Debate Webby's Boyfriend about the validity of him dating underage cartoon characters - Cartoons aren't real

Solid Snek

True & Honest Fan
Jul 11, 2020
Why would you admit this?
Even if you’re “trolling” it just makes you sound like a fucking sicko.
The entire shtick here is he's a guy who imagines himself in a relationship with an underage duck. I think looking like a fucking sicko was set in stone long ago.

I went into the Middle Franconian Regional Forensic Psych Ward as a political prisoner because I sexually molested teenagers at a Fridays for Future protest in Nuremberg.
1. Do you have any proof, like a court report or your discharge papers?
2. Was Webby there with you? If not, did they at least let her visit?
3. Were the teenagers hot? Even though they weren't ducks?