Debate Webby's Boyfriend about the validity of him dating underage cartoon characters - Cartoons aren't real


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Where did he disappear to?
There are several possibilities at this point.

  • Like on other sites, he fucked up so hard, that his only salvation was to leave it or abandon his account. Chances are high, because he did the same on the furry forum and on the Drachenschanze. If that is the case, I'd like to know if he found another website where he registered, maybe with another name.
  • He is again in a phase where he escaped in his own reality. He even admitted it, more or less, and in this phase he is having an adventure with his waifus. However that looks like.
  • His tard wrangler/parents found out what he was doing and simply pulled the plug of the internet, preventing more damage to be caused. I highly doubt that this happened, but the possibility exists though
We can simply wait or maybe check if there is someone with the Nickname Derryns Boyfriend somewhere on the internet
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Personally I wish @Webby's Boyfriend would come back. I’m very curious about his adventures in space or other dimensions or where ever it was. The idea of a cartoon duck helping him fight Nazis might sound silly now, but who knows what kingdom hearts 4 will look like.
Anyone over 14 who plays Kingdom Hearts is as big of a lolcow as @Webby's Boyfriend.

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I actually kinda hope @Webby's Boyfriend comes back. He's a total autist, but his spergery became almost endearing.

I know this is optimistic, but there's still a part of me that makes me think it's at least partially a big LARP of some sort. He's clearly a total sperg but I'd like to think that a lot of the most egregious things he says are meant as an exaggeration or some sort of "lol I was pretending to be retarded" ploy