Debate user formershroomerysuser on being Black on the Internet - You ain't BLACK!

All Cops Are Based
Nope. Just rated you autistic.

But in that "other" forum only the simplest ratings exist.

Which is fine. Its funny getting "dislike" after dislike I know how pissed everyone there is that Chauvin aint walking the streets looking for some fentanyl himself and they want to drop "dumb" and "autistic" all day but instead drop "dislike" or "disagree but love you."

Haha i cant type more then 100 clicks a minute or some shit. Doing 1000 clicks a minute for 6 hours straight like in the Chauvin thread well that is like hundreds of thousands of clicks a day.

Pretty sure mom pays the internet for these wanna KKK tards.

But then I am not nostradaumus so how the fuck would I know? Pure speculation.

But a tit sucking loser is a tit sucking loser. I don't think when someone is 36 they should still ask mom for drug money like at 16. That was fun at 16. "Going to class I need some lunch money." Mom: "here is your drug money sweetie." "No mom its for lunch" Mom: "no honey lunch is free. You take $20 and split $10 with your friends and go smoke a blunt then spend the other $10 on KFC and skip class for the rest of the day. I know your teacher calls me every week and I have to steal leftover weed from your room and roll it into a blunt and go smoke it with them to keep you from getting expelled." "Ahh mom... No I..." Mom: "just don't get arrested. Love you sweetie."

"Ok mom. Thanks."

Yes that is all good at 16. When you are 36 it just means you are a fucking pussy who will drop mad nonsense online because you know in the street you will get your shit split by anyone you walk by for being an openly racist fuck non stop.

Ok so its true. I am writing a book. But look ya'll are the ones fucking reading it.

I dunno if shroomery is funny in a bubble, but the way he gets a rise out of A&N spergs is. Like a more longwinded, black colorswap of HHH.

Its pretty spergalicious dawg. But with way more personal photos and life stories so you feel almost like people know you but then you get banned if you share peoples off site stories like you doxxed the fuck out of them but you can repost all the shit they originally posted all you want its pretty much still doxxing and do not get banned. There is like a whole set of amendments n shit there like actual rules all kinds of ways to bend and twist things in your favor bend the rules if you will.

Shroomery to me is so spergtastic I think CWC seems like an educated fella with an Einstein quality high IQ by moral contrast. Or intellectual capacity. Idk maybe that is a bit much.

But you could get a law degree just reading non stop political debates on shroomery so it is educational to some extent and things of that nature.

But in truth for a site that will ban people for doxxing I have never seen so much doxxing anywhere else but there. Real talk shroomery is spergadelic eat a few shrooms spend a few hours there reading shit or 8 hours or whatever then wake up the next day ask yourself what the fuck you will ever do shrooms for again.

You ought to try it.

I would go to McDonald's and get something from the value menu. But that's just me.

Thats real talk.

Wow 150 notifications since I last logged in.

God damn LMAO

Wtf kind of spergmosphere got going on in the last like hour and a half or some shit

Can we all agree that @formershroomeryuser is a cut-rate @Shiversblood? That's the important thing here.

No dude

Shivers wishes he was me

I impersonate him to help with his self esteem issues

You wish you were me too

I wish I did drugs.

But you do take drugs. Just close your eyes and imagine the drugs coursing through your system.

You are there. The drugs coursing through your system helped you imagine it. Because you are a fucking drug addict like me.

Isn't it great?

Now its time for rehab. You will not find rehab on the internet. Its not the farms or shroomery. Its a special place away from here where you can go get as high as you want except you are imagining it while convulsing and sweating balls.

Its called real talk.

haha fune sex numbr
You talk a mean game but thats just it: a game.

Here you are, twiddling with some analog sticks on your controller, but look at me: keyboard and mouse. Thats right.

I bet you've never watched a single episode of Darkwing Duck. Scratch that, I know you haven't. I mean, I'm kidding, its clear you've watched Darkwing Duck. Hah, yeah, clearly, eyeroll.

We could trade barbs from sunset to sunrise but it won't change the fact that reddit exists and people post on it.

I'm kidding, yeah, I'm sure reddit will just go away one day. Okay, sure, everyone will stop posting on reddit, yeah. And this board isn't at all like reddit, yeah okay. And Reddit is some kind of website, yeah sure, okay. Alright bud. Sure.

Hey, pop quiz, this is you: "Oh wow, I love watching anime." Bzzt, times up, you're in double jeopardy. But I guess that's fun for you, I bet its got your dick hard?

Checkmate, this isn't checkers but it is wendy's.