Debate Webby's Boyfriend about the validity of him dating underage cartoon characters - Cartoons aren't real

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Jun 11, 2014
@Webby boyfriend seems to belive he's in actual relationships with fictional beings and the "reality simulators will put them together after death."

Here are some gems,:
Webby on Lady ALT
No, I unironically believe they're real or can be made real and I try to work on that. I am a devout cosmist and I work in tech so I am familiar with the simulation theory and, yeah I bet this is all too high for Manda anyways, since:

She is even more retarded than Chris-Chan?!?

My opinion still stands, cartoons can be real and teenagers can be attractive, but this person is a complete nutjob, what she believes and says is all totally retarded.

I am just a boring normal guy.
A whole page of the thread where he tards out about how a fat shut in should be engaged to a fictional rape bug. The page has been spergitoried so I linked it.

His current girlfriend is a 15 yr old ww1 pilot!
Yeah I know Webby's a duck but we never really were in love, twas more like a business partnership, for adventures, treasure hunts and building up Vanderquack Industries Ltd.,

My current fiancé is Deryn Sharpe, she is a 16 year old Scottish milliardaire duck lass with gender identity issues who participated as a pilotess in the Great War between the Darwinist and Clanker powers.

Asperger? You mean the crazed Nazi scientist who introduced genetically fabricated creatures to Central Europe?
There's more out there I just decided to do a quack rundown on some stuff and open the discussion. So please post funny comments you find and Webby's Boyfriend can argue his position.

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Webby's Boyfriend

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Aug 18, 2018
@Webby boyfriend seems to belive he's actual relationships with fictional being and the the ",reality. Simulators will put him with his duck or piolet waifu join him dying.

@Webby's Boyfriend, would you say that we live in a reality cartoon?
Yes, we do, and no, we don't. It is complicated.

@Webby's Boyfriend you mentioned that you and Webby had broken up. Was it an amicable split, or was there some domestic issue that caused it? Is the new girl just a rebound? What other fictional characters have you considered raping?

Thank you for taking the time to answer.
Webby and I were always "just friends" and more like coworkers, we still go on adventures together.


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Aug 17, 2018
I found a photo of him:

Webby's Boyfriend

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Aug 18, 2018
The great war was decades ago.
Even if his beloved teen pilot survived, she would be dead of old age by now.

@Webby's Boyfriend

How old are you?
Depending on your age, masturbating to the thought of sixteen year old girls is a mental illness, as well as a perversion.
1) The Great War was over a 100 years ago in our timeline! But in Deryn's world, it lasted only one year, from 1914-1915. She fought for the Darwinists, the Entente powers of her timeline, who used genetically fabricated creatures, because in her world, Charles Darwin also discovered DNA and invented genetic engineering. So, likely, she got rejuvenated a few times with advanced Darwinist biotechnology! Maybe she is 121 years old but only looks like 16?
2) I am 24, Why?