Debate Vtuber simps about being pedophiles

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Jul 12, 2018
@Saffronette would you make disgusting chocolate milk babies with @voodoovenom ?
You do know he's like giga gay right?


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May 5, 2020
View attachment 3417236Josh banned then unbanned, changed username to dox. now he took away ability to change that. Nobody would see that as petty in the slightest. Josh definitely isn't bullied every day of his life, total ralpha male.
Don't feel too special it's the same for all cows.
You're confined to one username where you're clearly identifiable, can't edit or delete posts and sometimes can only post in one subforum.


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Jul 17, 2021
Her argument is emotionally involved beyond what is reasonable for an ordinary person. She's an artist who draws creepy MLP shit and her obnoxious behavior doesn't carry any benefit of a doubt.

If you think I'm a pedophile you don't have to post here.

A thread debating if the vtube threads are too autistic and spergout has officially produced more sweet sweet milk than the entire vtuber thread probably ever will. Which is simultaneously a great example of why the vtuber thread is probably just fine and not worth getting upset over and maybe the best possible reason it shouldn't be on kiwi by virtue if it just being such a non-producing topic apparently.

The best part of course is that not a single person actually here arguing about loli porn is actually FROM the vtuber thread. If not for the milk that this thread apparently has the power to produce in third party users who have no intention of ever even using the vtuber thread I would say that the debate has obviously been resolved.