[Dec 24th 2020] Ask the Holiday King - 83 dedicated QnA episodes and 3+ years of pre-streams; at this rate, what questions can he still answer?

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idc what yall say Phil is right that this covid stimulus bill is a piece of shit.

However, if Phil wants to give us his opinion on politics, don't be a baby and immediately after giving us his prepared statement say "I don't want to talk about politics anymore". Let your viewers talk back to you to make it fair.
Oh for sure, I completely agree that they should give a better stimulus for the people. HOWEVER, like it's been discussed in the main thread you shouldn't be a needless contrarian just because you agree with Phil on something, especially since I can guarantee you don't agree for the same reason.
The only reason Phil agrees that people should get a bigger stimulus check is because:
a) He may get a free $2k from the gov't for those half-naked men jpegs.
b) None of his wheelchairs make enough money not to get the stimulus and they don't have any responsibilities so you can bet your ass that many of his wheelchairs will wire part, if not all of their stimulus check to Phil.
Gets a $20 tip which makes it $102 even before he has even started the Ask The Hermit segment, and uses it to make sure people know he's not streaming tonight nor tomorrow and urges people to tip him extra because of that:

"Thank you in advance."

And that's after receiving almost $400 less than 24 hours ago, so at least $500 now in two days, which is the tips goal for 5 regular streams.

This is insane. What a piece of fucking shit.
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Bruh, this guy already asked a question for the next Ask the King in Feb. 2021
EDIT: Philiam starts off the show without a vest or glasses despite having the $100

He finally put it on after chat reminded him and he had to be a baby about it... Still no glasses though
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He just said that he used to listen to music but now he only listen to ambient music and animal sounds with Kat LMAO.

He also said that he used to love He Man when he was a kid, Phil love for sweaty muscled man started at a young age.

Now he is saying that his father had to supervise him as he played with his He Man toys and had a schelude time to play, this really shows the helicopter parenting that he had, who the fuck has supervised play time? Also he got a toy that was 600$ in the 90s,so spoiled.

Now he is pretending he was cool and said he and his friends use to get together do drink and smoke IN HIGHSCHOOL. Sure Phil, you were a bad kid and not a giga autist that believe wrestling was real until your 20s.
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