Debate user BoxerShorts47 on "strawmans" and logical fallacies, definitions of ephebophilia, how to MAGA, religion, Sailor Moon and more -

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Zeke Von Genbu

Behold my Blade PANDORIA
I'm putting down three guesses what will happen in relation to his manifesto.
1.He chickens out and doesn't do it.
2.He does it,but he doesn't put it here and puts it on /pol/ or 4chan.
3. He puts it here and we'll have material for months.
He'll rewrite the entire thing when the next American President gets elected irregardless of who wins.

Trump wins: This is a sign that people want kinship and libtards are dumb as I noted in page 361, page 27, page 296, page...

Biden wins: This is a sign that libtards are taking over and we need to rise up to prevent the libtard manufactured disasters on pages 14-88, pages 235-270, page 420, page....

Repeat for every major world event until Boxy dies at the ripe age of 36.

Troon Draugur

Ghola-posting Naib
True & Honest Fan
He's resorted to communicating via stickers for now.

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@BoxerShorts47 What happened? Did you give up? Are you okay?
  • Presiona el botón del arco iris para "Sí, tengo autismo, por favor no te rías de mí."
  • Presiona el botón del sombrero de copa para "¡No, estoy hirviendo!"
He communicates in stickers because, unlike his retarded takes, stickers can't be refuted or outright mocked per se , so he probably sees that as an unassailable statement of his thoughts. Us meanies can't prove he's talking out his inbred ass if all he does is rate things with stickies. Because he's a pansy-ass coward, at heart. Hasn't even got the stones to admit he's had his ass handed to him and retreat with some semblance of dignity, so he just lurks, firing out MATIs from his hatapult.


Ģιίττεર ƣƲεεɴ
Boxy is in for a surprise, if he ever does address a crowd. As enraged parents beat him, niggers curbstomp him, and the police shoot him, Boxy will wail, "Why can't I negrate my way to victory?"

Then, as he is arrested, Boxy will shout, "Why can't I stickie away the pain?".

Finally, Skinhead Steve, an ideal white Boxtopian man, rapes Boxy behind bars, where the manlet will cry, "Tophat! Tophat, I said! Toooooophaaat!", but it will not stop reality or the prolapse.


A Pelagic Horror Arrives
Who knows? More to the point, why does he think there's an audience for him, outside of this containment thread? Boxcar, the more people who are exposed to you, the more mean stickers you'll get, you realise that, right? Best to stay here, where everyone knows you're a pedo-sped.
He's going to prey on the other users who have yet touched the infinite stupidity that is Boxershort's mind.