[Dec 2] Phil Gets Mentioned In a CwC Tweet Thread - Phil scrambles for attention from Ken Englehart

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"10 years of cyberstalking" I don't think a bunch of random people talking about how much of a bouncing, squeaking idiot you are on a single website and not actually contacting you or hurting you in any way(from what I know) is cyberstalking, Phil.
tbf... people have sent him animal shit, potatoes and diapers.

But those were housewarming gifts.


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Phil's really jerking himself off after all of this attention, or this is what would have happened if Phil didn't chop his cock off.
Wow...Phil's reallh thirsty for attention, and knowing how kengle is attracted to troons, he's probably going to end up getting said attention. I just like how Phil is lying his ass off, and I highly doubt kengle actually believes anything Phil says because dude reads the farms about as much as Phil does.

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