Debate user 'Icasaracht' over the concept of 'revenge rate', privileges, Jannies, A&N Stooges and more! -


You're all fags and I am your lighter.
Come down! Come down and join this OP as he rides this lush strain of spergatory! Where we shall all disparage each other impartially over these first-world abstractions!

My contention:

My post:

Listen, Jannies. Us frogs have a tough time navigating through this cesspit without crypto-fascist crocodiles hurdling their hot takes at our dials. The inequity of this loss of privilege is matched only the vacuous reasoning behind it, as I'm a happy individual whom harbors no ill will. "But wait, Icasaracht!" some'll say "Have you considered that you're sperging over pointless shit on the internet, or that you should contact the mods over this issue instead?" My answer, of course, is amoebas. I demand a complete reinstatement of my privileges, with further compensation granted through my ability to rate posts "Semper Fidelis" from here on out until the heat death of the universe. Does anyone object to that?!

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if stickers don't matter then why is there a "ban this user from using stickers" button and how many thousands of donated dollars went to developing that "feature"? jannies have some explaining to do.
The only thing I can think of: it could fuck with the 'highlight thread' feature that are actually helpful in cow threads. If it's just a A&N 'tism rating fight; it has zero impact.


You're all fags and I am your lighter.
Intolerable. So intolerable. I walk away for a while and return to find that my first detractor is a Jannie! A snowflake! A crocodile! A fasc! And a literal THOT 's husband! Oh the humanity!

I object to it. Righteous as your cause may be, it will be very funny to see your response in the face of further injustice.

You should get a foot of shame avatar. Not because you deserve it. But because it would be unfair and funny.
You speak true. But I live in a dream. And in that dream, Kiwifarms is a paragon of virtue. One that resolves all of its disputes with kindness and understanding.


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If your privileges are revoked anywhere on this site it is 100% because you were acting like a sped. Learn from it and move on.

Lol @Dynastia used to have his own special ban just for him. And there was also the famous "You are not Dynastia" ban that gave you the Harrison Bergeron level of fucked up bans that were always on his account.


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The only thing I can think of: it could fuck with the 'highlight thread' feature that are actually helpful in cow threads.
that goes both ways. many oldfags such as myself use A&N as a designated shitposting street while in the same very minute rating photos of Nikocado's butthole as Informative thanks to multi-tab browsing technology. jannies should have the power to disable ratings stripped from them.