DECORATING OUR CHRISTMAS TREE | VLOGMAS DAY 3 2019 - 12-3-2019 - Be careful headphone wearing gorls


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Lets do the damn thing.
Amber makes a weird breakfast sandwich with an English muffin and frozen sausage patties and cucumber.

They’re pre-washed thank the lord. She flails around with a knife.

Stop trying to make CringeLynn happen, it’s not going to happen.

“I prefer piping hot so we’re good in that regard.”

Amber realizes her portion sizes might be a little too big.

Amber still talking shit about being sick and making doctors appointments.

We see video evidence of Twinkie getting a bath. Twinkie has super kyoot post bath zoomies. We also see video evidence of Wasabi.

amber makes a comment about this new doctor “taking me more seriously”. I wonder who actually didn’t take it seriously.

amber makes lunch. Which she wings, “I wing pretty much everything”. It’s a weird Chinese stir fry type deal. Brown rice, baby corn, broccoli, chicken, onions.

once again Amber shows she doesn’t know the difference between “meal prepping” and “leftovers”.
She claims she fasts for 16 hours a day and only eats between 2:30pm and 9:30/10pm.

Amber claims to have lost weight between her 2-3 Thanksgiveeens. She’s going to have a TV dinner at night, “it’s just what works for me”.

Amber complains like an ungrateful bitch while Becky sets up the tree in a drunken stupor. She brings out the ornaments from Destiny era. The ornaments help with the holy tree. More advice from Martha StewartLynn.

wondering if Eric and Rickie are going to have any say in the tree decorating.

Cancer titty scammer Norma made Becky a Snoopy ornament out of what looks like a lightbulb. Mama Reid probably made amber stuff out of lightbulbs too. Wink wink.

eric and rickie join to decorate the tree to a sped up video with her ear bleeding copyright free Christmas song. Apparently she’s going to use it twice in every video.

and now we reach comments of the day.

@pecansandies gets a shout out for the diagram of Amber’s cycle. “That person must really know me through my videos”, she says.

Amber is shooketh at all these positive comments and has toned down the Cuntylynn. “I’m just in a good space.” She cites the food, movement and medication for her better mood.
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PoopbunLynn returns.

Seasonally inappropriate chiffon (*gasp*) tarp from Torrid. You know that girl got it in a size 6 because it sorta flows with her waddle.


And again, what it’s supposed to look like:



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no tragic nutcracker altar this year?

what the FUCK was that 3PM breakfast?
she deadass ate an untoasted english muffin with cold cream cheese, a mountain of sliced cucumber and steaming hot rubbery microwaved sausage. this 600 pound bitch that hates food needs to be studied
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It would mess up my metabolism
You can hear in her voice the jealously that Becky has christmas and family traditions growing up.

I get such a unsettling feeling when I see amber interact with her cats. To me she seems like she dislikes them and has no bond with them whatsoever. They seem like props for her vlogs and not a pet.