[Dec 24th 2020] Ask the Holiday King - 83 dedicated QnA episodes and 3+ years of pre-streams; at this rate, what questions can he still answer?

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Phil has already mentioned not being a cult leader (shoutout LSB) at least 2 times. "I'm not a cult leader. The real cult leader is the people who say i am a cult leader!"

Phil: "Twitch user said I contradicted myself." Bans user "When did I contradict myself?" Sits still like a bitch for 5 seconds after banning the user who sent the message.

edit to avoid doubleposting: Phil just insulted a fan who donated 500 bits for "watching garbage content" just because the fan asked him a question that Phil claimed was only something that detractors said"
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Big ups LSB/Tevin/Based Ozlo
you guys think this conversation about the words virgin simp etc. would get phil in trouble with twitch (especially if he were someone who didn't get away with tos violations without repercussions)?

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He just said that when he played Yakuza Kiwami he didn't like it because it was "outdated" lmao this pig. By the way, he started playing it JUST AFTER IT RELEASED! He said that the "khancepts" were outdated (didn't say which of course, like all his other opinions of games you just have to take him on his word alone) and he caught himself almost saying that the combat was outdated when it was just a very slightly modified version of the combat in 0. The game is a remake built from the ground up using the engine they used for 0 for fuck's sake.


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Lmao he just said that his tweets have hundreds or thousands or clicks but people dont reply or like because of trolls.
I guarantee he is calling impressions "clicks". Impressions are when your tweets show up on a timeliness, even if the person scrolls past. Engagements, on the other hand, count how many times someone actually interacts with them, counting likes, retweets, and clicks on the tweet.

Given that he has tens of thousands of followers, each of his tweets should get hundreds of impressions, in the same way that he gets hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, most of which are from his 50k+ archive, not his new ones.

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Big ups LSB/Tevin/Based Ozlo
Phil just got baited to talk about John and Rambo again.

Said Rambo and John never asked him for gas money. Than what money did they ask for?

Also once again said he paid Rambo and John a percentage of the earnings the video made in the first month, again ignoring residuals after the first month.

Basically all the same shit he said in the 7 years of slander stream (watch those restreams for facts)

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Phil only really makes me dislike him when he lies about the Project 7 crew and acts like everyone else lied to him. Jesus fuck that segment was unbearable, what a miserable cunt.

Him bringing up duos that broke up while asking chat who they were is pretty bad, too. Trying to call a bunch of other people greedy and shit while not actually knowing anything.

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He's already snorting up a storm. Also he claims he was all exhausted and tuckered out from the Begathon yesterday :story:
Was a tough night at the coal mines, huh DSP?
Wait...........this is really a thing? This wasn't a thing after the first ever one. Is he really going to sit there and have an acktual begathon? lmao!

Oh for sure, I completely agree that they should give a better stimulus for the people. HOWEVER, like it's been discussed in the main thread you shouldn't be a needless contrarian just because you agree with Phil on something, especially since I can guarantee you don't agree for the same reason.
The only reason Phil agrees that people should get a bigger stimulus check is because:
a) He may get a free $2k from the gov't for those half-naked men jpegs.
b) None of his wheelchairs make enough money not to get the stimulus and they don't have any responsibilities so you can bet your ass that many of his wheelchairs will wire part, if not all of their stimulus check to Phil.

Jesus, that's the most depressing shit I've ever seen.
You'll really be depressed when he outright tells the chairs he knows they got even $600 and they should be giving it to him.
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He said he was "a teenager" as well. I'm leaning towards 13ish.

I'm going higher, on account of the fact that he thought wrestling was real in his 20s. Also, as much as he obviously got coddled by his parents (especially momma), it's pretty fucking easy to picture them reassuring their delicate little boy that Santa was real well past the age where they should have. I mean seriously, look at Phil's behavior throughout the documented portion of his life and tell me you don't think it's the product of Ma and Pa finding it unacceptable that little Phillip ever be allowed a reason to shed so much as one tear over anything. No hurdles of any kind, no obstructions, nothing to ever upset him.

At the very least, I'm dead certain that whenever he acted up, Momma enacted whatever mental gymnastics were necessary to gloss over his bad behavior. Sure would fucking explain a lot.

Those hundreds of click are from trolls looking to see what dumb shit he said this time. Does he not know this?

I expect he chooses not to. Less painful.