Debunking Phil's address today.

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Sep 15, 2016
I think he was. Just because we don't like the dude doesn't mean he falls into a different legal category. Booof even admits it was identity theft.
And I disagree.

Identity theft is literally taking over a persons electronic/documentation identity, using it maliciously usually for financial gain or blackmail.

Identity borrowing is more appropriate. (Yes, I know that’s not an actual legal term, I’m not a complete moron, lol!)

Was what happened illegal? Sure. Just like jaywalking is illegal. And the digital equivalent of jaywalking is a pretty apt description of what happened here.

(And also how it’ll be treated once the authorities find out that no money changed hands or other fuckery happened.)

A victimless crime took place. (unless you count Phil’s pride and an hour or two of calling the bank.)

And not liking the dude doesn’t really change my opinion. If Boooof has stolen 10.000 dollars from Phil I wouldn’t exactly cry, but I wouldn’t have a problem calling it identity theft/stealing or try to justify it with “but Phil steals from retards!”
He loves doing that. Phil always uses the example of half-truths and blowing it out of water (i.e what the supposed trolls do to him), yet he does this at literally every given opportunity. We are aware that one person attempted to open an account in his name, but Phil had to make it appear like 50000000000 trolls were opening accounts left right and center. WoeSydePhil. Can't change who you are I guess...

He tried to walk a real fine line between blowing it out of proportion and danced like a snake when asked whether the leaks were real or not.

He didn’t outright deny that the bank records were real (whether he didn’t want to be caught in an outright lie, or because of legal consequences.) but instead did the ol’ “They take ONE thing that is true and mix it with ALL LIES” to try to give the impression of the leaks being false.

It certainly didn’t go well over with much of the chat, and Phil even started yelling and insulting one of his regulars for being a “facking idiot!” when he dared ask (gasp!) if the bank statements were real.

We got to see DarkSydeNarcissist in full bloom.

You and I or any other streamer with a few hundred people as regular viewers might think twice about insulting them and losing yet another supporter.

Alas, Phil’s ego makes him blind to common business sense.


Terry Davis' inner voice
Jan 25, 2020
Isn’allah brother. You've done s great deed and prevented the pig recieving the faithful.