Debate user BoxerShorts47 on "strawmans" and logical fallacies, definitions of ephebophilia, how to MAGA, religion, Sailor Moon and more -

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Ģιίττεર ƣƲεεɴ
He's just seething, is all. Boxy can negrate but doesn't have the courage to debate us, so he's waiting for this thread to drop off the first page. The only 'sock' he has is the one for keeping his tiny dick in.

Boxy, if we destroyed you, and you are scared to return, please negrate this post. Negrate this post if you are seething. Basically, negrate this post and YOU confirm we have won the debate. Any negrate from your crybaby self will be seen as your signing a treaty of surrender.


A Pelagic Horror Arrives
@BoxerShorts47 What do you think of the Netflix original movie "Cuties" and in addition what do you think of all the backlash surrounding it being pedo bait? I know you're an expert on this stuff so your takes are very important to me.
"7/10. Way too many swath skins made my stomach swirl. Recommend it though." Boxer Ebert 47.