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Woman here. Pregnancy tends to be an incredibly traumatic experience which may lead you with permanent disabilities. There's a rise in women abstaining from pregnancies exactly for that reason, and the trend might reverse when in vitro pregnancies are gonna become common.

Personally? I don't like kids. That's about it.
Why do you feel the need to justify your perfectly valid life choices to a bunch of retards on the internet?

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There may already be people alive who will get a choice to be semi-immortal (whether one actually likes the concept or not). To choose to be the dead end in specifically this age for stupid reasons means you don't understand anything.
To choose to have children merely in order to satisfy an egotistical wish for some form of vicarious immortality means you're a shit parent.

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I think you are projecting your own personal fears here. You said you do not have not want children, so I think this is helping color your idea of pregnancy being this awful, dangerous undertaking and you have sought out proof of this. Confirmation bias.


I agree with you on a lot of what you said about the division of labor toll etc but disagree with you on this point. If you've come through unscathed then I am happy for you. A lot of people don't and often the medical remedies make the original medical issue worse not better eg:

While you might say that's only 10k women, that's 10k who chose to join the class action out of about 300k births per year which covers the implant for about 5 - 6 years who give birth a year (say 180k max)

and this is only one complication of pregnancy.

As @Strange Void said, complications are usually only talked about in parent circles and as those parents get older, boy do some of the complications kick in even for women who thought they'd got through unscathed. It didn't stop many of them having more children but the whole 'women are designed to have babies' thing so no problems ignores the fact that it is mostly discussed only in the most intimate of circles and is often disregarded or downplayed in medical circles as the price you pay for the 'bundle of joy'


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While it is within humanity's "B I O L O G I C A L I M P E R A T I V E S" and "Logical Obligations" to reproduce, not only are children expensive to raise, in some nations, even today, the process of birthing a single child, let alone 6-14 remains fucking risky and difficult as shit. Particularly if said birth occurs in a nation with no running water on a stable day, or a nation that's a practical warzone complete with camps of both the internment and refuge variety, let alone a first-world, Northern Hemisphere nation. And that is assuming a few extra factors are correct:

1) You are financially sound, with no Corona-chan/Recession and Debt-afflicted/Political Persecution/Religious and Sectarian Persecution related problems and crises.

2) You are mentally sound:
This doesn't just include the Big Three, those being the 'Tism, El Skitzo and Mr NPD, it also inquires if you're not a Munchie-by-Proxy or a plain old Munchie.

3) Your own parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles/etc were mentally sound when they raised you: While there's no such thing as the perfect parent, there is however no limit to see how bad your parents actually were, and that shit can affect your ability to raise your own children correctly.

Speaking of which...this also takes into account:

4) Your parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles/etc were financially sound when they raised you: Poverty can fuck a lot of things up, with the severity to fuck things up varying from person to person.

5) Your significant other is mentally and financially sound: You're practically fucked if your partner/spouse is deficient in both departments, if you're not a biological dead-end or a lost cause, then chances are your partner could be.

6) You (ironically) understand that "I want, NEVER gets": Just because you want something, doesn't mean that you either deserve it or more pertinently, earned it in the first place.

7) You are aware of your own responsibility(-ies) as an adult: You'll never know until you are presented with this factor once your desire to reproduce has been fulfilled, so be sure to not blame others for your own actions when preventable shit hits the fan.

8) Your own child isn't a complete fuck-up, in spite of your own actions to prevent it: Sometimes, just sometimes, kids are just born broken and fucked up, by default. Sometimes they'll grow up to do fucked up things anyway, regardless of what you do. And sometimes, they'll get away with it.

If you, your parents/guardians or your child fails in any one of the factors listed, you're fucked six ways from Sunday.

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If all women had kids then overpopulation would be an actual threat to humanity. For the sake of the argument, if women wanted kids, not all women could have kids and have it be good for humanity; therefore, some would never be fully satisfied.

Most people want to breed, it's just not as convenient or affordable in current year. Pink/black-pilled women may also find it more fulfilling to chase individual goals than to give into basic primal instinct. Adoption is always an easy solution for regret.

