Debate Youtuber BradHeat About the Ethics of Fat shaming or whatever -


Master of the fabled Tiananmen square dance
Well this thread hasn't disappointed, call me cynical but clearly this poor mans faze clan member is probably going to do some shitty ass come back video foussytube style about spreading "positiveness" across the internet to save his now bloated corpse of a channel. In all liklihood he doesn't give a rats ass about boogie, he just knows that boogie has enough subs to boost his numbers so he doesn't have to get a real job like everyone else.

Marissa Moira
Brad sounds like a guy that never got over that his mom left his dad for a nigger.

Blaming himself for his mother's ape lust he decides the only thing he is worthy of is being loved by a disgusting obese fat man and wishes to be embalmed in the rolls of fat for all eternity and to only smell nothing but unwiped ass and the stench of boogie's taint fat

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