Debate Webby's Boyfriend about the validity of him dating underage cartoon characters - Cartoons aren't real

Possible, but he is already banned from the Drachenschanze... So where else can he go? Furries hate him, the retards of the Drachenschanze rejected him and he probably got mocked from the farms. The only possibility I can think of would be a comic forum, where he can talk about cartoon reality and his obsession with ducks. Or maybe he is dumbsterdiving for stale bread to lure a duck from a pond in his lair.
Wrong Planet maybe? They accepted Connor Bible.


You know, this might be a happy ending in a way - Usually Webby has to get his ass banned for him to leave when he's embarassed himself (more than) sufficiently.
Here, for once, he may have stopped of his own volition (when the heat was on, but still). A step in the right direction, towards obscurity.
(Though whenever I'm at the pond trying out lenses now, I have to think of him)