I don't have a natural desire to pump out crumb snatchers, but I'm sure there is something wrong with my hormones or some shit.

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genetic dead ends shouldn't have kids.
This is my personal cope. If I was born any time before the 1970s then I'd have died before my first birthday because I am unironically genetic waste.
By living my life as >tfw no gf I am actually doing what mother nature intended, just very slowly, by not allowing my flawed genes to further pollute the gene pool.

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Lol babies are gross
Women who dont want kids are ignorant of all the gib me dats provided by Uncle Sam*

*or whoever the personification of your deviant pozzed gubbmint is
At least where I'm at it's hard AF to even get food stamps and unless you neglect your kids to criminal levels no gibs completely cover the costs of them.

Plus if I had any I'd probably snap and murder them. Babies are gross lol.

EDIT: lol@thinking kids will automatically take care of you when you're old and you won't die alone. If you're a shitty, abusive asshole they'll probably end up cutting off all contact long before then and only show up after you finally croak to piss on your grave.
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Let's assume for a second that all women do want kids, and that their reason for existence is to reproduce because they're women and that's the only thing they're good for. Which I don't believe, but you seem to, so let's run with that.

What makes you think that out of 7.8 billion people in the world, everyone has a right to reproduce? And what makes you think that out of all those people, your genes are the ones that deserve to be passed on?

You seem to run with the incel crowd who parrot each other's faulty evopsych cope logic in order to make themselves feel better, and your ego makes you see yourself as more valuable to the global gene pool than you actually are.

I will be honest, Josh. Not only are you American, you are also fat and not that good looking.

You're also very stupid, seeing as you went to a country your government bombed in the 1990s where many little children wanted to become pilots because of 9/11. You're twice the weight of an average Serbian man with half the muscle mass and height.
You barely speak English let alone a foreign language, aren't educated, don't have a job or a purpose in life other than to coom into some poor lady hoping that she will give you one instead, just like you hope that she'll wipe your bum for you, do your chores, raise your kid and cook for you, just so you can brag how you made it.

What woman would want that? What trad Orthodox Christian (or indeed any) woman would want some uneducated, ugly, crusty pox-ridden negging sexpat who might give her STDs at best and a tard baby at worst? What do you bring to the table except the promise of being another manbaby burden your poor future wife (lol) can look forward to changing the nappy of?

I see nothing, no reason anyone would ever want to procreate with you. No job or money to support your family you allegedly want, ugly and fat with inbred yank genes, no direction in life whatsoever. You claim you want those things but you do nothing to earn it.

Face it Jersh, your bloodline dies with you. Keep running your lolcow website and stop punching above your weight. And fuck off out of my country while you're at it, I'm surprised some football hooligan hasn't roughed you up yet for being American in public.
You're British.

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Funny video of this dumb jewish reporter bitch who goes off to find these "powerful, inspiring, slavic warrior women" that she's heard about and wants them to be her feminism poster girls "we dont need no mans". Turns out though, that the only reason they've set up their little group and actually train in martial arts, is so they can be fit and confident in the hopes of securing a husband and becoming a housewife.


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Chantal wouldn't be the perfect mother, but nobody is the perfect mother.
Now imagine Mommy Chantal with her half French Canadian half Arab meth babies. They'd end up like that half French half Middle Eastern mass shooter that tried to shoot up the Canadian Parliament. Would she be a skinny mum due to going on meth instead of food binges?
Zehaf-Bibeau grew up in Eastern Canada, including Ottawa and Montreal.[64] His mother is Susan Bibeau, a French-Canadian Quebecer from Montreal and deputy chairperson of a division of Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board.

His father is a businessman, Bulgasem Zehaf,[65][66] a Libyan immigrant to Quebec who opened the Tripoli café in Montreal. Zehaf is reported to have fought in the 2011 Libyan Civil War;[65][64] the Washington Times reported that Mr. Zehaf had returned to his hometown of Zawiyah in Libya to join the uprising against the Muammar Gaddafi regime.


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