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Feb 15, 2015
I had no idea who this was until @thisjerksaguy sent me a link to her Twitter. This woman is friends with a lot of these other feminists that already have threads here (Pless, McDermott, the usual names) and seems like commenting on blogs like We Hunted the Mammoth but just in the past 6 hours alone, she has tweeted so much salt that I can't even keep up with this shit and she's still tweeting right now. So far, this is what I've been able to find on her and all of these links have been archived. She has massive problems with being able to spell properly and communicate her thoughts in a coherent way, that even just a few of her past tweets reveal something really odd about this person. I'm still confused myself trying to understand what the fuck she's saying but she's salty as fuck and easily triggered, so hopefully this thread will help with that.

For starters, here are some other websites that she has made posts in or has accounts on. All of these pages have been archived in advance.


Here's a sample of how she typically writes:

One is inclined to believe Karen Straughan can’t bear the truth, but the truth is catching up with her!

Karen Straughan is a huge Warren Farrell supporter
A quote from Karen.
“Women are being taught that if they regret a sexual encounter for any reason, it was rape?”

Who in their right mind believes that to be a fact?

A quote from Warren Farrell
“The average incest participant can’t evaluate his or her experience for what it was. As soon as society gets into the picture, they have to tell themselves it was bad. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy”

I wonder if Farrell would believe the same if it was young boys or girls sexually abused by priests?

A Farrell quote again
“Fathers tended to express positive feelings about incest they perpetrate, but daughters gave more negatives responses.

Farrell also stated
“Either men see these relationships differently, or I am getting selective reporting from women.”

Well Mr Farrell, it can’t be a shock to anyone least of all you, that men enjoy fornicating immensely!
What response exactly did you expect men to give you?

and we must remember which Farrell fails to, that these are not women but children, their fathers least.

What Farrell doesn’t tell us re incest is what he thinks when fathers force themselves on their sons?
Obviously if it was a positive experience for the fathers when they sexually abused their daughters, then no doubt it would be the same positive experience for them if they had a mind to sexually abuse their sons.

So if their sons complained it wasn’t a positive experience for them and they felt degraded, then no doubt Farrell would have to claim exactly the same as he claims about these men’s daughters .. Farrell has already stated their daughters are liars .. and due to that idea so would men’s sons have to be as well.

According to Farrell those that are raped must experience the same exhilaration as those who rape them because, he tells us men tell the truth and we have no doubt rapists do achieve a great exhilaration for themselves when they rape their prey.

“Hey it was good for daddy.. how was it for you? Oh you liar! .. aged 8 or 80, you knew what it was for!

Of course these views of Farrell, he carries over into normal heterosexual relationships. where he tells us.. “Date rape, that is what we used to call fun”

So his opinion is, no one can claim they were raped and anyone claiming to be raped is actually, just a admitting a form of remorse.

And the MRA fall over themselves to agree with Farrell’s description of rape, but strangely enough not when it is men who are convicted criminals who have been incarcerated for being conniving liars and thieves and who have declared they have been raped by their fellow inmates.

No! then the MRA will rush to to tell us they whole heartedly believe these men and don’t doubt their word for one minute that their claims are true and why not, after all they are male and males who are locked up for being liars and thieves, and for some reason only known to the MRA, are to them more believable than women who say they have been raped but who have never committed a crime in their lives!.

Farrell appears to be impressed with men who sexually abuse their children, but not as impressed with their children who say they didn’t enjoy being raped by them, but of course Mr Farrell wilfully refuses to recognise them being raped or their suffering in their mental turmoil torture during and after that crime committed against them.

There is absolutely no common ground between the MRA and Feminists.
The MRA are male supremacysts and that is their core principle and in demolishing the image of the female they seek a victory for themselves and their bro’s.

