Off-Topic Debate user "muh_moobs" on Canadian politics -

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Are you dense? Why are you so butthurt?

I don't understand how a thread about Yaniv turned into the National Canadian Debate

People had questions about Canada. I answered them. The @The Un-Clit got embarrassed by what Canada is and threw shade at where I live, and I decided to engage in the same childishness that he did rather than remain silent.

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As for bragging about mocking the people who finance your way of life, you prove my point.
You folks can't even afford to pay your mortgages right now, I don't think you're financing anyone's way of life. How many empty office spaces are in downtown Calgary currently? Not even the oil companies can afford their rent anymore. Alberta is broke. Which is no surprise considering the market is flush with cheap sweet crude oil. No upgrader on the planet would choose to take your bitchumen when light crude is so widely available. If Alberta had built their own upgraders instead of flogging off the raw crude than you probably wouldn't be in this position of financial hardship. I have no sympathy for Alberta whatsoever, and neither does most of Canada. You folks make your bed and now you have to sleep in it.
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