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I'll admit, I loved the Scott Pilgrim movie when it first came out (and I read the comics later). It was really cool seeing a movie from Hollywood make video game and anime references relatively respectfully. At the time, those things were still somewhat removed from "official pop culture" so it was a nice treat for "our thing" to be noticed. Liking those things still made you "weird" in high school, whereas nowadays it's basically expected for every Zoomer. I was also a teenager and my tastes weren't too discerning.

Now... I can see it as a harbinger of everything cancerous about 2010's culture, minus some of the insane political stuff. I can only imagine how much worse it would be if it were made now (also, thanks for making me realize it came out 10 years ago, damn). There would most definitely be a troon/nb character, a lot more forced diversity (most of the minorities in the original were the villains), probably a "punch a Nazi" joke, and Ramona's e-thottery would be turned up a few notches. The original didn't even have any tattoos or piercings! I still have some fond memories of it because it came out during the happiest time of my life, but some things are better kept as memories.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Ellen Wong are still pretty cute though.
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Tried watching he movie, I was cringing in my chair for about half an hour before turning it off. I think the best thing I can say off what little I saw is that it was energetic. I'm sure the material it was based off was better, but I guess it just wasn't for me.

I'd say my age was probably a reason why it didn't appeal to me, but a friend told me he enjoyed it. I may or may not have busted his balls over it, just fucking around thought. I don't care what people like, just do your thing.

This movie was shallow garbage pandering to people who should have been aborted. Anything that uses old nerd shit as an in-joke is trash. See ready player one or any of the other sewer-tier trash shoveled into the wide open mouths of reddit users.
It has some pre-reddit bullshit true but it's not as bad as Ready Player One by a long shot. Scott Pilgrim was made by someone who really did play a lot of fairly obscure games from the 90s while Ready Player One only went as far outfield as Gundam and just barely. Hipster trash it may be, it's still legit hipster trash that doesn't go "Iron man is here now clap".
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Jesus, it made him look like one of the hairy sleazebags you see in an old European porno flick. "Ja, liebst du diesen Schwanz, Baby?"
Those skinny hairy dudes who are like 90 pounds but 20 pounds of it is a giant foot long cock.

But I'm pretty sure Michael Cera doesn't have one of those.
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I liked it when I was younger, grew up a bit, and I still like it.
I think if someone enjoys it purely on the surface there's something wrong with them. Scott's meant to be a loser who doesn't want to deal with life being hard so he dates Knives because it's "easy" and none of his friends really like him. Ramona is a piece of shit that runs away from all her problems and expects the next guy she gets with to deal with her baggage, said baggage being 7 dudes that wanna kick the shit out of you, then she gets pissy when she finds out Scott cheated on Knives with her. They're shitty people and the resolution of the series is them fucking off together into another dimension so they don't have to involve others in their bullshit.

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This but completely unironically


Tbh I liked it alot, specifically the comic and video game.

While Scott and Ramona are assholes (which you could argue is the point, these two assholes are meant for each other), I love the side characters alot. I love the inbetween moments, if you know what I mean.

I was one of 10 people who saw the film in theaters since I was already reading the books by the time it was released, and while I enjoyed it back then, I have tons of problems with it. Scott and Ramona felt miscast, less inbetween moments (which makes sense since this is a Hollywood film adaptation), and I hate how popular Ramona became with thots when she was one of the worst characters.

The game was fun because I wanted a decent River City Ransom clone and got it.
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I've always sub-consciously avoided Scott Pilgrim, because the game, movie and even story of the novels seemed like it wanted to appeal to me as if I'm a loser. Like, its man cast was a loser, dork and the nutcase punk girl he simped for. I looked at it from time to time, thinking "why haven't I done anything with Scott Pilgrim for how much it tries to pander to me?" I think it's because I could tell it was pandering to nothing I want to be.

Also, I swear I was busy with other games atm and didn't wanna buy a shitty beat em up, I was busy waiting for more River City Ransom as I knew it at the time.


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The comic will at best be held up as one of those weird, kitschy, campy, cringe-inducing, or sometimes kinda uncanny creepy aspects of Millennial pop culture in the same way He-Man and Battletoads are for Generation X, Tennessee Tuxedo and EC Comics are for the Boomers, golliwog dolls were for the 1920's, and porcelain china dolls were for the Victorians and Edwardians
Weird Science and Mad were great!#
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Tbh I never saw or read it because it looks like something I would hate, even though I enjoy retro gaming.