Of course, we don't take into account the male gender made himself exempt from child care. It's the female who has to sacrifice her career when she becomes a parent, not the male. What blights the females career never blights the male.
Therefore the male is able to entirely focus on his career and himself without interruption, because it has always been the potential of the male, that has been allowed to flourish without distraction.
On the backs of the women, men have elevated the significance of themselves and their own potential by stifling and suffocating all of the women's and they have never cared to acknowledge that little fact.

Even today sisters are expected to run around after their brothers, cleaning up after them, and doing their housework and cooking for them, whilst their brothers for some unknown reason, remain exempt from such chores, leaving them with all the time in the world to focus on themselves and their hobbies. Their sisters time by comparison is consumed, soaked up, doing all these things for them.

If you have a free run at something, whilst your competition is laden down with a burden that is never yours, because your culture made you exempt, as if perhaps you are some little prince who's potential is thought the most valuable, then you cannot say you are giving your competition equal chance! or even a fair chance!

Judit Polger ~ World Chess Champion
Judit was asked about playing against boys instead of the girls' section
of tournaments:
"These other girls are not serious about chess...
I practice five or six hours a day, but they get distracted by cooking and
work around the house."
and obviously those girls had a choice? .. as if!

When Judit had her first child, she had to sacrifice her career, no longer could she dedicate all her time and effort to focus on chess, and we know this never ever happens to men, cos men's careers come first, not their wives.

Men are pampered to all their lives and their hobbies and careers are shielded by women, unfortunately there are no men willing to shield women's, like women shield men's.
Choice for women therefore in all these things is an anathema, when men leave women with no choice at all!

In their vanity, men have elevated the significance of themselves on the backs of women and have never acknowledged how women have assisted them by holding them up!
Well dear bro's, it is now time for you to get off our backs and maybe you could hold women up for a change so their careers can flourish, just like your own.

Now here are some of her tweets in just the past 6 hours. See if you can try to interpret any of this incoherent mess. I couldn't. Even @Cowlick's posts are more coherent to me.



This isn't even nearly all of that crazy exchange, she got really salty in this message:


She even got the attention of this Facebook page called Exposing Feminism where you can find another one of her long rants there.

Here's the tweet to Margaret Pless just to confirm the connection:


There's even a tweet somewhere where she tried to compare being a woman to being born a black person in the KKK and this fucking quote:

"99% Of all rapists falsely claim they are innocent!
What is a rape culture?
A culture where the male affords himself the right to rape the female!."

Sal Tannebaum

Dec 16, 2015
She uses lots of sexually graphic language and recycles the same memes as forms of argument and/or general communication.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 5.17.33 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 5.59.29 AM.png

All males are supremacYsts, also known as MRA, PUA, and/or MGTOW you twats! Get with Feminism! It's new! And infantile!

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 6.02.27 AM.png

Now get a sense of humor!
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Feb 15, 2015
This is an account that Deb tends to retweet a lot:

I've been going through some of it but it's unclear if this person is legitimate or just a parody account altogether making fun of idiots like Deb that she doesn't seem to understand. If it's the second option, that's even more hilarious cause it shows how retarded this woman is.

So is she like a feminist Twitter version of Aaron McCluske

She does this kind of shit for nearly most of the day. I don't know if she even takes breaks or not or even sleeps.

From January 10th:
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Feb 15, 2015
One thing I missed earlier today was that this Deborah has a page linked right on her Twitter to this odd feminist group, which I archived the page of.

The creator of the page is Deb Maggiell. Probably a different person based on trying to find more info on her and finding different Disquis pages, but it did seem coincidental that the owner of that page has a similar name.

Not much from her Twitter right now except tons of retweets and this:



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Jan 23, 2015
There is this amazing cognitive decadence that goes on in this particular SJW community. On one hand there super progressive and support everything trans and on the other hand completely ignore TERF like Deb here and Mancheeze. This can be spotted in "camethedown" thread. Gets upset as a "Male" friend for his opinions on trans and just chats and retweets deb and mancheeze all the time.

Occasionally I like to play with them. Yeah Sure they quack.


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Feb 15, 2015
I see not much has changed about Deb.

She seems to be a good friend of camethedawn's.