[Dec 2] Phil Gets Mentioned In a CwC Tweet Thread - Phil scrambles for attention from Ken Englehart


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Phil thinks he's an angry, heavily armed and dangerous supersoldier. The rest of the world sees a fat, obvious re.tard playing rambo dressup. Phil, pay attention to how people react to you. That's not fear - it's pity.

Sorry, but no matter how much you prance and pose, people have eyes. They can see you're an idiot, and that's before you open your rat-toothed mouth and remove all doubt.

He just loves that Kengle described him as 'dangerous', though. Aw, blessums. Phil has convinced an utterly autistic middle-aged man who's halfway to insanity that he's big and tough. Congratulations! Shame he's not got a microdick to rub one out over it any more. :lol:

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Once again Kengle is being an idiot and Phil is being an even bigger idiot, while Chris barely notices either one of them.

As usual, Phil fishes for asspats from Antifa by pretending to be a Latina trans woman and blaming everyone but himself for his own problems.

Seriously, the insane and idiotic lengths that Phil will go to for asspats, trying to look tough, and of course, trying to one up Chris is infinitely astounding.

If Phil is reading this (and we all know he is because he gets off on the attention), then allow me to give him a reality check that will no doubt be ignored by him since he ignores all the other reality checks people have directed at him.

The reason why Phil was homeless back then and why he's a friendless eunuch outcast now has nothing to do with Kiwi Farms, social embargo, capitalism, imaginary fascists, or his father.

The reason why Phil's life sucks is because he is a colossal idiot and an asshole with a malignant personality. Even the Antifa lowlifes barely want anything to do with him, and it's all because of him. Nobody else.

Heck, I could easily see our spud friend abandon Anarcho-Communism and become an Alt-Right/Neo-Nazi type if he thought it would get him asspats and attention. Of course, even fucking Nazis would get sick of his bullshit and kick him out just like the leftists have.

TL;DR-Identity Politics. Not Even Once.
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Phil follows an "Antifa Mayor". Tards of a feather.
So Phil is saying he’s above the Antifa Mayor? Interesting. Although I suppose it’s possible that he doesn’t know what a Prime Minister is.

Weird that people dedicated to smashing existing power structures would give themselves such grandiose titles. Almost like their politics is based on an inferiority complex rather than any deep understanding of governance.
Why does he even need a restock? Is he just eating it? It's not like you can run out of something you never use.
It expires after a couple of years. Phil only has it so he can feel powerful and bounce and squeak until he falls asleep.