[Dec 2] Phil Gets Mentioned In a CwC Tweet Thread - Phil scrambles for attention from Ken Englehart


Viva la constipacion!
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Lipo is not a means for weight loss, you lazy fuck!
So liposuction is what, like $6k? Phil would be able to buy that and have enough left over a few rounds of electrolysis if he hadn't spent the past decade hoarding shit he won't or can't use.

....Why do self-proclaimed communists who don't believe in property rights charge money for designer clothing and gear?
I would gladly fund Phil's Antifa cosplay for the rest of his life on the condition that he takes a road trip to the deep Conservative south wearing the full getup and carrying one of his handmade signs calling for a communist uprising. Offer void if he returns with less teeth than he set off with.


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Awwwwww, did the amazing dickflip not make you into the stronk riot gurrl you imagined, Phil?

And this is why there are so many troon suicides after the operation. No-one in the troon community wants to listen when people say getting a dick chop won't change or solve any problems. Well, you lot asked for this state of affairs. Enjoy (or not).

It also ties him - for the rest of his life - to using hormones from the big pharma that anarchists always claim to hate. Now he wants more plastic surgery. Not surprising, considering he's so repulsive looking, but he sure loves to take advantage of the benefits of the capitalist system. Some 'anarchist'.


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So liposuction is what, like $6k? Phil would be able to buy that and have enough left over a few rounds of electrolysis if he hadn't spent the past decade hoarding shit he won't or can't use.
Ooh! But don't forget the inevitable skin removal surgery he would also have to get if he found some moron doctor willing to use a vacuum to suck all the fat out of, say, just his lower gut. In a couple of threads in the Beauty Parlor forum, you can find some pictures of brave, persistent women who lost hella weight but are now left with gross, wrinkly skin flaps all over their bodies. Skin removal is a thing, but unless the skin is actually getting infected, it's considered "cosmetic" and not covered by insurance.

Also, since Xochi the Israeli News Domme is totally real and not just an imaginary friend, she needs to beat the absolute hell out of Phil for forgetting to wish her a happy Chanukah last night. So he'll have to wait until the totally real bruises heal anyway.


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Says the guy who thinks boiling meat magically vanquishes fat.

Still likely smarter than ADF though.
Fuck even ananimate objects, goldfishes, cats, dogs, brick walls, and cwc are smarter than Phil. I like how kengle finally does sound like the sane one talking to Phil. Hopefully, he realized it was a bad idea to give Phil attention after Phil first delusional reply. Maybe kengle laughed a little inside when Phil said we're commit acts of violence against him? Also, pH has ADD or something. First bitching about the farms, then saying he's fat and needs lipo. If Phil knly knew the magic that is Phen-Phen, Adderall, or meth, he wouldn't have weight problems, and definitely wouldn't have any eating disorders that spawn due to amphetamine use.


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But Phil, being a moron, doesn't exactly know Marx well enough to test Kengle to see if he's read and understood Das Kapital. And even if that wasn't a problem, how would Phil read Kengle's disavowal of KF if he has him blocked? I get the feeling he really didn't think this through.
Phil never thinks anything through. Just look how well that ended up for him. Then again, Phil's IQ is probably in the range of 76-85, so not mildly retarded, but not bright either.