mom stopped putting out, is that it? Others ITT have rebutted your "arguments" (lol) more than competently, so let's address some outlier issues, then.

What makes you think you have anything to offer the white race, America, or women? Let's look at the factors:

Charisma: You've failed utterly here, by anyone's metric, you haven't changed a single mind, except perhaps to convince a few who initially thought you were trolling that you are in fact just as much of a sped as you appear to be. You're unlikeable, poorly written and display more than a few signs of mental illness. Charisma? You have charisn'tma, my gormless chum.

Competency: Hard fail again, I'm afraid. You lack basic English grammatical skills, spelling, sentence construction, comprehension of common terminology... You can't use the basic tools of debate in the lingua franca of the debate world. If you're ESL, you get a grudging semi-pass but if not, any money spent on your education may as well have been spent on tin whistles and moon pie.

Courage: This site discourages powerlevelling but you are an unusual case (not the first time you've heard that, I assume). If you are as passionate as you claim to be about "mUh IsSuEs", then put your fizzog and handle where your poorly written screeds are. Are you such a craven coward that you bleat like a spoiled child that the world isn't how you would wish it but lack the basic courage to show your face and put your name behind your platform? You did mention (((merchant))) DNA, so I guess that's not a massive surprise, really. Whine and scheme from the safety of an unseen position.
America has historically always valued courage, sometimes even over common sense and rational thought, and the idea that an invertebrate like you would presume to elevate yourself to a position of power or influence over such a nation is simultaneously utterly horrifying and frankly, laughable.

Conclusion: You're a weak, selfish, cowardly, semi-literate bigot with delusions of both influence and adequacy. Your legacy will amount to no more than those of us who outlive you occasionally reminiscing about "that time we gang-raped the JooFlip Pedofaggot and he kept coming back for more..." Your Castle of Cope is built on shifting sands, micro-wit; soon comes the tide that will leave you as bereft emotionally as you are in terms of intelligence.

TL;DR: You fucking suck, you babydick faggot, neck yourself.xx

I do have my DNA test. I have some merchant DNA from both sides of my parents. Israel is our greatest ally. It doesn't make you "spicy" it means those ancestors failed because most of their DNA got purged from the genome.
Holy shit, can we quit with the Trump textwalls and focus on this? This completely explains why he's virtually never brought up Jews.


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Boxy, you aren't Jewish. You have no money. But if this is indeed true, post your thumb next to your piles of cash EBT card.
He probably didn't inherit any of the IQ genes from his Jewish ancestors, just a shit-ton of nasty recessives for horrible Ashkenazi diseases. So yet another reason no female should ever let him inseminate her, not that this was ever a risk. If you gave birth to his tard babies, not only would they be super low IQ, but they might even have Tay-Sachs.

Captain Chorizo
This completely explains why he's virtually never brought up Jews.

He did though:
1. We need to purge all the stormfags/siegers from this movement to go mainstream rather than feed them by Jew-baiting like Spencer or Fuentes.
A lot of people realize whites are under attack but don't agree with the hitler worship and don't agree with the JQ.
Well you also need to disprove the JQ conspiracy theory to purge them. I don't see many people doing that right now. Too many people posting happy merchant memes.
Nick the Knife had good optic immediately post cville when he said he was not alt-right and disavowed them as wignats. But he immediately flipped, became obsessed with the JQ and became 2nd biggest anti-Semite, only 2nd to Andrew Anglin. By Q1 Q2 2018, Nick was calling for the destruction of Isreal and repeating every single meme: every single time. 109 countries, certain tribe, Jewish Influence,I think we all know who is behind this, deny christ's divinity, we wuz real joos because joos are Talmudic, etc." The insanity of Fuentes is he thought he could make a hybrid movement where he supports standard cuckservative talking points like Christianity Good, Bomb Iran, Small Govt, Shill 4 Trump, + inject Jew hate and crypto white nationalism

That's why I can't understand how this should lead to anything other than a shit slinging spergfest.

Drain Todger

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3. I do have my DNA test. I have some merchant DNA from both sides of my parents. Israel is our greatest ally. It doesn't make you "spicy" it means those ancestors failed because most of their DNA got purged from the genome.
Please. Please, Boxy. Boxy, plz.

There are limits to how Jewish you can be.
@Drain Todger is a goddamned sorcerer, btw
Boxy's one regret in life is that he didn't have enough shekels to fly first class on the Lolita Express.

He had to cling to the landing gear like a poor, broke jungle monkey to get that underage poon.